Zac Efron Jealous of Shia LaBeouf

Zac Efron Jealous of Shia LaBeouf

Zac Efron catches up on a little reading as he gasses up his Audi at a station in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (August 10).

The 22-year-old actor, who covers the September issue of Details, opened up about admiring Shia LaBeouf‘s carefree attitude. Zac shared, “I’m so jealous of that. Yeah, that’s awesome to not give a sh”. And Shia still pulls it off. That’s so cool. It’s just awesome. It just comes easy to some people.”

Maybe the script Zac is reading is one he picked up from Summit Entertainment?

FYI: Zac is wearing a pair of Levi’s Workwear 505 in Tumbled Stretch.

15+ pics inside of Zac Efron at the pump…

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Credit: LRR; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • brenda

    he’s the best! i mean, he can’t be jealous

  • lauren

    i like his car.

  • carla

    yeah, zac… u better be jealous cos he doesnt give a shit. lmfao

  • peggy

    Or maybe it’s The Lucky One that will film very soon

  • abby

    HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT but I’m not sure if I’m liking the hair on the face.

  • mike

    like the boy nice ride nice girlfriend

  • kate1

    Looking good Zac

  • Bradley Bobst


    Zac did signed on to star as the lead in the Lucky One,

  • Evangeline

    Aww I think he looks cuter when he’s shaved!
    But as long as he likes it, I’m good.

    - But I’m sure last time he had facial hair it was for a disguise or for Snabba Cash or something? hehee x

    Lovee him and his car! xoxo

  • Londonlemming

    It’s just been announced that The Lucky One will be shot in Louisana this fall. That project is headed by WB,not Summit.That is most likely the script he is Reading.

  • Bradley Bobst


    Thanks for that info.

  • kim

    I am glad he is staying busy!

  • pop86

    He looks good as always.

  • Joochi

    @Londonlemming: I’m glad he’s going to do this, I’m reading the book now and I think it’s going to be a box office hit from what I’ve read so far.




    dios your my life i love you


    im going to love you forever


    IM hope see you with van soon


    hot….. i love you zac


    i love you muscules

  • maria

    I hate that he’s doing Lucky One. He does NOT need another sappy, weepy movie. Why does he not take a page from Shia’s book, and do a good guy movie??? You tweenies can oohh and aahh all you want over silly chick flicks like CSC and Lucky One, but they will do NOTHING for his career. Please, Zac, don’t do it!!!!!

  • Katty

    He actually signed on? I thought he was just mentioned for it and looking into it. Nicholas Sparks is a good writer, but Zac needs to do movies to get a male fanbase and this isn’t really the way to go right now. Although, I’ve never read the book, so I can’t say I know exactly what it is about.

    I want him to do those action movies, he needs to get movin’ on those! I know he can’t really speed it along seeing as he is the actor, but I want him to get more of a male fanbase so he can do better at the boxoffice, then again Nicholas Sparks usually does pretty good at the box office.

    Okay, now I am rambling. Sorry. I know that if Zac is in it, I will see it because he is a good actor and I trust his choices. CSC was amazing in my opinion. His acting was wonderful and he’s made more than 25 mil the box office with it now.

  • Katty


    I agree with you at some points. He needs to pick better movies, which with the ones on his plate other than this, he has done. With Jonny Quest and Snabba Cash and Fire those are good choices. But, a lot of girls do go for these kind of movies and this kind of movie is easier to sell than CSC. If he is in it, I think it will do well.

  • Skylar

    @Londonlemming: ARE YOU STINKING SERIOUS???!!!!!! HAHAHA! THATS WHERE I LIVE!!!!!! Do you have any idea what part of Louisiana???!?!?!?! Sorry for the caps but I am FREAKING OUT right now, I literally started crying when I read that hahaha! I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t even scream!!!! Hahaha!

    Anyway, trying to calm down from that, he looks so incredibly amazing!!! I personally think he looks better without the facial hair but I still love it haaha!!!! Love you Zac!
    <3 zanessa Forever <3

  • zanessa/scashley

    Both guys are wonderfully talented. I remember seeing Shia on ‘Even Stevens’.. I miss that show.. and now he’s like one of the best known actors. I can’t wait for Transformers 3. Its gonna be interesting to see it without Megan Fox.. but we’ll see. Anyway, Zachary is looking FINE. And I am definitely looking forward to his movies.. whether its a romance/drama or action/adventure. I’ll always support him !! =)

  • Katty


    I think Transformers 3 will suck without Megan. I don’t like her in anything except those movies and not picking her back up was a bad move. It completely ruins the storyline

    I do love Shia, but he shouldn’t have signed on without Megan. I hate when they ruin movies like that.

    Anyways, I want to know more about this movie and who is getting cast in it. If they are filming this fall that is like less than two months away… less than one month I guess. That is quick. At least he will be busy for a while, he hasn’t filmed a movie in like, a year, he must be craving to do so again.

  • londonlemming

    @Bradley Bobst: Your welcome.
    @Joochi: I am personally not a fan of Nicholas Spark books as I do not like his writing style,so I will hold on judgement until I have seen the movie.
    @Skylar: I am :) Here is the link :

  • Skylar

    They set up offices in New Orleans…I wonder if that means it’s where they are filming it. :(
    I’m on the complete opposit side of Louisiana. :(

  • Katty

    Here are pix of Z and V at the launch of the September issue of Details which Zac is in.

    V looks tired and her hair is still highlighted because of Mimi. It’s nice she went out to support Zac since he went to all three RENT perfomances.

    Can’t wait for more news on both their careers.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    it still amazes me that Shia is the only person who became a billionaire after Disney. The rest of the Disney stars (of the 90′s) either faded (like Duff and Raven) or ended up into drugs (Lohan + Lalaine ) .What also amazes me is the fact that Shia hasn’t won an Oscar yet after all the amazing movies he’s done .

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Katty: I agree. Taking Megan out of Transformers is like taking Tobey out of Spiderman. That should have never happened :(. And Shia and Megan are my fave on-screen couple. It;ll be awesome if they really did date cause they are both extremely attractive!

  • kaya


    Fox didn’t make the movie. She is quite replacable. And her acting wasn’t all that good anyways. She was just eye candy and eye candy can always get upgraded. I think by them introducing a new girlfriend it is more believable anyways. Young love doesnt always last. This one is one of them.

    That is a terrible comparison. Taking Fox out of Transformers is like killing off the grandfather in Spiderman. Not a big deal and will soon not even care that she is gone.

  • kaya

    Actually you are soo wrong. Raven Symone might not be in front of the camera as often as Shia but she is constantly working. She is an actress, singer, producer, model. Her album was one of the best-selling albums. She is worth over 400 Million dollars. Shia is only worth 25 Million. Hilary Duff is also worth about 25 Million. Shia still have some ways to go before reaching their status.

  • maria

    Nicholas Sparks’ movies have NOT done all that well. I think CSC was good for him to try, but it was NOT a success, nor was it a good movie. I think he should not do another movie like this so soon. I think it would be better for him to do FIre or Snabba first. For him to get the kind of roles he wants, he should not be typecasting himself into chick flicks. Not good.

    I know Zac has said he won’t do an action flick until he’s “earned” doing one, but to be honest, I think being a leading man should be earned as well. I think it would have been better to develop in good supporting roles, and be seen by both men and women. Leo, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, etc, all worked alongside great actors before taking leading roles on. I suppose he may not have been offered roles he was interested in, and had to take things in his own hands. But for someone who likes to do different things, I have no idea why he signed on for Lucky One; I don’t think it’s a good move for him. JMO

  • Karen

    I have absolutely no problem with him doing a Nicholas Sparks movie. Everyone wants to make a big deal about him doing a romance movie but just like scifi, action, drama, etc, romance movies are just another genre that many people love and they are important to many a movie goers. He’s young and romantic looking so I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t think this would be one of the type movies he would do. As I say many times people like Brad Pitt in his really “yummy” days did romantic movies and did well by them. And if this is a movie coming out of WB it certainly won’t hurt him to play nice with his bosses. They most likely will only be more helpful to him later on. I think he should be cut some slack. He is in the midst of getting different type movies off the ground—they just aren’t ready yet. He needs to be doing SOMETHING while waiting to get scripts from these other projects. Yeah, some young guys are uncomfortable with romances but not all guys hate them so much and they certainly are not just for tweens and teens. That’s just a demeaning thing to say for people who actually like a good love story.

  • Karen

    CSC is now over the $25M mark here in North America which isn’t so bad for a movie like this and at this time of the year. I think it would have done much better if they would have left it until October. Apparently now that everyone has seen movies like Inception and Salt, etc, they are interested enough to go out and see CSC. Plus, it still has yet to hit Europe and Australia. I don’t think it will end up a flop. It may not turn out to be a 17 Again in the money sense but I see it making back it’s budget and possibly a small profit which will be what the studio will be interested in.

    There may have been things in the movie which wasn’t perfect but there were some very good things especially for those who like this kind of movie and Zac’s acting was really wonderful. Me, I loved the acting between Zac and Charlie Tehan. I don’t always like kids in the movies but I loved Charlie.

  • Daniel Tang

    People always pull the most ridiculous comments out of context and make a huge story out of it. Zac is not literally jealous of Shia. He’s speaking tongue in cheek, so to speak.

  • Anthony

    Zac needs to take some advice from his fellow young stars like Robert Pattinson and realize that he doesn’t have to be the leading male in every movie he does. He wants to get out of the typecast he has been put into, yet constantly picks stupid movies to be in.

  • http://pegah pegah

    He is so hot love his car and i love his GF too s he is so nice;-)

  • http://pegahamlashi pegah

    i love him just in high school musical but i dont know why i like his girl friend vanessa she is so nice i raelly love her:-*

  • maria

    No one is demeaning Zac just because they think he should not do this movie. At all. I just don’t happen to think it’s a good move; it has nothing to do with what I think of Zac OR his character!!!! I don’t understand why a discussion about what movie Zac is doing next means we are attacking him. It’s truly not an attack. I just don’t happen to want him typecast as an actor guys will never want to see. I’d like his appeal to be across the board, not just tweens and cougars. It’s just a difference of opinion. I think other young good looking actors are taking on roles, like Shia, RPatz, Chris Pine, Taylor Lautner,etc., that appeal to men AND women. If he’s not careful, he will be the guy in all the chick flicks. I just think he’s far better than that.