Zac Efron: Beverly Hills Meeting Man

Zac Efron: Beverly Hills Meeting Man

Zac Efron slowly gets out of his car as he arrives at a hotel in Beverly Hills for a meeting on Wednesday morning (August 11).

Last night, the 22-year-old actor celebrated his September 2010 cover of Details mag with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens and Sterling Knight, among many others.

It’s been reported that for The Lucky One, Zac will be headed to New Orleans, Louisiana to film because of the tax incentive.

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Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • zanessaloverss123

    love him

  • http://JustJaredJr.-2 ZAC EFRON ×× DUAA

    احب زاك ايفرون واتمن لة التوفيق

  • carol

    Delicia !

  • Laura


  • mike

    hope he signs for a good movie

  • Katty

    Zaccc I love you, but please shave! Although, he may be growing out a little because he needs for The Only One since he is supposed to be coming back from the war in the movie. That would make sense, but I just think that the beard/facial hair isn’t the best look for him. It’s not bad, but it’s the not the best.

    I hope he had a good meeting!


    Love the scruff, Zac, don’t lose it! And though I gag at the thought of you doing a Nicholas Sparks movie, I support the move to New Orleans.

    He ought to hit up OZ, Southern Decadence, if he makes it in time. Lots of fun to be had there!

  • Bradley Bobst

    He looks great so Gold to hear that Zac will be filming another movie soon the Lucky one.

  • bush efron

    me tooooo i love him so much

  • beatriz

    i love you Zac Efron <3
    cover of details is the best :P

  • zanessa/scashley

    His aviators make him look extra hot.

  • http://justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    He’s looking good :)

    I prefer to hold off on my opinion on doing a Sparks movie haha

    @Katty: I heard that he is supposed to be a marine, and from what I’ve seen and heard, marines are the cleanest of them all LOL, but i could be wrong, could it be that he was just being a regular guy who wants to be lazy and not worry about his looks?

  • joceelyynn


    “I prefer to hold off on my opinion on doing a Sparks movie haha”

    i’m with you in that one

  • Karen

    I love the scruff. It makes him look sexier and older. I have absolutely no problem with him do a Nicholas Sparks movie. Everyone wants to make a big deal about him doing a romance movie but just like scifi, action, drama, etc, romance movies are just another genre that many people love and they are important to many a movie goer. He’s young and romantic looking so I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t think this would be one of the type movies he wold do. As I say many times people like Brad Pitt in his really “yummy” days did romantic movies and did well by them. And if this is a movie coming out of WB it certainly won’t hurt him to play nice with his bosses. They most likely will only be more helpful to him later on. I think he should be cut some slack. He is in the midst of getting different type movies off the ground—they just aren’t ready yet. He needs to be doing SOMETHING while waiting to get scripts from these other projects.

  • dee3d

    well.. after his last flop film, I hope this film will bring him back to those hsm success..

  • ella

    HOTTIE!! <3

  • jensenLUVEr tanya

    he looks so grown!! sum1 please get him a belt & socks!! LOL

  • soso

    in every language:

    i love zac soooo much

    انا احب زااااك واااايد

    j ’adore zac><<

  • Faith


  • kyle

    I hope that his character in this new movie will explore more his depth as an actor and not just capitalize on his good looks. His acting on CSC is not a bad start though. After the Sparks movie, i hope he gets to do action flicks to widen his fans base.

  • Katty


    He has already signed onto more deeper roles, including action flicks, but they take a while to bring together, you know? They are working on scripts a such, it’s a long process making a movie.

  • kyle

    I know, Katty. Thanks.

    By the way, i am posting a link of an interview which Malia(one of the posters on the just jared site), was kind enough to share about Zac being the next generation’s great actor. Thanks, Malia.

  • Katty

    Zac is in NYC with Vanessa. here is a pic of them


    Cutest gey ever :)

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  • http://google barbara

    just saw a picture of van and stell last nite, at the airport. so she is back in la.

  • http://google barbara

    hi lady, vanessa looks the happiness, without big lips.

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