Selena Gomez: 'Year Without Rain' Demo!

Selena Gomez: 'Year Without Rain' Demo!

Can’t wait to hear Selena Gomez and The Scene‘s new single, “Year Without Rain?”

No worries! JJJ just found a demo of her single, thanks to many JJJ readers. The singer in the demo is Selin Alexa.

Selena wrote on her Facebook, “Z100 added ‘Round and Round’ today!!! Thank you guys for helping make this happen. I am so excited and cannot wait for you guys to hear the next single!! ‘Year Without Rain!’ We just shot the video in the desert :) Cant wait for yall to see it! Love you!!!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new single — HOT or NOT?

“A Year Without Rain” Demo
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  • Zanessaxjoenessa


  • Trina

    Wow auto tune and computer voice…yea the single is great if ur interested in that!

  • http://@Mellz89 Mellz

    Can’t wait for selena’s version!!!
    Going to be awesome!!
    Love Selena Gomez & The Scene :$:):)

  • V

    The lyrics are amazing. This version is not bad, but I can’t wait to hear Selena’s version.

  • Selenafan!!!

    Omg! I want to buy that song right now!!!! Go Selena!

  • Bard

    I thought she was going to drop her name from the next CD and just go by The Scene. I could swear I remember her mentioning something about that, like she wanted to be treated like a real band. I don’t know. I prefer her acting to her music. How about the rumor that Puck got her drunk at the TCA’s? I hope that’s true cause it would at least show some personality and that she’s human and makes mistakes.

  • Imarai

    i love this song. But why do most disney stars sing to get more popular. If your good at something you don’t have to try to do something else.
    in other words, If your good at acting stick to it. And another thing that scandal-free crap your not perfect nobody is, so your bound to make a mistake

  • Selena#1fan

    I love this song!!!! I started dancing as soon as I heard it. :) How did the person get the lyrics to Selena’s song that hasn’t even come out yet?

  • Selena#1fan

    @Imarai: Well, I think most people audition for disney because they are interested in both singing and acting and disney is a way for them to do both. People who go out for disney are usually already into both..

  • blahblahblah

    Is That Her Singing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andy

    yayyyy im so excited fot this new album and her next single!!!! yayyyyy cant wait!!!

  • andy

    btw totally hoot!!! but cant wait to hear selenas version, gonna be awesome!!!

  • gami

    @blahblahblah: no thats just the demo version

  • gami

    OMG i love this song!! the lyrics are so good:)
    cant wait till selenas version!!!

  • natalie

    I like it! Can’t wait for Selena’s version!

  • i love the song!! can’t wait to hear selena sings it!!!! she’s the best!!! <3
    and btw, @Bard there is no way she was drunk at the TCA, xD
    just watch this:

  • elly

    where is demo cant find ugh :S
    Loveee selly ! <3<3<3
    should date David!

  • Marissa

    Love the song!! Cant wait for Selenas new single, its gonna be awesome!!! And hope the video goes great like “Round and Round” :) Cant wait!!!

  • cam


    I doubt that there was any alcohol at the TCA’s since iit is basically for teens who are all underage for drinking – which it seems is age 21 everywhere in the US now. So I doubt that Selena was drinking or drunk – sorry to burst your obvious wishful thinking. If you are looking for a trainwreck – don’t look at Selena – there are plenty of other celeb trainwrecks out there.

    As far as the Scene & being a band name – there are band names that use the name of the lead singer – take Daughtry for instance.

    I did not hear the song yet – I prefer to hear Selena sing it.

    I heard Round & Round on z100 today – it was awesome to hear it on that station – & they also play Naturally all the time. Congrats to Selena on all her TCA’s & her sucesses & also on Ramona & Beezus – I loved the movie!

  • Peace Out

    quite boring.
    By the way Selena isn’t a good singer u_u

  • Jenny

    the song is good and has potential to be a huge song…but i have a feeling it wont be as good with selena

  • Jullya

    Oh, this picture seems her clothing line “Dream Out Loud”…

  • Amanda

    @Peace Out: Hater. Stoked for Selena’s version!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    this kinda sounds like somebody to love by justin bieber

  • blahblahblah

    Oh Good

  • mrsdestinyhope

    I think I’ll like this one better than her Katy Perry’s cover of “Rock God”. I also think “Round and Round” is a bit catchier than this song. This song reminds me of Duff’s “Coming Clean” for some reason.

  • andy

    im so proud of her!!! she definitely deserve all the best!!!

  • Lalalaaa

    Cool, can’t wait for a new song though since leona lewis originally sang this. (or she was going to idk :p)

  • Sol

    AND i Love the song!
    i can’t wait to selena’s version
    i adore her SO much!

    she don’t drink alcohol ;)

    and the stars of disney can do whatever they want
    if she likes singing, acting, dancing, or anything else, SHE CAN DO IT!

  • Patty

    @mrsdestinyhope: Na, this song is WAYYY better than “Round and Round.”

  • Zekemaster

    This song is sick! Eventhough I haven’t heard much of Selena’s music, her version better release soon. I NEED this on my ipod pronto!

  • k


  • meiner

    they will surprise you all!
    the song is a duck and has nothing to do with the album

  • Naomi


    how can you say that if the album hasn’t even come out yet?

  • ella

    Nice song!! :))

  • meiner

    do not worry, the album comes.
    I think … the song has the same name by chance and has nothing to do with the song on the album.
    The music will be more like … see youtube … selena gomez round and round Dave Aude remix
    Absolutely great sound

  • meiner

    do not worry, the album comes.
    I think … the song has the same name by chance and has nothing to do with the song on the album.
    The music will be more like … see youtube … selena gomez round and round Dave Aude remix
    Absolutely great sound

  • meiner

    do not worry, the album comes.
    I think … the song has the same name by chance and has nothing to do with the song on the album.
    The music will be more like … see youtube … selena gomez round and round Dave Aude remix
    Absolutely great sound

  • alex

    this song is so awesome to be honest. But in general Selena can’t sing. She will ruin this song. Selena we love you but stay at the things you can do. You’re a great actress but singing is not your thing you may get some good songs at this album but they are not yours! You can’t sing, your songs failed at your first album because they suck now you’re going to cover some other songs like the song Katy Perry gave it to you and other songs that are not yours or even written for you I’m sorry Selena’s fan but if she is going to stick in singing she will fail in both singing and acting like her new movie.

  • tiffany weng

    Love it!!!!Can’t wait for Selena’s’s gonna be awsome!!!!

  • Matt

    I love Selena, but she needs to do her own songs. She needs to be more original. I don’t reccomend pop as her genre.

  • lisa

    boring, selena is a awful singer.

  • Mathilda♥

    i got this song on my phone – not sels version! :D
    this song is the best eveeer! :D
    im exited to hear ghost of you to :D!!

  • paulc

    who the bleep is STrawberry Bee who’s had it blocked?

  • manal

    HOT!!!!!!!!HOT!!!!! love IT”"”"”+++++++++++cant waIT}}}}}}}}}

  • jack

    video removed =/

  • Nadine

    i mean who really thinks that selena cant sing must be such an idiot
    this is the demo right so its not her
    but i BET that she suucks live!!
    she always does because she is not a singer
    she just isnt and i dont know why she is singing
    is it the money that she gets ??!!!
    does she want to be more famous!?
    i dont know but i hate her for beeing so fake.
    demi and miley and vanessa,they are REAL artists,i mean they can sing live.but she doesnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she cant cant cant

  • http://selenafan14789 ROSY

    i got the ALBUM its awsome really awsome love it love you selena my day is always a good day

  • http://selenafan14789 ROSY

    nadine your just jealous cuz you cant sing thats all and get a life a boyfriend i got one and a life you dont duhh dont be hating or else i be hatin on you okay

  • http://selenagomez&justinbieberfaaaaaaaaaaaan alex

    no comment

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