Daniel Radcliffe Covers EW; Emma Watson Gets Wet

Daniel Radcliffe Covers EW; Emma Watson Gets Wet

Daniel Radcliffe has a look of determination as he covers EW’s Fall Movie Guide issue.

The 21-year-old actor opened up to the mag about being less-than-thrilled about his performance in the previous segment of Harry Potter, Half-Blooded Prince. Daniel shared, “This film has been hard to make, and I’ve had some of the most trying moments, both physically and mentally, than ever before. I wasn’t entirely thrilled with my performance in Half-Blood [Prince] — I found it quite same-y, and didn’t think there was enough variation in it — so I’ve worked hard to make sure that if the seventh film comes out and I’m still unhappy with it, I’ll know it won’t be from lack of trying.”

Meanwhile, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson are sopping wet from a Voldemort-shaped tsunami, during their interview.

Emma, 20, shared, “It’s been this way for weeks. I hate to sound whiny, but it’s horrible. It’s miserable being wet all the time. But, you know, I was told it will look very dramatic when you see the films, so it will be worth it.”

Rupert chimed in, ready to move on from the fantasy franchise: “I’m ready to kind of move on now, I think. This film is a great way to finish the whole era, and it’s going to be sad, because obviously all my friends are here, but 10 years is enough.”

For more on Harry Potter in EW, check out EW.com or pick up a copy of the mag — on stands TOMORROW, August 13.

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  • miranda

    Okay, so everything is cool and all, but wtf? I wish they would have released the comic con footage!!!!!! Us fans deserve it! :(

  • http://twitter.com/mikeh266 mike

    like it waiting to see the last episode to

  • megan

    That’s the best they could do for a cover? How boring.

  • http://twitter.com/joceelyynn joceelyynn

    “Emma Watson gets wet” LMFAO

  • swiftfan

    can’t wait!!!..you just gotta love them!! =D

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    Love you Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.stardoll.com gaby

    That is be a amazing 7 films ever ever ever. They are realy good actors and they knows how to play. Emma daniel and rupert are awesome. One day will be a the best actors.
    I can’t wait anymore for the last movie.
    pity is that Harry Potter is over!
    Love you !!!

  • http://www.stardoll.com gaby

    You are stupid!

  • mimi

    can’t wait for movie i would like to see Hermione and Ron wet ><

  • chad

    i don’t get when it says rupert and emma are “wet”. What does that mean?

  • Gabby

    DanRad looks SEXY on that cover!!! I can’t wait for this MOVIE!!!!!!!!

  • rachel

    Im so obsessed with HP! luv it i think im gonna die wen its ovr! its gonna be lyk the apocalypse lol not relli bu t its gonna suck

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