Zac Efron: Tom Cruise Taught Me How To Ride a Motorcycle!

Zac Efron: Tom Cruise Taught Me How To Ride a Motorcycle!

Zac Efron flies over the tires at the Aviation Warehouse in El Mirage, Calif., in this new shot from the September 2010 cover of Details mag.

The 22-year-old actor sat down with the mag during a recent trip to Boston to chat about learning Mission: Impossible moves from Tom Cruise, his run-in with poison oak and the real reason why he doesn’t date around. Check it:

On not dating around Hollywood: “I think a lot of guys would enjoy that. But I’m not really like that. Believe me, I rack my brain thinking ‘Why am I not out there playing the field?’ One of my buddies was like, ‘You have no idea what’s going on right now. You’re peaking on Ecstasy and you’re watching TV.’ But it’s not in my heart. It’s exactly how it should be. It’s real.”

On learning to ride from Tom Cruise: “I don’t even want to know [why he offered to teach me]. It’s just so cool that he gave a sh*t, the fact that he cared at all. No one else did that.”

On contracting poison oak right before his interview: “Dude, it’s like everywhere. Everywhere. I can’t even begin to show you, ’cause you’ll get so grossed out. I look like
a zombie from Dawn of the Dead.”

Zac‘s DETAILS cover hits stands later this month.

Zac Efron: Behind-the-scenes Details Shoot
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Credit: Norman Jean Roy; Photos: Details
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  • BabyBooZanessa

    Another Gorgeous Pics Of Zac Efron !

    So HOT !

  • kristine

    OMG!! He looks so hot!! :*
    Check out my video from the photoshoot! :)

  • rme

    A lesson in quoting:

    “But it’s not in my heart. It’s exactly how it should be. It’s real.”

    Those quotes are not actually TOGETHER in the article, so you separate them or at least use some ellipses. Kinda the opposite of how the quotes were spliced together in the JJ post to cause a disaster because y’all are desperate and needy for hits.

    Don’t make Zac Efron your sacrificial lamb.

    I look forward to this comment not making it through moderation.

  • TheConfirmer

    Cruise probably thinks the kid is the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard died in San Luis Obispo (CA) in 1986. Efron was born in San Luis Obispo the following year. Cruise probably wants to (re)introduce him to Scientology. Wicked…

  • beatriz


  • teeex

    i think that 1:36 of my life was the best!!

    hes so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    always love him

  • peggy

    It’s exactly how it should be. It’s real.”

    Is a quote referring to his relationship with Vanessa not dating. You would think after all the trouble Jared and Jill went to to try to make Zac look bad earlier they would now try to get something even this simple correct.

    But then again integrity on this site has gone completely

  • Jason

    @TheConfirmer: Shut up bigot. Stop spamming.

  • muse

    If you read the full interview, you’ll see that he’s saying he doesnt need to be surrounded in p***y all the time and that his relationship is real and he likes that. When JJ posted this yesterday oj JustJared and made it seem like he wanted to explore other options, it went all chaotic.
    Zac didnt even say the p***y comment, it was asked TO him. And he said it back as a QUESTION. JJ misinterpreted it to gain attention, which is unnesscessary seeing as Zac posts gain enough and even more attention than other celebrity posts.

    BTW, the comment and interview with Niki….OMFG. Harsh Niki, very harsh. Whether joking or not, it wasnt funny and very uncalled for. Im sure you wouldnt want someone else saying that about your boyfriend/relationship…if/when you get one. Shame on you Niki.

  • antonella

    @muse: what did nikki do ?

  • xxx

    Oh darn. My bad: it’s “real” albeit “satirical” but he’s going to get crap for it nevertheless. Of course I trust arranged interviews about as much as I trust conspiracy theories…but his words weren’t carefully crafted to appease teens. He’s taking a big risk assuming the adult persona at this point – breaking with his fan base in order to appeal to an older generation. It’s very risky because if he doesn’t garner an older fan base, he’ll be left without one.
    I do hear in his words a strong assertion of masculinity (very much “guy talk” in “guy lingo”), which is probably the “message” he’s been told to send via his publicist. How much of this is the actual Zac and how much of it has been fabricated for this purpose is unknowable. Personally, he doesn’t offend me – I’m around guys 100% of the time to the exclusion of females, and I know this is how they talk and think. And no, he’s not in love with Vanessa. He stays with her because he doesn’t have to risk going out there and finding somebody else.

  • xitsAlyssaMarie

    @antonella Nikki went on the Wendy Williams show I believe and said that Zac&Vanessa weren’t going to get marry because quote “she is the one for Zac Efron.”

    What a joke.

  • trinissita


    ZAC..YOU ARE A GOD ;Q____


  • mike

    woow Tom Cruise showed him how to ride a motor so amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pop86

    Love the BTS video.

    Since Jared was in LA watching Vanessa in Rent, who was running the site over the weekend?

  • Ashley

    Well Nikki’s crazy everyone knows that.

  • jane

    Omg!!! zac give vanessa money! xD while she is dancing on rent!!!

  • kris

    Propaganda, much?

  • Desiree

    Nikki Blonsky Was Being Interviewed ,And She When She Got Asked About Zac And Vanessa,If They Ever End Up Married,She Simply Said,No
    And Then She Was Like: I’m the One For Zac,Obviously Joking On This PArt,But At The Part When She Said That Zanessa Won’t Ever Get Married,She Acted Like A Total B*tch!

  • Desiree

    This Is SOOO Freakin Adorable!And Hot xD

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • warrengal4393

    I’m glad that Zac is so loyal to Vanessa. They are such a cute couple and its a rare that you see a couple last that long, especially when they are constantly in the spotlight. I’m glad that they have been together for so long and are still loyal to one another.

  • justine

    is the nikki intervew in this magazine???

  • Katty


    No, the Nikki interview was on the Wendy William’s show. Look it up on youtube, it shouldn’t be hard to find.

    The full article can be found here Just scroll down to the post about Details magazine.

    I think it is a little funny Zac got poison oak everywhere, even the place no man would think of even having poison oak *hint* haha.

    The photoshoot is great, love the pix. I also think it is funny Zac tipped Vanessa on stage. It’s just hilarious, everyone around them was laughing. She got twenty bucks out of it too, haha! JJ posted it on the main site with a vid and all.

  • Sinaline

    man, hes incredible :)

  • nikki


  • zanessa/scashley

    Okay, that’s better.. Not so confused anymore. But I’ll wait until I read the magazine. And that’s adorable.. Zachary tipping Vanessa. :D

  • Vicky

    What the hell is poison oak? I’m sorry, i’m from Argentina and idk what that is.

  • soso

    i love him sooooooooooooooo much<>

  • Faith

    this is kinda wierd interview…humm, really like the pictures tho..

  • kyle

    Now the truth came-out, where are the bashers who jumped the gun on Zac calling him a jerk based on the earlier misquoted, badly edited article? For those Zac fans who easily declared they will no longer support him because of THAT article earlier published, you should have known better. Zac has more integrity and loyalty than majority of actors his age and he has shown that through the almost five years he’s been with Vanessa. A true fan knows that and should not easily be dissuaded by write-ups designed to hype things rather than the truth just to get hits. Well, at least NOW you know.

  • rainbower

    omg he’s so hot i can eat him up right now

  • http://google jessica Hester

    zac don;t do that stuff ever again you hear me got dude .