Joe Jonas: Hot In Cleveland Clip!

Joe Jonas: Hot In Cleveland Clip!

Valerie Bertinelli gushes over her on-screen son Joe Jonas in this new clip from Hot In Cleveland, thanks to ET.

The 20-year-old actor plays Valerie‘s son Will in the TV Land series. He shared about working on the set, “It’s amazing. The cast is so nice and helpful throughout the scenes, especially Valerie.”

Joe also shared about Betty White, “I think my best memory of her on the set is when some of us were all over in one corner and she was over in another, just knitting. It looked like she was in her own house. [I was] just kind of watching her…”

Check out the clip inside….

Joe Jonas on “Hot in Cleveland”
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  • Sarah

    awwww! can’t wait for this eppy! :D

  • cath

    Aaw, I can’t wait! <3

  • http:/ mrs joseph adam jonas

    awww….he’s so cute!he really is…i love him!

  • http://MYHEARTBEAT_JB atar

    OMG he is soo cute my love<33333333
    i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ella

    Valerie: He’s very very good! Not just an amazing singer, but very good actor too!
    And the way she squeezes Joe’s face. Seems like she really love Joe’s face! I mean, who would not love Joe’s face?!
    She just really love Joe.. :D

  • Ceecile

    Oh please. Boy can’t act. Yeah he’s improved and he’s doing a someone decent job, but that isn’t nearly enough.
    I also don’t know how he ever graduated.
    Good thing he’s loaded.

  • amanda

    I love the way she squeezes Joe’s face! I want to do that NOW!!!! =)

  • Evie

    @Ceecile: You may not think he can act, but don’t question the guy’s intelligence. However, it DOES bug me when celebrities who are home schooled are like, “I graduated with a 4.0 GPA! I don’t understand how school would be hard, it must be fun because you see your friends and eat lunch.” Is it even possible to get less than that when you don’t go to real school? Lol.

  • (:joe’swifey.

    xD aw, in love with joe.

  • http://deleted fAN

    i love him <3

  • Teeja

    OOOH!!!! I Just love that guy :) he’s so awesome. I think he should get his shot in acting. And according to what i’m seeing he’s pretty good. :] go JOE!!!

  • rAE

    @Ceecile: So true! Lmao!

  • http://deleted miley

    i loveee this smilee *-*

  • kristina

    he’s sooooo freakin sexy!!!! the show was amazing last night!!!!! he did a great job on the show!!!

  • fra

    Awwww!!! *-* He is so cute!”He is an italian boy, he’s perfect!” ahahah .. It’s true .. I’m italian =D I’m so proud of him and his brothers.

  • M.

    @Ceecile: You’re right, but I still hope he’ll make a porn video one day. THIS I’d like to watch… and watch… and watch.



  • marissa

    @Ceecile: he’s clearly smarter than you because till your hating on the computer he is making $$ (:

  • Eric79

    I just saw the episode. While Joe certainly is handsome, he cannot act worth anything. He actually sounds like he is reading a cue card in monotone. Valarie had not chemistry with this young man. It’s a good thing the plot called for her character to be distant from her son, as the two of them were not a good match.

  • Eric79


    Having money has nothing to do with being smart. Britney Spears is proof of that.

  • h

    he needs more acting lessons!

  • Addie

    Joe really just can’t act.

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