Justin Bieber's Book Cover Revealed!

Justin Bieber's Book Cover Revealed!

Check out your first look at Justin Bieber‘s new book, “Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story,” thanks to People!

The 16-year-old musician described the book on his Twitter account, saying, “It isn’t a memoir…I teamed up with this amazing photographer Robert and he has been taking pictures behind the scenes from before the tour. So the book will include all those pics and I’m going to tell the story of all that led up from rehearsals until the first night of the tour.”

The book is expected to hit shelves this October.

Did you hear about Justin‘s new endorsement with Proactiv? Check it out on JustJared.com!

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  • fan1234

    screw u bieber. u suck

  • http://twitter.com/Majo_P majoperedaxx

    woooooooooooooooooooooooow ily bieber!!

  • http://twitter.com/Majo_P majoperedaxx

    @fan1234 you suck.

  • Nijah


    SO TRUE! I love you for those words. :’D

  • http://twitter.com/Majo_P majoperedaxx

    @Nijah: yeah right :/

  • samy


  • alex

    He looks like such a little kid. I “babysit” a 6th grader who looks more mature than this guy…. not anything he can control, but still makes it impossible for me to take him seriously. Sorry guys.

  • shannon :)

    honestly like i like him and all, hes cool

    but why does he have to do everythinggggggg
    like a movie, book, tour,
    well i understand the tour, but he’s been famous for less than a year, he should slow down before he does everthing and theres nothing else to do…. and everyone stops likeing him

    and is he legit writing the book?

  • emaly

    seriosuly cant stand this KID!
    like really? NO .. -.-

  • cmeesmile

    Justin Bieber . . . writing a book? Wow. Honestly, I’m no big fan of his but he has some vocal chords. Hope he enjoys the ride while it’s at its peak.

  • Nora

    Really? a book? Oh! his a writter now…seriously I can’t believe this guy

  • http://@adrianamariapr adriana

    i love it<3

  • Dave

    Wow, he used the number 2 in place of the word “To.” Soooooo clever. Just makes him look illiterate.

  • http://www.twitter.com/musicloverx3 julia

    he’s talented, i’ll give him that…i mean, he can sing.
    but he looks like he’s 11!!!!
    and all his music videos, the girls look 3 years older than him, it makes it so awkward!

    so until he reaches puberty and looks his age, i can’t take anything he does very seriously.
    he seems like an arrogant kid, he even said in an interview he loves being the center of attention. he needs to learn how to be humble.

  • fan1234

    he has the brain of a 8th grader. c’mon people.

  • good-one
  • http://bymyown BieberIsTheBest

    If you think justin bieber sucks (which he doesn’t) then dont read or look at articles which have the title JUSTIN BIEBER! Be smarter.. Poor jealous people!

  • adriana

    alguna de ustedes me puede decir el e-mail de justin bieber

  • dan

    she’s so pretty.

  • http://lovedosy keely

    i mo a big fan of yrus justin keely

  • Isabella21

    Aww he looks like a lil baby.
    Baby face. he’s adorable, but im 15 and he seems 12, i definetely don’t find him “hot” like some 10 yr old girls do. :) JS.

    And why a book bout this?? seems lame….
    way 2 make more $$ same as his proactiv commercial- he hasnt even hit puberty!

  • Ariha

    I dont know who you think you are but you do not call him anything unless its something nice or completely perfect about his life.Like my mom says if you cant say something nice, dont say anything at all!

  • bieversucks

    a book wth is he like copying miley (she has book miles to go) but least she was famous for a while (i know it a memoir but this ‘book attempt’ remind me of miley but least she has a good reason to make her book) and bieber has only been famous for less than year why would he write I doubt he’s a writer gessh this is useless

  • Sia

    This looks ridiculous. Now he’s just a cash cow. Lame.

  • vida

    you guyz are envious he is sooooo cute and famous so u guyz get suck

  • xxx

    This kid will be gone in a year or two.

  • Aria


    Get over yourself

  • http://twitter cecelia

    OK u little freaks that HATE justin bieber u can get ur sorry jelious big or little asses OFF this site cuz no one likes u. and for the record i’d like to C one of you try to be a pop star and make it like he did. THATS RIGHT U CANT CUZ UR ALL FREAKS THT SPENT TOO MUCH OF UR LIFES BEING JELIOUS OF FAMOUS PEOPLE GET OVER URSELFS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!! he famouls n ur not soooo GO N SCREW URSELFS UP THE BUTTS U NO-LIFE FREAKS… 1-4-3 JUSTINBIEBER<3 4-ever!!!

  • Emily :)

    Justin bieber needs his picture on the side as a link:)

  • http://yoyit ana J.

    What will I learn from his book?

  • Lu

    And you need to pay more attention in English class. Your grammar skills seriously suck.

  • http://musicajane Jj

    dunno what to say..cz i DISLIKE justin!:p(SERIOUSLY HE LOOKS 12!!!)

  • Michael


    learn to spell first of all. Second I’d rather have a normal life than to be a kid who is in way over his head. He sucks and you mindless twits are the reason he’s famous. He has no talent only looks, and looks are the ONLY reason you ugly twits like him. Once that runs out you’ll all flock to the next talentless moron who has only looks and so on…..he’ll be a nobody in a few years like Aaron Carter did.

  • taylor

    i love justin bieber

  • Sage Daigle

    That is so awsome and Justin bieber is a sexy beest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sage Daigle

    I love Justin bieber he is soooooooooooooo cute and if u don’t like him stop looking at JB things yall not that stupid

  • http://www.bebo.com/babejayyy Jacqueline

    i really love justin beiber i want him so badly but i never hav enuf money to but his tickets ? you rock justin

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