Miley Cyrus: Win My Closet!

Miley Cyrus: Win My Closet!

Ever wonder what’s actually in Miley Cyrus‘ closet?

Well now you have a chance to bid to win items from her actual closet! All proceeds from the auctions go straight to Get Ur Good On.

Get Ur Good On is a program partnership between Youth Service America and Miley that supports youth in their mission to do “good” in their communities by offering grants and resource for youth-led service projects.

The first auction starts THIS WEEK! So keep your eyes and browsers glued to

FYI: Miley picked up surfboards for Celebrity Fashion Line, Love Song, and Movie Hissy Fit at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards. Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth picked one up for Movie: Male Breakout. Miley is actually in Detroit right now, filming L.O.L.

Miley Cyrus – Get Ur Good On Auctions
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  • nkeeyah

    wow go Miley! Doing a good thing.

  • Lauren

    omg i totally want to buy something from miley!!! Miley is my inspiration :)

  • Trang

    Mileyyyyyyyyyyy ♥

  • blahblahblah

    Miley Won 4 Awards good job ♥♥

  • ambervii


  • ambervii

  • dana

    Miley shoul’ve won 8 awards. no offense. I tried my best posting EVERY SINGLE DAY to vote for her…! I have seen Miley fans from twitter that have 30,000 followers and telling them everyday to vote for her…! OMG! Miley fans tried there best… I think the tcas didn’t want miley to win!

  • Lisa

    Rather than spending WAY too much money on some girl’s old clothes and reasoning that they’re doing it for “a good cause,” can’t people just donate directly to the people or whatever organizations that need it?

    Srsly, it always amazes me that celebrities are the most celebrated figures in our society. What have they done, really, other than being narcissists who produce mindless forms of entertainment and walk around in expensive dresses?

  • rachel

    TCA is a JOKE ! i voted every day to miley and she should have won at least 7 awards but producers have left !
    go miley ! love u 4 ever :)

  • KASS

    @rachel: i think the same … but miley is amazing so ♥ for her!!!!!

    MILEY U GO BABE!!!!!

  • CANE

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • anh

    love you so much Miley!!! can’t wait for your comeback to music which i don’t know when but still your fan forever!! love you

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan


    Yeah i voted everyday too. but she wasnt there so they problay gave the award to someoneelse. but miley should have got more awards!

    LOVE MILEY! :)

  • blahblahblah

    yeah and miley has 5 million fans on facebook and i asked them to vote for her but she won 4 and last year she won 6 she’s just amazing atleast she wins every year :)

  • good-one

    @Lisa: I love Miley because she tries so hard to make this world a better place.

    Interest in Celebrity is the common thread that brings us many readers here. Jared explains all day long what celebrities in various arts are doing.

    I enjoyed the TCAs. They are still evolving as a cultural event. I loved the clothes and performances.

    Personally, I thought Dakota Fanning should have won the award she was up for, but I realize that one reason she didn’t win, was because the “R” rating for The Runaways, precluded many teens from seeing it.

    I found that the following essay goes at least part way towards explaining answers to your question about why we appreciate celebrities in the arts:

    (I personally prefer Foxit Reader for .pdf files.)

  • Matt

    That’s because the TCA are rigged. They take the votes into consideration but ultimately make the choices themselves.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    I happy for Miley winning four awards, but she deserved WAY MORE. She’s only three knock outs away from knocking out Britney Spears as the TCA champ! I LOVE HER though! Can’t w8 for LOL. And I’m kind of pissed that Demi didn’t win anything also.

  • Trang

    @rachel: Yep! I think. I used 7 email to vote for her everyday, My friends also do that.
    Some people win that we don’t worthy to win. there are many ridiculous things.
    i think they are fixed the winner.

  • hiha

    daaang her voice is funny and ANNOYING!

  • Jenny

    Wow! :)

    I think its great that Miley is doing this, because all of the money goes to this charity.

    I was looking through, because I’m thinking off getting something on there when I realize that all of Miley’s clothes are smaller than me. D:

    Plus, her feet are small than me, so! :/

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    dear miley i love you

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    dear miley i love you

  • http://justjaredjunior lololile

    man people there is like a gadilion teen is woting

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    your so right.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    your lucky to have a man that love you every much for every off of the last song it’s right love you miley .