Hutch Dano: Den Brother Premieres FRIDAY!

Hutch Dano: Den Brother Premieres FRIDAY!

Hutch Dano keeps himself warm as he flashes the JJJ coasters on the Den Brother set earlier this year in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The 18-year-old actor chatted with us about his upcoming movie Den Brother, working with both Kelsey Chow and G Hannelius and what it was really like dressing up like Mrs. Doubtfire. Check it:

On the chemistry between him and G: “She’s great. We went in for a chemistry read together just to see because we’re supposed to be brother and sister so we’re not gonna wing that one. We went in and she was so great. She knew all her lines. Not all 11-year-old actresses know their lines. It’s just not how it works but she was so professional. She knew everything she was supposed to do and our chemistry was really great. Just from the very beginning in the chemistry read and it’s only gotten better the more and more we’ve hung out on set.”

On dressing up like a elderly woman in the movie: “It’s not doing it for me. It’s so not. When stuff like to you happens you’re like, ‘I’m an actor, I’m not supposed to get embarrassed’ but when there’s 300 extras and they’re all staring at you because you have old woman’s make-up on and you look like a freak…You can’t help but look and be like, ‘Gosh, I’m feeling a little embarrassed right now because everyone’s supposed to be cheering for the hockey crowd and they’re staring at me.’ But it was definitely fun to just be somebody completely different.”

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On his character, Alex Pearson: “He’s a real egotistical dude which is one of the things right off the bat. He’s oblivious to everyone elses feelings. He just thinks about himself constantly, which I don’t blame him for because he just doesn’t get it. He’s just oblivious. He could have volunteered down at the soup kitchen and he’ll find a way to say that he only needs to do it for two minutes so he can come back and watch the basketball game – It just doesn’t register.

“But he loves his sister [G Hannelius] which is one of his most redeeming qualities in the movie because he’s willing to do just about anything for her — his family practically, that’s one of the things. So you know from the very get-go when he’s watching TV with his sister and she’s watching like pony princesses or something, he really isn’t this completely egotistical guy that everyone would think isn’t cool. He actually does have a heart and slowly but surely the more he hang out with his sister, he becomes this nicer, nicer guy. Eventually by the end of it, he doesn’t really have any of that ego that we see in the beginning.”

On working alongside Kelsey: “It’s great. Well for me, whenever I have a love interest I’m always worried because… Oh crap. What if we don’t have chemistry? We have to force the chemistry which makes thing harder. All together it can be hard if you don’t have that chemistry right off the bat and I didn’t get to read with her beforehand. So we met and we talked and we did the read through and our chemistry really locked together really well. She was a really nice girl, really fun to talk with and we got to know each other a little bit for the character’s sake and just altogether you wanna know the actors you’re working with. So now we just have a really cool friendship. The scenes have gone really well. We’re actually doing the date scene tonight so it’s coming up. It’s right around the corner and by the time this gets printed we’ll be way past the corner.”

On the funniest scene in the movie: “One of my favorite scenes is when I jump onto the ice as Mrs. Zamboni and I have all grandma make-up on and I score the final goal and then I go to the stands of people who are cheering my name and I’m like all wrinkled and old and I have all this make-up on. It’s a really funny scene. It was so much fun to do cause I’m like skating around and I would forget that I had all this stuff on and one of the camera crew that’s filming the b-roll or something would be like, ‘So how’s it feel like to look like this and playing hockey’ and I’m, ‘Oh crap.’ I would realize it right there but it was a really fun scene to shoot.”

On forcing chores off on siblings: “My sisters’ would never allow it. I mean I could give it a try if I wanted to and be like, ‘Hey Abby, you wanna come in, it’s really fun, you just gotta pick up a bunch of stuff from my room.’ She wouldn’t buy it. Maybe she’d do it for like a minute and then she’d realize ‘Wait a second, I’ve been fooled’ and she’d leave. But I wouldn’t want to do that just because they’d never done it to me. This is one of those things that if my sisters started doing it to me, I’d try to do it to them. That’s kinda how our relationship goes. If you strike on me, I’ll strike on you. If you don’t then white flag, peace, we’re all good. But I love my sisters so we always have our little inside jokes and things that we try to pull on each other.”

Den Brother premieres THIS FRIDAY, Friday, August 13 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

Keep checking back throughout the week — JJJ will have tons more on Den Brother!

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Credit: Fred Hayes; Photos: Disney Channel
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