Monique Coleman: Fearless & Fabulous

Monique Coleman: Fearless & Fabulous

Check out Monique Coleman and Naturi Naughton on the first cover of Fearless magazine!

In response to the Vanity Fair issue featuring talented but all white actresses, Fearless mag has gathered up equally talented women of color in Hollywood.

Joining Monique and Naturi on the cover are Tia Mowry, Lauren London, Jennifer Freeman, Kyla Pratt, Tiffany Hines, and Chyna Layne. “The Fearless Class of 2010″ are young women who continue to pursue their dreams regardless of obstacles.

Check out the behind-the-scenes videos below!

Fearless Mag: Behind-The-Scenes Shoot

Fearless Mag: Evening Gowns
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Photos: Fearless Magazine
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  • Kelsey

    gorgeous, they all look gorgeous

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    i take it its a black people magazine? last time i checked we dont dedicate things specifically to white people so why d black people always feel it to be necessary. its like the movies, they cast all black people, to make a point. point taken, im white so i shouldnt see it… lol jk i love fresh prince.

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    OH and PS, I highly doubt VANITY picked all white actresses on purpose. Black people are the reason there is still racism in this world, because they ASSUME white people dont pick them because of their race.. well FYI every chick on the cover of vanity was well known and way more successful than these 4 combined. Monique is in HSM, if your not a kid you dont know who she is. Straight up this wrong. We also dont have award shows that celebrate the whites only. Minorities are whats wrong with this world, because they treat themselves as outcasts but us.

  • Kelsey

    @listen to mayday parade: YOu know there is racism in both races, don’t just say it’s only with black people, because there are a LOT of white people today who are just as racist. And moving behind the stupid problem of racism, to your point of black movies with all black casts, it’s because that’s who the characters are , like if as an example in a madea movie, if you put white characters in there it would be all out of sense and won’t look real at all. Twilight has basically an allwhite cast the only black person I saw was that evil guy or whatever, aice in wonderland was an all white cast. IN Vanity Fair issue the actresses on that cover was nothing but talented and popular, but there are other talented black actresses too, gaboruey was at the peak of her moment, she got an oscar nomination, and her movie was a hit with fans, and she wasn’t on the cover, I know vanity fair probably didn’t do it on purpose, but don’t get mad at fearless for recognizing black actresses.

  • Precious

    @listen to mayday parade: Black people are NOT the only reason there is racism in the world still! There are many races that hold rude stereotypes to others. It’s really ridiculous that you would pin the fault of racism to black people alone! And what about the all white basketball team? Hm, what do you have to say to that?

  • 2bedatcool

    you ingnorant assholes they reason we dont specila dedicate white people is becuase everday is a dedication to you there one day of black history ond 11 months of white yall neeed to shut the hell up

  • nina

    @listen to mayday parade: I hope you re-read everything you wrote, and if that even remotely made sense to you, I feel bad for you. Don’t blame blacks for racism. Just yesterday, I was in the hospital, sitting in the waiting room, and I was watching the news, a WHITE male, just randomly stabbed and killed 5 men because they were latino or black. Racism exists everywhere, sweetheart, within all races. & do you just think that maybe it would only make sense to cast all blacks in a movie? Same would be for whites….but to get back to the topic at hand….I love all 4 of these ladies. They are all amazingly talented.

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    @Precious: I don’t watch basket ball nor do I care for it. And basket ball is a Canadian sport, and are you assuming they purposely didnt take any black people or is it just the way it happened?

    I understand black people dealt with a lot back in the day, but those were your ancestors not you, and racism, like ir or not, is still so well known because of the minorities celebrating and making their functions separate.

    Also twilights cast had TWO black people and an asian, which if you read the books, they are white. Why you ask? Because in a small town, population nothing, the likely hood of a minority is slim, but summit wanted to appeal to all people and not be called racist so they casted minorities. its pathetic that minorities think white people do it on purpose. Seriously, grow up.

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    @Kelsey: unfortunately, since Gaboreuy was only in one movie, so Vanity wouldnt qualify here. These other girls are getting cast in so many different movies.

    But I agree, she could have been in it, because she is facing discrimination for movies, not because of her colour but her weight.

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    @nina: there will ALWAYS be racism with minority groups celebrating themselves. Seriously, I know someone said that 11 months are dedicated to the white people, but thats not true its just the way the blacks look at it. White people don’t celebrate anything. And its discusting that someone would stab people for their colour, but seriously, is it possible that it would be less known if we didnt make such a big deal about minorities? And if the minorities accepted themselves and part of the majority..

  • not a dumbass

    @listen to mayday parade:

    thanks for showing your racism. We’ll ignore you now. Black people face racism everyday. It’s called “institutional racism”. I’ll let you look it up. We make a “big deal” about it because without it, racism will continue on.

  • Precious

    @listen to mayday parade: what in the world do you mean my ancestors?? Just because I’m sticking up for other races means I’m black? No, sorry to burst your bubble but I’m not black, I just see what’s wrong with what you said.

    And yes, as a matter of fact, they did choose only white people for the basketball team; so if you don’t understand that, it means on purpose! And I never said anything about Twilight so why are you talking to me about it? I have read the books so I UNDERSTAND why they are white because it’s their character! Just like all the Medea movies have black character (and some white that I guess you missed) it’s because it’s their character. I’m not the one that needs to grow up.

  • pop86

    @listen to mayday parade: How can you blame racism on minorities for creating their own businesses and institutions? If you someone won’t hire you because of your race, age, sex or class. What are you suppose to do? Wait around for someone to open doors for you. No, you create your own opportunity.

    Back on topic: I like Monique’s dress and she looks great

  • Christine

    @listen to mayday parade:

    Go kill yourself. Thanks :)

  • Athena

    There is a need for racial tolerance here. Let’s not fool ourselves and be blind to an ignorance that should never be a part of our lives. Whites enslaved blacks and many other dark-skinned races believing that the darker skinned people had negative qualities and the lighter skins could fair only better….racism exist within our very own backyards and within our culture. Magazines will continue to create all Black publications and all white publications…then you have the magazines that are diverse and appeal to the masses. As White America has a culture, so does Black America. Some magazines simply can’t address all the issues that pertain to specific cultures. We all know Hollywood and some predominant universties are color biased and don’t fool yourself….even with the new President….racists are freaking out and are most likely plotting whatever. We’re born of pure thought without barriers; it’s our families and country that repeatedly puts race before a person or issue….so c’mon now all of you stop accusing any races of being more than the other…either fight to make a difference or shut your piehole and stay in the mix of biased thought and racism!

  • Cammie

    Like Vanity Fair they left Gabourey off the cover…non of these actress have done any significant movies.. most are washed up..Keke Palmer is more important then any of these women…

  • Darius

    Look at all those beautiful chocolate women. I need this magazine ASAP.

  • good-one

    There are interest groups that define themselves and their members by one or more common interests or concerns, (for instance, grey parrot owners, button collecting, or political special interest groups, for example, the legalization of this-or-that, etc.) That is different than schisms, (divisions, separations or splits), which are generally set upon each other, in divide-and-conquer, by the rich-and-powerful, the elites, the social controllers, the social engineers). The little people are kept bickering among themselves and so never notice what the elites are doing to them.

    Racism gave us lynchings, segregation, riots and political assassinations, etc., (think MLK). Yet there are other schisms besides racism which are similarly dehumanizing, and not always recognized for the schisms that they are. Ageism for example. And here’s a question for you: Is JJJ, (a subset of Just Jared), an interest group or a schism?

    Sexism is also little understood. For instance, what do we make of the comment by “whiskey”, (the third comment down), at the following link:

    My take on Monique Coleman is that she somehow manages to transcend all of these things, making her a pretty remarkable human being.

  • good-one

    *Ahem, (political) special interest groups can also be schisms, too.

  • Chanel

    I like Lauren’s hair. :)

  • Listen to mayday parade

    @Christine: Suicide isn’t a joke, nor is it funny.

  • jessica

    eh they all look bad.

  • candy

    listentomayday parade

    Go jump off a cliff and die slow! You must be either completely illiterate, middle eastern, or 13 yrs old. Before you comment on black history graduate from a higher institution of learning or better yet read a book other than twilight and harry potter. You have no idea wtf you’re talking about and you sound like a typical white ignorant unintelligent uneducated trailer trash high school drop out! lol. Don’t ever comment on here again you make the world worse by your presence….

  • parker

    Actually in Vanity far young hollywood magizine Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez , and Zoey Kravits were featured, i’m looking at it right now. All them are mixed with white so take as you want. Tia and Lauren only play in predomiently black projects anyway. Kyla has faded and so has Monique.

  • parker

    P.S Wrong issue the one i’m talking about is not on the cover its more like a feautured story. But still they dont really do anything anway just publisity and Tia is not young she’s almost 35!! She had a chance back in the 90′s.

  • parker

    P.S Wrong issue the one i’m talking about is not on the cover its more like a feautured story. But still they dont really do anything anway just publisity and Tia is not young she’s almost 35!! She had a chance back in the 90′s.

  • nkeeyah

    racism does exist. Vanity Fair does exclude black people from their magazine. Alot of other magazines do as well. Beautiful black women are often over looked because of ignorance. When was the last time a black model or actress was on the cover of Vanity Fair? Honestly, it’s ridiculous! People who say that black people are the reason racism still exists are unbelievable. This country is so sad.

  • http://ehowze anonymous

    Wow… the fact is… there are African American actresses that might have qualified but let’s face it… its no one in that picture… this was probally a publicity stunt anyway… and if vanity fairs Target audience did not have a problem with it they are not gonna change how they do business people associate with people like them… I don’t think its racist its just standards you have to be twice as good to succeed in something people like you are not prevalent in… its just life and no ever said it was fair even if it should be.. that’s just what I think but what do I know… i am a guy … ha ha seriously though its not like vanity fair put on the cover we hate you if you have a lot of melanin in your skin… racial stererotyping is all around even if you think you don’t do it … its human nature to judge but when that affects the way you treat someone it becomes a problem

  • J

    Oh I knew this was going too go south. And by south, I mean bad.

  • SM

    I’m glad that the creators of this magazine recognize that there is a lack of representation of black people on the cover of such a prestigious magazine like Vanity Fair and have tried to give black women a magazine cover like Vanity Fair does, however I am a bit disappointed that their magazine is geared mostly only towards black women (or so I assume) because that means that we still haven’t gotten past the whole separation of the races issue. I look at Vanity Fair and think “hey where are the black people?” sometimes, BUT I don’t think it is a conscious or intentional exclusion. Fact is, as someone said earlier mainstream/everyday society is “white.” That’s not to be racist (as I am not one) but it’s true. So Vanity Fair is merely reflecting what is ALREADY going on. I don’t believe they are trying to exclude black people. To break the conventions Fearless Magazine said “Okay, well if they won’t give us anything we’re give ourselves something,” which is admirable; however, I think to really break the mold they needed to made a magazine FOR EVERYONE that featured a higher representation of African Americans than other magazines. That’s how you change things. That’s how you show that we are NOT separate but equal. We are JUST EQUAL. Also, I think to resolve the whole “lack of black celebs on the cover of mainstream/prestigious magazines” thing we need to get to the heart of the issue which is to have more black people doing the type of film work that the white celebrities are being recognized for. Cast more black actors in those roles, write better/more versatile stories and characters for black people to play, and black people should go for those type of roles more often. That’s MY goal as a writer, filmmaker, and actress and as a young black woman. Please take note.

  • candy

    And P.s that Vanity Fair cover was about rising young actresses taking over hollywood. Zoe Saldana and Gabourey Sidebey, and Monique were ALL NOMINATED FOR OSCARS as well at the time. Zoe was in the best film in the world that grossed more than all of the cover girls movies combined. She deserved to be on the cover if anybody else did. She deserve her own cover and yet was not on it.!

  • http://megansampson listen to mayday parade

    @candy: oh candy, karmas a bitch, you really shouldnt wish death upon anyone. no matter how much you agree or disagree with someones statement. its interesting to put people to the test, and watch them fail miserably.

  • tee

    It’s called fighting back. You want to know the real difference between these girls and the ones on Vanity Fair,check the education levels. These are smart articulate young women, who are trying to make it in an industry that Dev Patel even calls racist. It exists, get over it and yourself.

  • Cammie

    Lauren London is just another of lil Wayne’s babymamas,,,how is that smart. Jennifer Freeman got knocked up by a NBA player before she is accused of abusing him…

    I say this as a black female..they don’t represent me..

    and Raven should of been on the cover also.

  • 2bedatcool

    i wish we didnt have to be fighting like this
    its important but this is suppose to be be clebrating those women

  • Chana

    I’m an African girl from Belgium
    I watch black American people and i dont quite understand
    Off course there is racism thats true
    But i also find that by having all black television and seeing racism by all means there will always be seggregation
    you have to try ( and i know its difficult ) to blend in!

  • XVanessax

    what a jew. only jews think that way.

  • http://armybrat1994 Courtney

    everyone should never ever wish death on anyone!!!
    all these women are gorgeous n if u ever go on this site usualy ppl comment on wat their wearing or how much they lik or dislike these ppl not fight!! plus these women r pretty n their shoes r amazing!!

  • laurenne-alexanne

    Mais pourquoi vous ne commentez pas tout simplement sur les photos et laissez vos commentaires racistes de cote ???
    Epuis le racisme c’est pas qu’entre les noirs et les blancs donc breff..
    _ J’aime leurs talons !!

  • Effy

    @candy: ”MIDDLE EASTERN”: You are being more racist than listen TO mayday parade, you are labeling a WHOLE GROUP of people without substantial evidence proving this particular group is uncivilized, dishonest, ignorant AND racist.

    ”You must either be You must be either completely illiterate, middle eastern, or 13 yrs old.”

    WHY ARE YOU COMPARING ILLITERATE HUMANS TO MIDDLE EASTERNERS? HOW DARE YOU? You do realise there are millions of teenagers in the Middle East who have a much wider English vocabulary than you and are much less ignorant and UNAWARE of different cultures and races THAN YOU!

    STOP BEING SO RACIST!!!!!!! :(
    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JADE

    The main girl in THIS article is Monique Coleman and most people on here know what she’s done (HSM movies & DWTS), so we won’t get into her. As for the other women, here’s what they’ve done:

    Naturi Naughton: played Lil’ Kim in “Nortorious” & was in last year’s remake of “Fame”; 1/3 of the 2000′s girl group 3LW (w/ Kiely Williams & Adrienne Bailon of “The Cheetah Girls”)

    Jennifer Freeman: played the older daughter on “My Wife & Kids”

    Chyna Layne: starred alongside Gabby Sidibe & Mo’Nique in “Precious” & will also star alongside Monique (Coleman) in “We Are Family” later this year

    Kyla Pratt: “Dr. Doolittle” movies w/ Eddie Murphy & Raven-Symone (who I think has more money than these eight women have combined but she’s not on this cover) & voiced in Disney’s hit show “The Proud Family”

    Tia Mowry: starred alongside twin sis Tamera in the 90′s hit ABC show “Sister, Sister” & was on the TV show “The Game” which was produced by Kelsey Grammer

    Lauren London: former video girl & actress; starred movies such as “ATL”, “This Christmas”, & “I Love You, Beth Cooper”

    Tiffany Hines: Singer & Actress whose been on TV shows such as “Bones”, “CSI”, & the upcoming CW show “Nikita”

    So, just because you hear about Keke Palmer more than these eight women doesn’t mean they don’t do anything. They’re working and that’s better than most people in this business can say right now. Also, I’ve noticed that all eight of these women have one thing that Keke doesn’t have: They’re ADULTS!! Keke’s only 16.

  • JADE


    Candy, Zoe Saldana NEVER nominated for an Oscar. Only her movie “Avatar” was and that movie wasn’t even the big winner at this year’s Oscars. It didn’t even win Best Picture.

    Speaking of Monique’s, please be clear as to which one you’re referring to. If you meant HSM Monique (the one in THIS article), she’s never been nominated for an Oscar either. If you meant comedienne Mo’Nique, THEN I would know which one you’re talking about.

  • JADE

    I’m actually surprised Zoe Saldana, Raven, Meghan Good, Tatyana Ali, & Gabby Sidibe didn’t make the cut either.

  • Letisha Malcolm

    All Beautiful Black woman

>>>>>>> staging1