Robert Pattinson: Teen Choice Awards with Katy Perry!

Robert Pattinson: Teen Choice Awards with Katy Perry!

Robert Pattinson joins a nerdy-looking Katy Perry backstage at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards at Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (August 8) in Universal City, Calif.

SPOILER: Rob, who sat between Ashley Greene and Taylor Lautner, picked up a surfboard for Choice Movie Actor Drama for his work in Remember Me. He beat out BrothersJake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire, The Hurt Locker‘s Jeremy Renner, and Dear John‘s Channing Tatum.

“Its great to win something outside of Twilight,” said Rob, who wore Ralph Lauren RRL denim jeans.

Congrats, Rob!!!

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Credit: Kevin Mazur, Jason Merritt; Photos: Wireimage, Getty
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  • harley

    For HIS* work in Remember Me. And congrats to him for winning, because that movie was great.

  • claire

    Ummm…. Rob “picked up a surfboard for Choice Movie Actor Drama for HER work in Remember Me” ???

    Typo FAIL -_-

  • 1j2s3a

    This was a WELL deserved award, I loved him in Remember Me. His acting skill was better showcased in that movie compared to Twilight.

  • Michael

    LMAO! Reminds me of Joan Cusak in “Sixteen Candles”.

  • Jesse

    Ashley looks BEUTIFUL!!!
    Taylor looks HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and Robert.. idk i never thought he’s good looking xD
    but katy perry looks awesome haha i can’t wait to see the show! :D

  • Christy

    Congrats Rob!

  • ShariG

    @Jesse: Guess you must have problems with your eyesight. Rob Pattinson is beautiful in all ways and far hotter than little taylor will ever be. If you are 13 I suppose you are impressed with a shirtless boy. It is not only his great face and physique that makes Rob hot but his talent and his wit and his warm personality. Congrats, Rob, for winning for Remember me. Well deserved.

  • dee3d

    he’s face is awful without make up…eeww
    but congrats for beats all those great competitor.. geezz

  • sillyface

    wow everyone is looking stunning Tay and Rob are looking good as per usual its good to see tayor again since hes been busy filming

  • Naomi

    Glad to see “Remember Me” won an award! That was such an amazing movie!

  • Jesse

    @ShariG: ok calm down this is my opinion! :P
    i just don’t think he’s ‘hot’ or ‘beautiful’, i didn’t say anything about his talent!
    so i don’t “have problems with my eyesight” i can say this to you if you say that taylor isn’t hot and robert is! every one with his own taste..! gosh. ><
    and I’m 15 btw.

  • Evie

    @ShariG: Totally agree! People only think Taylor is hot because of his abs. Take them away and all that’s left is a guy that is short, has no rugged features, and a girlie voice. I read somewhere that studies showed older, more mature women preferred Rob over Taylor. From your comment, you understand why ;]

  • a

    Seriously? I gotta agree with Jesse..i don think Rob is Hot..Lol! and im 24!~

  • sara

    Rob looks SO beautiful as always… He was so good in RM. So happy for him…

  • sara


    ok kiddo please go back to licking lautner’s abs poster…

  • natalie

    He is gorgeous!!!
    Yay for Remember Me!

  • Diane

    He is just ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I loved him in Remember Me.

  • scarymary

    @ EVE u’re totally right EVe ..taylor is nothing without his abs..but a short guy..robert has almost every thing he’s hot,cute,funny and sweet and talented too..congrats robert ..btw:i’m 14..and i stand up 4 robert’s talent and personality..not 4 taylor’s!!

  • scarymary

    who agree with with me guys?

  • http://lamjaclyn jaclyn

    congratz rob=)
    great to c him win sth outside twilight too
    hes a gd actor n rmb me is such a gd movie

  • yaay

    STOP fightin!
    BOTH lads are very close friends (as tay has said on more then once same for Rob), so why the fightin they’re not
    Actually Robs probably MORE THAN happy for taylor to win
    Robs ALWAYS sayin he’s not good lookin (which is a lie fyi) and sayin he wishes taylor had more of the attention
    Taylor cares more about what people think where as Rob doesn’t (not in the looks department anyway)
    Also Rob says he dopesnt care about if his movies make money or not if he’s learnt somethin and the movies got a good message then he’ll do it
    Where as taylor seens to b goin for the films that have more money
    HUGE difference between them and yet THEY GET ALONG so y can’t us fans?

  • mayte

    robert picked a surferf winning for actor drama – remember me :D
    awww i love you robert that’s movie is AMAZING :) i cried with this

  • Carolyn

    Was Kristen there? Remember Me was a very good movie. Rob can actually act – you wouldn’t know that if you’d only seen the Twilight movies. He’s gorgeous when he smiles. Looking forward to Bel Ami.

  • sofie

    When I first saw that picture of Katy Perry I though “What’s Brittany Louise Taylor doing with Robert Pattinson” she looks so much like her (If you don’t know who BLT is, she’s a wicked youtuber (at least in my oppinion))

  • bookie

    Rpb is so handsome. He has beautiful features. His hair, eyes and jawbones are heavenly. I am totally smitten with him. Go Team Robert!

  • Sia

    Hater please go away. If you honestly think he’s ugly you need to get glasses. I’ve seen ugly and he’s far from it. Love you Rob !

  • -amila-

    - Rob looked gorgeous ! I love him,and since Twilight I am Team Edward…
    Now I’m following his projects and watching his movies !
    Some people are very rude.. And we can see their culture.
    Shame on them -.-

    Team ROBERT <3

  • http://google jean watt

    Somehow, I just don’t think some of the people who “win” or appear on these shows are very happy (who would be with a camera up your nose at every chance). Robert Pattinson seemed sort of tense and uncomfortable. He always seems more at ease and laughs quite alot when Kristen Stewart is sitting with him. Good chemistry, right?!! Another thing, when the Twilighters went up to receive the last award, someone (a girl I couldn’t make out ?) tried to hit on Robert Pattinson and it seems he didn’t want that kind of attention and he warded it off in a very diplomatic way…like he sidestepped her and announced on the mike “We’d all like to thank you…and then, “We all thank you.” Good blocking, Robert!!!

  • mocca

    scary mary!!!!!!!!! you r always right of cours i agree with u!! how couldnt i ?? if i dint believe u then i must believe my eyesight this is one of the most perfect guys i’ve ever seen in my whole sad life
    and i even spent 2 hours thinking about a reason why a girl should even like taylor and after a headache!!!.. nothing came up!!!
    he is a short awful guy who thinks himself sb imp when actually hes not!!!

  • amanda

    i think that rob is so cool i hope that the next movie comes out soon and i think that it going to top and what about the hair on rob i think that he need to keep the do he look good you can t even tell it him

  • cuteboy2010

    Rob lk soooooo HANDSOME and HOT.Go team EDWARD.Ashley lk beautiful but less than KRISTEN of cos and TAYLOR lk smart and looking good but less than ROBERT of cos.