Jonas Brothers React to Emmy Nom

Jonas Brothers React to Emmy Nom

Check out this new promo shot from JONAS L.A!

The series, now in it’s second season, was just nominated for it’s first Emmy, alongside Wizards, iCarly and Hannah Montana.

The musical trio caught up with MTV and dished about the nom, “We are very super excited! We’ve never been up for an Emmy before. That’s never been on our radar, so something like that’s really exciting. We don’t know who will win.”

Joe added in, “There’s a lot of Disney in there, so I think we’re gonna have some friendly competition going on there. Me and [Wizards star] David Henrie, we’ve been talking to each other and kind of making fun of each other here and there about the Emmy thing. But whoever wins, it’ll be cool for us to be honored. … That is amazing in general.”

WHO DO YOU THINK will take home the prize?

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Bob DAmico; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • linda

    wizards for sure will win its the best show and funniest!!

  • Blair

    icarly will for sure win, its the best and funniest

  • Lauren

    @linda & @Blair

    You two aren’t Jonas Brothers

    Sure icarly & wizards r good but not as good as JONAS

  • mina

    They CAN’T win… Their show is stupid, and yeah, not funny… I can’t belive they are even nominated…. Weird.

  • Christine

    I still can’t believe this shitty show actually managed to get an Emmy nomination. Talk about lowering standards. The Jonas Brothers have the acting talents of a sock pupet (just one) and their show consistently gets the lowest ratings on Disney Channel. Wizards or iCarly will win for sure, and thank god for that.

  • g-race

    dood, the jo bros are cool and good at doing what they do…but their show is just hard to watch, i can’t do it, it sucks that bad for me

    wizards or i carly will win fo sho, i mean, i am a big i carly fan, but you have to be fair and say wizards is an awesome show

  • http://deleted kary

    JONAS can win, and if you got a nomination is because they are good no? so I do not understand who write stupid things, I die of laughter watching iCarly JONAS and when I saw I could not see the grace that show started badly, maybe not kill you JONAS laughing at you, but to me they make me laugh are funny.

  • linda

    they won choice actors so they cant be too bad but still wizards owns those shows big time!i carly is stupid and retarded

  • http://deleted kary

    Ah thanks you for the pictures :) <3

  • http://deleted kary

    @linda: right :)

  • fra

    Jonas will win. Icaly sucks and Wizard is not AS GOOD AS jonas!

  • jessica

    wizards most definitely. it has like the best acting, writing on any disney or nick show. and the wizards movie is awesome as well. it was the highest rated disney movie.

  • Evangeline

    No, no, no, NOO!
    How on earth can they get an Emmy? that’s stupid!
    oh my god!

    Godd, Disney Channel can’t take over the Emmy’s! :(

  • Andie

    They don’t even deserve to be nominated, why do they have a show? Stuck with the music and let the TV move on to better things…
    I hope iCarly wins, wizards already has an Emmy and this year iCarly got incredible rantings


    hope icarly win

    or wizards :)

  • Senoritafish!

    @Andie: I agree with you, plus icarly has some great guests on the show with Jane lynch and Jack Black and the writting is so much better than the other shows! icarly 4 the win!

  • daniella!

    i think wizards will win….great acting and writing….the movie was so emotional it brought even my mom to tears

  • katey

    Jonas is better than all of the other Disney Channel shows and definitely better than iCarly. Especially this season Those sows rely on guests to get viewers. Jonas does it without the Shakira’s and Jakes, etc. I hope they win but the prejudice is there so it’s doubtful.

  • betina

    i dunno about last season….. but season 2 of JONAS is actually exciting u kno… so u should give it a chance~ wizards rock but they won last time… so they might wana give new shows some chance…anyway hope they win!! JONAS BROTHERS ROCK~

  • ashley

    jonas la is way better and different than their previous season. it has an ongoing story that keeps you cringing for the next episode. the way they lead it as one big plot story is just like a regular tv show say if it was on abc or such. Yes, I do watch iCarly and wizards but they are all so random. I am a fan of them besides that fact. I just think jonas deserves this emmy because they really stepped it up and made huge improvements.

    that’s my two cents.

  • joceelyynn

    i seriously CAN’T believe they got nominated, honestly they can barely act…

  • osama

    they dont deserve this nomination!

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    as much as I lik da JONAS BROS & da show, i DONT think its emmy worthy. sorry guys…..da show isnt that good, funny, or any morals 2 it.

  • gami

    ok what…..why are they nominated they CANT act!!! that is this stupidest show ever…its not funny or anything it better not win!! i hope the others win except this show.. this is so sad… srry the show doesnt deserve an emmy!
    hope wizards win again!!
    but i wouldnt mind if the others won except JONAS because its not a good show.

  • lidimeri

    Nice pictures =)

  • Tammie

    Love Chelsea’s Jacket!

  • Liah

    OK, I love the Jonas Brothers and I admit that JONAS LA is better than the first season yet, the show’s not good enough for an Emmy. The boys love being musicians and acting is something they like doing which is evident when you watch their show. The guys on WOWP are better actors because acting is their passion. Plus, the storylines on WOWP don’t rely heavily on relationships. I hope WOWP win again. They deserve it.

  • rachel

    im not sure if ther shows emmy material but i do enjoy it so much more than the previou jonas the acting is way better and tha story line is much better than it used to be! i dont ever lyk 2 hate on people or wat tha do but 2 me ther all focused toward a younger crowd but icarly jus comes off as an even younger demographic still enjoyable but kinda sorta aimed to an even younger crowd thats y i think it gets as many views as it does so many young ppl lyk it kinda hard 2 xplain wat i mean hope sum1 gets wat im tryna say

  • julez

    It’s such a jokes that Jonas was even nominated, they can’t act their way out of paperback, their show is cringeworthy, that such an insult to other good legit show that earned the hard way to get nominated. If the Emmy jury likes trashy show so much, they should nominated Gossip Girl instead, at least Gossip Girl cast can act better

>>>>>>> staging1