Zac Efron Gets His Details Straight

Zac Efron Gets His Details Straight

Check out a tank top clad Zac Efron on the cover of the September 2010 issue of Details magazine!

The 22-year-old actor covered the same mag back in January 2008.


Zac was spotted out at The Hollywood Bowl last night, watching girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens shine in her role as Mimi Marquez in RENT.

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Credit: Norman Jean Roy; Photos: Details
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  • justine


  • Shadi

    He is so HOT!

  • Shadi

    I love you boy! you’re so Hot!

  • su

    so hot!!!

  • menna

    this one definitely! he had nasty, stringy hair from the one last january.

  • rainbower

    it was so hot
    but this is hot too

  • BabyBooZanessa

    Hottest Guy On Earth Is Back !


  • beatriz


  • Divine Goddess

    did you guys hear his “bathing in pu_ssy” comment? he said his friends ask him why he doesn’t play the field…he even asks himself that. i wonder if vanessa has read this article lol

  • Bridgett

    I love this year’s version, rather than January 2008. I don’t like Zac’s long hair. I definitely love his short locks!

  • danielle

    Have you guys even read the comments he made in this article? It’s awful and crude and you’re just commenting on his looks? I’m embarassed for him as well as Vanessa for having to be subjected to this. I know I would be hurt if my boyfriend was saying these things. I thought it was so sweet how he was so supportive on her opening night in RENT and now he openly says how he wonders why he isn’t out playing the field? Well Zac maybe because you’re in a committed relationship! Not to mention the whole strip club thing. I lost a little respect for him.

  • su

    oh get over it people!
    he was being sarcastic!

  • pop86

    @danielle: You overlook the fact that he is not “playing the field” so that should tell you that he wants to be in a committed relationship, but instead you want to play “Drama Queen”.

  • daniella

    @pop86 So you’re telling me you’d be completely fine if your boyfriend of five years admitted openly that he often wonders why he isn’t out meeting new people? Because I would be offended. And I don’t mean to be a drama queen I’m simply sharing my opinion on the article. Maybe you should look past the fact that he’s a “heartthrob” for two seconds and think for yourself.

  • ashytisdalefan

    omg so hot!

  • zanessa/scashley

    Huh.. the article.. is.. I don’t even know what to say.. I’m confused..

  • gaby


    Zac has been in a committed relationship for 5 years now. Since he was 18. How can he not ask himself that? It’s perfectly normal. He’s acknowledging the fact that as his friends and most people his age are “playing the fields”, he’s not. And he’s said a million times that he loves what he has with Vanessa and wouldn’t trade it for the world.
    As for the strip club, it wasn’t his decision. He even made that clear. It was a night out with the guys. It was celebratory. But it was for the guys that are “playing the fields”. Just because he’s taken, he can’t have a night out with the guys?
    Plus, he asked Vanessa for her permission before hand. Do you really think he would have gone if she wasn’t okay with it? Do you really think that he’s going to throw away what he has for a hooker? Not even.

    It’s all a matter of trust. Zac is a 22 year old guy. A red blooded, american male. He doesn’t want to settle down yet in the sense of getting married but he’s not going to throw away what he has because he wants to be “one of the guys”. He’ll get married eventually, when it’s time. When he knows it’s time to settle down.
    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Zac and Vanessa together. I’m not saying that he should throw away what he has to experiment but I’m just saying he’s a normal guy. He’s a smart guy too. He knows what he’s doing and what his decisions are getting him into.

  • ryan efron

    i love zac efron.
    he is perfect man in the world

  • Oh My efron

    @Divine Goddess:
    Yeah!Same Here :/

  • Mimi

    zac is amazingly hot and awesome, if you don’t like it stop read..

  • Chq of leon

    you know what i love zanessa load7 but i love da individuals ie Zac n Van more than da relationship n that’s why i think they should go separate ways n do it big n then later on if it’s gonna happen then they can get back together,,,**oh yeah n right now i’m thinkin efron’s abit of an ass.he nds 2 figure himself out**

  • sunny

    Zac before u comment on your relationship again, think before u speak or just break up with her already. If your strategy is to lead people to want u to break up with V then you are succeeding. Please do if you continue to demean her and females in general. Not being harsh, just calling what I’ve heard and seen displayed by him thus far. He still has feelings 4 her, no doubt by the positive things he’s exemplified but his unsureness of the perspective of this relationship is obvious, just let her live already too.

  • amandaefron..

    H.O.T:) love him <3<3

  • Grace efron

    MY HUSSSSBANNNND! <333333333333333333333333333

  • jane

    Okay, wow i really think people here need to come a little down. I don’t understand, why you all are looking down at him now, really. Zac have always been greatful to vanessa and i am sure many of you, have seen him talking about how happy he is to have her, but right now you all are just looking at the “bad” things you think he do. i think its so wrong and not right to just always look at peoples bad sides and mistakes they do. Zac asked vanessa before he went on that club, and i am sure he didn’t go there to see the girls, no he was just there to have a great time with his friends, and that is wrong in peoples eyes? i don’t get it. And he make a joke that he wanted to play fields. if you ever had hear zac talking, you would know that he, would say that in a fun way. And he is a boy, so for sure he joke around. But you all should know that he loves vanessa so much, you can hear how he talks about her, and have always been true to her. And the time, vanessa had the picture out, he was there with her, and helped he. But no, everyone have to look at the mistakes, and we do that to all the stars, and if we keep doing that it will break them all down. what a world is it, if you can’t do one mistake, without having almost hates now? and how would you all feel, if you could not just make a little mistake, and all people would just talk bad about all the time. Zac is a smart guy, and he is sure about what he is doing, i think its hard to find a guy there is so true around hes girlfriend, like he is to Vanessa. And i don’t think one of us, really know how they have it together, i think that they know what eachother says, and always is there for eachother. so i don’t think we should say whats wrong or right, that they do. I mean this is just what i think. I think zac is a great actor and same for vanessa, and i think they really try to handle the star thing well.

  • pop86

    @daniella: People revaluate their relationship all the time for how do you know you be want to be in a relationship if you never question why you are with your partner in the first place. It shows you do not take your relationshp for granted and you are will to work at it.

    Unlike you, I know Zac is not a “hearthrob” or “perfect bf” so I don’t upset when he acts regular 22 yr old guy.

  • mike

    hes been on the cover of all the magazines thats amazing

  • Loubna

    trop beau surtout sur Les couvertures des magazines


    ”bathe in pussy?”;”why am i not playing the field”!! WTF!
    Is he saying that vanessa is not worth the 5 years they spent together, he’s completely asshole! If I heard my boyfriend say that I would scream in his face: ” SO SORRY IF YOU’RE NOT GETTING WHAT YOU WANT, IT’S OVER YOU BASTAAAAAAAARD; THE SEX SUCKS, ANYWAYS” yeah, I am sure sex is not zac’s speciality ! so vanessa’s time to dump th little boy and get a man, sweetheart! he’s the one, that’s not worth it!

  • lauren

    here we go again,,
    all the zac efron freaks are going to be like “omg” why would he say that?

    first of all, this is only part of the interview….wait till the whole interview is out so yeah.

  • katie

    i like this one better

  • susan1

    For god sake some if you need to calm down as you have not read the full interview and i mean this is not official yet .
    Zac and Vanessa Happy Together that’s it. He is there again last night to support her and he is very happy. PERIOD

  • susan1

    Nice Cover……………i love this one!!!!!

  • kate1

    ok i said this over at JJ and will say it again

    I think JJ is trying to cause trouble by just adding that quote which doesn’t even show on the cover.

    The people that said that he was answering a question by repeating the words of the interviewer were totally right.

    He also probably said at the end that he isn’t like that and would never do such a thing.

    E! News put up a clip saying that Zac wanted a break from Vanessa and waited for a few days to show the clip and all it was, was that they had a break during filming when he was making CSC he needed to clear his head so that he could do the kissing and love scenes, and then she came down 2 weeks later and was over the moon. So they just tried to get the viewers in just like JJ here.

    Zac has been to support Vanessa TWICE at Rent and totally is 100% behind her. They love each other so much and the haters here as so jealous.

    Just wait and see what is actually said in the interview.

    There is nothing mentioned about this in the Details site.

    Also i do get that Zac is a Normal 22 Yr old guy so i understand if he made the comment.

  • Emma

    @MISSTRINDade: agree 100%

  • Justilona
  • NoLic

    Ahahhaha! He looks like Rob Pattinson in “Water For elephants” here!

    Rob #1!!!!! Hello from Russia!

  • nunyabeezneez

    c’mon peeple he was bein sarcastic they just wrote it 2 make it sound like him was serious he loves nessa pleez he is really a gentleman and we all know it ,zanessa<3

  • Karen


    I think your comments are what some of US call REALISTIC but too many people—particularly females—don’t get that concept these days.

    Why can’t you get this comment that Zac said, people? How many times have you heard people criticize him for not playing the field—meaning why isn’t he swimming in “pu**y??—which also MAY what this comment is about. Everyone thinks now a days to know what you want who have to have slept with at least a dozen different people. But I think Zac has heard that question so much that he sits back and could wonder but the results is the same—it is because he is IN LOVE with Vanessa. And I have a feeling that many of you are going to have to eat your words. I really don’t think he is saying;”Why am I not playing the field? It’s because I a swimming in pu**y”. I think even Mel Gibson on a ‘sane” day would know better than to say that. Just think about it.

    And those of you who want to say that Zac and Vanessa both need to play the field? What is so bad IF a person finds someone who just does it all for them to the place they don’t WANT to go check out whatever else is out there? Wonder if the DO go out and have a bunch of other people and find the what they had was the BEST? Then you have to go sharing everyone else they’ve had the the ONE SPECIAL person they HAD all to themselves in the first place. You can’t get that back. You know the old saying, IF it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it.

    Also, I don’t hear anyone complaining when Vanessa says over and over again—and has been the past 4 years—that she and Zac are too young to get married. It doesn’t sound like she is wanting to commit right now in that way either! AND IF Zac was not a good lover I don’t think Vanessa would stay with him or keep saying just how wonderful he is. You all are just trying once again to find fault!

  • NoLic
  • Unbelievable

    I normally defend zac but I’m sorry I just can’t do it here. I just don’t get this guy, there are times when he says how much he cares about Vanessa and there are times like this where he just doesn’t seem to care or appreciate her at all. I at least hope he’s this honest to Vanessa about where she stands with him, it’s only fair and she deserves that much. He also puts V in a bad spot cause u know she’s going to get asked about it and how is she really supposed to respond? If Zac wants to go out and play the field, fine there are plenty of guys who would jump over themselves to be with Vanessa. I’ve always been a fan of this couple and hope they do make it cause I just see something special in them.
    @Karen I hope your right and that I do end up eating my words. I hope when the rest of the interview is shown there’s more to it then this but right now I just don’t know.

  • Soni

    When someone buys the magazine, can you please put some of the article here? Like I said I am a woman and I can’t buy the magazine.
    But I wanted to say that I think Zac needs to not give into the pressure of his friends. I think that he loves Vanessa very much and they are in love with each other, but I do understand his reasoning about not getting married until he is at least 30.
    I agree also that people are jealous of their relationship and would do things to break them up by saying things out of context and by making statements that are false.

    What I do not understand is why can’t people just let them happy.?

    I love these two and wish them all the happiness in the world.

    Just wanted to say that.

  • xitsAlyssaMarie

    Okay, I am a 14 year old girl and I understand what he was trying to say. By the time a guy is 22 now a days he has been in a lot of relationships trying to find someone he wants to be with, if he’s even looking for that yet. What Zac was trying to say is that his friends question why he doesn’t play the field when he has all these girls after him, and he said it makes him think, maybe he is trying to think of all the reasons why and why not and apparently he is perfectly content with his decision he is made.
    I think people just blow things way out of context seeing as it seems Zac gets harassed for his comments more than Vanessa.

  • xitsAlyssaMarie


  • lauren

    @ xitsalyssamarie,
    thank you for saying this,,, u seem very mature ( good way)

    because most girls are like “omg why would he say that?
    first of all its only a part of the interview,,,

    we know that he’s faithful to vanessa and not being a tool.

  • Zanessafanforever

    People who are negative, shut up! You obviously don’t know the FACTS! Where was Zac last night and the night before that? Supporting Vanessa in RENT with Vanessa’s little sister. If that doesn’t show commitment and devotion to you people, you people are a lost cause.

    Zac looks SOOOO hot on this cover anyways
    & zanessa forever :]

  • bettybaby


    you are a very smart 14 year old my dear :)

    lord this is actually laughable b/c the “truth” will end up being 180 degrees from what is being implied by both JJ and Details.

    its happened so many times. *rolls eyes

  • Desiree

    Honestly,i don’t understand Zac sometimes…I’m one of his biggest fans,but lately he somehow disappoints me..I just read on JustJared a part of his interview and i was shocked,i mean how could he say something like that about his girlfriend? If i was in Vanessa’s shoes,i would be really disappointed,and sad :/

  • Karen

    Why can’t you buy this magazine? You can buy anything you want unless it is something like Playboy or Hustler and you are underage. Just because this is considered a man’s magazine and you are a woman doesn’t mean you can’t buy it. If a guy wants to buy Vanity Fair he sure can do that even if it is considered a woman’s magazine and he is a man. Details is not THAT kind of men’s magazine. It is right out there in the magazines at Wal-Mart or Kroger’s or other food markets.

    Why would you have a problem at least in giving Zac the benefit of the doubt here until the magazine comes out? mean, how many times have you see how the media and press distort something to gain ratings or sell their publications? There have been many other times this has happened with BOTH Zac and Vanessa why do you believe it is any different now? Neither of them are “perfect” but neither of them are complete stupid or clueless at this point of the game.

  • Karen

    I find it mildly amusing also how when Zac and Vanessa first hit the spotlight how they BOTH were loved. Then they were “outed” as a real couple and everyone was excited. Well, nobody in Hollywood likes everything peaches and cream so despite all the effort the gossip people tried to use to make it seem like they were breaking up it didn’t work—any controversy they tried just didn’t pan out.

    Then BAM the infamous pictures came out and overnight there was fodder to be used against Vanessa so she became the “bad guy” in the relationship and for the past 3 years she has taken hit after hit from the likes of Perez Hilton and those who follow him or are resentful and angry with her for what she has in one way or another. And Zac has been seen as the golden boy—the “good guy” in the relationship.

    Now suddenly over the past few months it seems—to me—that suddenly the gossip people are wanting to switch that connotation around and make Zac the “bad guy” and Vanessa the “good guy” in this relationship. Anyone as old as me who have followed celebrity lives over the decades will know what I mean. When there is a celebrity couple it seems the press or gossipers or PR people draw even more attention to a couple by making one of them good and one bad. A few years ago Angelina Jolie was seen as a crazy person and now she is an angel in white. PR people really know their jobs and can turn opinions quickly with many who are gullible—and unfortunately there are many of those kinds of people. If not, National Enquirer and Star and such things would go out of business.

>>>>>>> staging1