Ariana Grande is a 'Teenage Dream'

Ariana Grande is a 'Teenage Dream'

Check out Ariana Grande‘s latest cover — “Teenage Dream!”

The 17-year-old Victorious actress uploaded the new video and included some of her warm-ups — for all you budding singers out there — straight from her family home in Florida.

In case you missed it, check out Katy Perry‘s music video for “Teenage Dream” on!


Ariana Grande Covers “Teenage Dream”
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  • Phoe5be

    they sound so alike

  • bruno

    she’s awesome


    I like Ariana’s better!

  • Quyen

    She’s tooooo awesome!!!! love her :)

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    Katy’s version is so much better!

    This girl does have a good voice though. Don’t like the warm up at the beginning though. Lame.

    Also who is she? lol

  • steve

    @listen to mayday parade: you are obviously connected to the internet so don’t give us that lame “who is she” line.

  • Anyfey

    I actually hated this song when Katy sang it ….

    See all it takes is a good voice to make a crap song better hehe

  • Kendra

    Wow she’s great!! :D

  • Kayla


  • gami

    isnt she 17….

  • Angie

    Wow her voice is amazing

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    @steve: I actually have no idea who she is other than seeing her on this website lol

  • Jessica

    Ariana is so talented, she’s my inspiration!

  • kk13

    theyre both sooooooooooo incredible and insparationable i cant decide!!!!!

  • N!k :]

    Ariana Is A Great Singer! Her Voice Range Is Amazing!

  • Maddie

    she’s awsome….i like both versions! she has and amazing voice!(:

  • Wang

    @listen to mayday parade

    what? if you’re on the website and read the article, it says ‘Victorious’ actress Ariana Grande, with the name of the show she is in and everything.. why would you ask who she is?

  • Alexandra

    love her version but the katy version is better

  • Shaokang

    Ariana should get to sing on Victorious instead of Victoria Justice. This is epic singing! Way better than Katy Perry’s!

  • mina

    Gosh, she’s AWSOME! I hope she makes some music soon…

  • really?

    hahaah honey let it be…I luuuuuuuuuuv that song but that gurl killed it – in a bad way :S

  • Listen to mayday parade

    @Wang: Is that all she is in? Victorious? Cause I don’t get the nickelodeon channel. But she’s got a great voice, they need to get her some songs and make her a cd like Disney. Only difference is that her voice is fantatic compared to many of the Disney stars tht get record deals.

  • janelle

    @Listen to mayday parade: She was also in the musical “13″ and played the character Charlotte.

  • Teamedward

    @listen to mayday parade: shes ariana she plays cat on victorious

  • jessica

    i have no idea who she is but i guess shes okay.

  • nathalia

    i have no idea who she is but she’s awesome and sooooooooo gorgeous (:

  • Wow

    seriously stop giving people crap about not knowing who she is.
    honestly, not a lot of people know who she is. if you asked ten people, only like, two MIGHT know who she is and they’re probably kids. she’s not famous at all in the world’s standards. and some people may not read the info thing. saying you have internet and you can look it up “lame line” is so rude. and don’t say i’m a hater, cause i think she’s way cute.

    And I think katy’s version is way better. ariana’s is good, but not as good.

  • christa2000

    hehe i love how this has become “help mayday parade find out who ariana grade is” lmao. anyways, stephen and wang, just shut up and mind your own businesses…like really?? if mayday parade says he/she doesn’t know who she is, why is that such a big problem for you?

    oh and i just discovered how talented she is the other day through her youtube vids….wow, i really didn’t expect that voice out of her.

  • Legacy

    Whoah, ariana REALLY needs more credit for her work! I honestly don’t like how she doesn’t sing whatsoever on victorious when she has sooo much potential! Nick, STEP YOUR GAME UP!

  • Kaycee

    She sounds like she’s straining her voice. I prefer Katy’s version.

  • sonya

    i like how she changed it up a bit, so it was different. but her singing it sounds very close to katy’s in my opinion. but i like her voice (ariana’s) on the head voice part (the higher/lighter sounding verses) better than the other parts. i don’t think its that great on the other parts, kind of like what @Kaycee said.
    btw, dont hate me, im just saying and plus i like her

  • tiffany

    she sings better then katy perry live (:

  • http://twitter Haleigh

    I think Ariana is WAY better. She’s so funny and I love her. I think she’s so pretty and a way better singer than Katy Perry. I mean I love both of them but, I like Ari and think she’s a better singer. No affence to Katy I’m just ARi’s biggest fan! I’m making a website all about her. That’s the only reason I appeared on this website! lol :) Luv You ARI!!!

>>>>>>> staging1