Taylor Lautner WINS Choice Hottie!

Taylor Lautner WINS Choice Hottie!

Taylor Lautner proudly accepts his surfboard for Choice Hottie at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards at Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (August 8) in Universal City, Calif.

The 18-year-old Abduction actor also took home a surfboard for Choice Movie Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon, and Choice Smile presented by Invisalign Teen.

Congrats, Taylor!

Taylor also hung out with his Twi-cast mates Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson in the audience and backstage.

FYI: Taylor wore a pair of J Brand “Kane” slim straight leg jeans in Boone.

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Kevin Mazur; Photos: WireImage
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  • http://bernadetaocto@ymail.com oktaviani

    love it like it..

  • http://bernadetaocto@ymail.com oktaviani

    love it like it

  • mayte

    congrats Tay :D
    i love to everybody of the cast :)
    beautiful ash
    guapo tay
    hooot rob

  • Madison

    Taylor won male hottie? What? Are you kidding me?????? O_o
    He’s a cute boy but…. HOT??? Hum… absolutely not!
    …but that’s just me!


    Well deserved! For someone to say they dont see it well I just say you’re BLIND!

  • http://Facebook/Myspace Lindsey Lautner

    Taylor lautner is 18 thank you very much.
    and yessss he deffinatley deserved to win this because he is the hottest human to walk this earth and that’ll never change.

  • april

    Taylor Lautner deserves this award. I know the first few posts are disappointed but I think that with all the work he did just to bulk up for New Moon and on….I just think he deserves it.

    As for his acting though…I’m not so sure yet. He still has a long ways to go. But I think that for now…he is mostly being famous for his sex appeal, etc, and not necessarily his acting which is something he should think about….if he is going to be here for the body…then modeling should be his thing, not acting. Just a thought.

  • Skylar

    Again? WHAT? Ughh, I’m tired of him winning EVERYTHING, whatever. That should have been Zac up there.

    To the Taylor fans: Disagree with me, I don’t care. Zac’s been around longer. He’s a lot hotter, and isn’t showy about it. He works harder. Not to meniton the only reason Taylor won was because of a lot of the little kids out there voted for the TEEN Choice awards. The kids just like someone because they are the newest thing, not because of their talent and what little kid even knows about hottness? Seriously! I’m not hating on little kids, I’m just saying they shouldn’t be voting for the teen choice awards. I didn’t. Seriously how did taylor win best actor? What acting does he even do in Twilight? The only thing he did was rip off his shirt!
    Disagree with me, I don’t care.
    Tell me stop the celebrity hate, fine, I just hd to speak my mind about who should have won. Infact, I’m not even hating on Taylor, I’m just saying, in my honest opinion, he shouldn’t have won.

  • bobo

    Skylar @Skylar:
    so agreeeeeeeeee i hate him fuck him
    zac more hate i get enough from the fuck twilight oh god

  • katie

    Um. Seriously? People, chill the hell out. It’s just an award & I think it’s well deserved.

    Maybe if you actually paid attention you’d see that he’s actually a nice guy. And He’s not showy about it. People make him take off his shirt for his films. He doesn’t do it volunterly. & when you see him around, doesn’t he always have a shirt on? He’s not flaunting anything, even though he has worked extremely hard in getting in shape because he was fighting for something.

    I say congrats Taylor =)

  • jen101

    i’ll admit he is hot
    but not as hot as zac efron

  • http://mindy9457 mindy

    congrats taylor we luv u whoever said taylor doesnt deserve this shut up he deserve this award becuase he is a cute and hot boy

  • zanessa

    ZACS WAY CUTER. you cant even see this guys eyes

  • kate l.

    Congrats Tay tay! You deserve it! You are the hottest guy on the planet:)

  • http://www.twitter.com/wickedlovely sillyface

    YAY go taylor you deserve them all hehe he was seen hugging selena gomez at the TCAs does this mean there going to start dating again

    if you want proof look on ocean up website

  • soso

    i am very happy for him he soooooooooooooooo cute and handsom<<<<

  • sarah

    he is a hottie. ; )

  • Skylar

    @katie: Nice guy? Hahaha, funny. And he doesn’t only take it off for movies, talk shows, randomly in candids, photoshoots, pretty much anywhere. He is SHOWY.

  • http://mindy9457 mindy

    yay 4 taylor you deserve this award whoever said taylor doesnt deserve this award u better watch u mouth cuz he work hard 2 get this award so dont be hate him cuz he wants 2 be himself

  • http://www.ultimate--hudgens.piczo.com zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    he certainly is a HOTTIE,
    well done taylor love you mwah! <3

  • Cecca

    @Skylar: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried my friggin eyes out when Zac lost!!!! That makes three times that he lost to that undeserving ass!!!!!!!! I’m soo fed up with Taylor Lautner winning awards that Zac Efron deserves. Zac actually acts in his movies where as Taylor just rips his shirt off every other scene. Charlie St. Cloud was better than all of the Twilight films put together!!!! And just for the record Zac’s eyes sparkle while Taylor’s hide underneath his spray-tanned skin. I’m soo glad that there’s a Twilight spoof coming out. It’s about time someone put those cocky actors in their place. 10 years from now people will be saying “Taylor who?” but Zac will be around forever.

  • alexus

    look whoever said taylor lautner is not hot must be freakin blind bc if u could see taylor lautner is so much hotter zac got ugly vanssa while taylor got taylor swift, selena gomez, and won the hearts of millions of girls ur comments dont deserve to be on this website so to all the losers who dont like taylor lautner you suck. nd cecca shut up go keep cryin cuss zac will be losin to taylor for a long time. nd in 10 years zac efron will be freakin 30 somethin get a LIFE. oh nd taylor lautner is AWESOME!!!!