Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Details Date Night

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Details Date Night

Zac Efron and good friend Sterling Knight take a load off as they chat inside the Details magazine party held at a private residence in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (August 10).

Other friends of the 22-year-old actor who showed up to celebrate his September cover include girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, 17 Again costars Leslie Mann and Michelle Trachtenberg, Glee‘s Matthew Morrison and producer pal Adam Shankman.

An inside spy told that Zac and Vanessa were spotted dancing with each other and making out during the party.

FYI: Vanessa was wearing a Helmut Lang crochet-back knit dress. Sterling is wearing Creative Recreation Milanos.

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Credit: Jordan Strauss; Photos: WireImage
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  • teamhudgens

    Hottest couple ever.<3

  • -just.bella.


  • isabella

    looks like her real hair is back! yay :) love her and zac!

  • -just.bella.

    Oh she must not have her extensions in.
    I like her hair this length. She is utterly gorgeous!

  • -just.bella.

    Me again. Lol.

  • zanessa4ever

    love them like always ^^ they’re sooo perfect :))
    but why nessa looks sad??

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    i swear sum1 needs 2 tel vanessa how 2 stand. same freakin pose & she looks stupid. luv da boys. they look nice. i think they should do a movie 2gether.

  • Tere995

    AAAAAAWWWWW!!! So cute. I like her hair this length, though I am upset that she cut her hair. I was completely in love with her old hair, but this looks nice too.

    Hopefully maybe one of them could get a Glee cameo since they met Matthew Morrison and he is from Glee. That would be totally awesome.

  • duuumm

    awww, there are so many more interesting pics out there, like the one where Leslie Mann and Zac are hugging, and also the mini 17 Again reunion pic.

  • kayla la la

    Awwww cute! Zac’s still supporting the mustache then? Lool but who cares he’s still HOT N SEXY! Vanessa looks amazinn as alwayss!!
    love how they both support each other on everything super cutee!! :) x

  • sarah

    she looks great in black

  • Zanessafanforever

    YAY!!!! Zanessa pictures, they are sooo cute together, and their 5 year anniversary is coming up soon.

    Zanessa Forever :)

  • Zanessafanforever

    @Tere995: She didn’t cut her hair, she doesn’t have her exstensions in.

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    I hope Vanessa & Zac both star in Glee. I love that show.

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    @jensenLUVER tanya:
    can u stfu? I dnt c u being a celebrity. Its probably not as easy as it looks. & she dsnt look happy. Stop critcizing her. Okay? Just get out of this post. Thank you.

  • soso

    i love them both soooooooooooooo much>><<<

  • kami

    ♥ love this pic, zac’s smile, and his hair looks better when he doesn’t spikes it up. ♥

  • j

    <3 Vanessa’s hair looks kinda weird but she still looks pretty <3

  • lorelei

    gorgeous hudgens… GORGEOUS!!!

  • vfan

    Vanessa looks hot!
    I really want to see the back of her dress to!
    Btw, she didn’t take out her extensions bc she never had any in, she cut it for Rent! :)

  • kami

    ♥ cute pic where vanessa hugs the snl guy. don’t know his name. ♥

  • kami

    yep, she cut her hair for rent. there were pics of her leaving her hairdresser’s house on aug 6th. looks like she cut about 4 inches off.

  • lexie

    They don’t look to happy, I wonder why. But they look good as usual.

  • IlovezanessaMorethanyoudo

    Zac and Vanessa are sooo soooo sooo sooo cute!! I love them as much as they love each other <333

    Yeah I don’t think anyone needs a spy to know what zac and Vanessa were doing at that party. It’s pretty obvious they’d be dancing and making out. They’re a couple that’s what they do.

  • V!!!

    i like her hair like this. but she had hair extensions. now she has no layers

  • IlovezanessaMorethanyoudo

    I liked Vanessas hair better when it was longer, BUT she still looks absolutey gorgeous!!!

  • Unbelievable

    Vanessa looks so pretty. JJJ I read another report that said that too, that the pair looked VERY happy to be together.

  • lorelei

    cute <3

  • lauren

    i like how this party is very random.

  • kate1

    @jensenLUVER tanya:

    STFU you have no clue what you are talking about.

    and for your information Zac and Sterling did do a movie together – 17 Again are you really that thick


    here is a link to the dress Vanessa was wearing

  • pop86

    Zac and Vanessa look hot .

    Sterling looks way too skinny.

  • DIamond

    Vanessa looks very gorgeous and she never had extensions u dumb ppl who know absolutely nothing! Anyways I love her style this dress is just too Hot! I love it and her hair I luv the new length and all you who are SO CALLED FANS U WOULD APPRECIATE THAT! Any who She’s so gorgeous and I bet she’s tired from all the rent stuff also u have to look into that. Anyway V is beautiful inside and out. God Bless :)

  • Mac

    I really hope they didn’t MAKE OUT,because in as much as they are a couple,that would be unprofessional considering it’s a formal party(of sorts)!!

  • Nicki

    @vfan she did have extentions you could tell but I like it shorter

  • Katty

    Vanessa got her hair cut for the Mimi role. There were pix of her leaving her hair dresser and it was cut and colored so she could play Mimi. It wasn’t that much taken off, it will grow back in a few months.

    I don’t think V looks sad, I just think she was tired because she had been doing nothing but rehearding for about two weeks, then had three perfomances three nights in a row, that can be tiring. Then right after that, she had to go to a party, you know?

    She needs a few days off just to sleep. Go get a massage or something, girl, you deserve it. V rocked as Mimi. My favorite numbers were ‘Light My Candle’ and ‘La Vie Boheme’ she has a great stage presence.

    I want to know more on her movie career. She has to be looking into things. Hopefully we get an announcement soon.

    Z is heading to Lousiana soon to shoot The Lucky One so our ZV sightings will be on hold for a while. I’m glad he is going to be filming soon, he must he craving it as an actor. He hasn’t shot a movie in like a year.

  • Katty


    I don’t think they literally went at it in a full on make out session, you know? Probably just a few kisses here and there and that is what JJJr meant. Making out sounds less awkward than shared kisses throughout the night, you know?

    Btw, I love V’s dress.

  • Katty


    here are more pix of the party:

  • DIamond

    @ Karen

    I know this mite sound weird but I love ya girl lol! I mean you always know the exact things to say and I agree with you she does need to relax she deserves it soo much! And I hope She does more movies…

    Perhaps the Wishing Well ♥

  • Karen

    I think you might have been referring to someone else in you previous comment since this is my first comment on this thread! LOL

    Anyway, they both look fabulous and very TOGETHER. It’s nice to see Leslie and Sterling and Michelle. There are a lot of random people at this party.

  • DIamond



    I am sooooo sorry I meant Katty you both say good things and puss your names look familiar!

    @ Katty

    What i said to Karen I meant for u Lol but you are rite and Vanessa does look gorgeous!

  • mike

    like Vanessa s dress

  • Katty


    haha thank you. It’s okay, I love Karen too!

    I too do want to know about The Wishing Well. It seems interesting, and I hope V is considered for it.

  • Mac

    @Katty:Haha! Would u believe ‘shared kisses throughout the night’ sounds better although it would be waaay better if it were ‘shared pecks…’ Although that sounds! Ur probably right anyway. They wouldn’t be THAT inappropriate!

  • Mac

    @Katty:Haha! Would u believe ‘shared kisses throughout the night’ sounds better although it would be waaay better if it were ‘shared pecks…’ Although that sounds! Ur probably right anyway. They wouldn’t be THAT inappropriate! I hope they rested,,,heard Zac went to ermm…some place I think for a film festival???

  • DIamond

    @ Katty

    I really jus keep watching this Vid and It just makes me laugh and smile: Thinkin about the wishing well!–_UuxQ

  • Katty


    I’ve never seen that video before! That’s good! I want to know what the movie is actually about!! Do you know anything?

  • DIamond

    @ Katty

    yea it’s a romantic film that takes place on an island and it’s a love story Ace Cruz said He wants Vanessa to be in it most def but he needs to get into contact with her!


    answered some of your question
    may be vane was tired that is all

  • beatriz

    aww ZANESSA were spotted dancing with each other is very romantic and this reminds me HSM <3