Vanessa Hudgens: 'She Didn't Suck' in Rent

Vanessa Hudgens: 'She Didn't Suck' in Rent

Vanessa Hudgens nervously bites her nails as she heads back to her car in West Hollywood on Thursday afternoon (August 12).

The 21-year-old actress just completed her run in RENT at the Hollywood Bowl over this past weekend and there were a lot of mixed reviews. Here’s one of the best:

From EW: “She didn’t suck….She flung herself wholeheartedly into the wall-to-wall choreography of ‘Out Tonight’ (which left her panting), and brought an endearing sweetness to the love songs, transforming Mimi from a baggage-carrying basket case into an eyelash-batting romantic. It occurred to me as I watched her skip off stage after the curtain call that her wide eyes and eager energy were possibly less a character choice and more a reaction to the thousands of people packed into the Bowl. I’m as fierce a defender of RENT as they come, and let’s just say you did not want to be near me after I saw the movie — but against my better judgment, I liked Hudgens, and I like that she took this chance.”

FYI: Van is sporting J Brand Houlihan Cargos with her fave Brokedown Military Marble Scarf.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens in West Hollywood…

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Credit: DS/RR; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • nikiloveskris

    i agree, she did amazing in rent.
    i’m so proud :):)

  • zanessa/scashley

    She didn’t suck at all. I don’t judge by videos but hearing her sing ‘Light My Candle’, I thought it was really good. It was probably better live ! Oh how I wish I was there.. Anyway, she looks fabulous. I love that scarf.. I love those pants.. I love her hair. I love everything. And I see her Audi is in good shape. Niice.

  • Alissa


  • http://j cf

    she was good in rent!

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    Shut up Alissa. GTF off this post. U hater. U got no self-confidence so u like to take it on pple who are better than u.
    But besides that, Vanessa looks great as usual.

  • jess!
  • Jez

    The only song where I thought she didn’t do so good is Out Tonight. But that even to the people who don’t like her should be perfectly understandable. She was doing crazy dances, crawling on the floor etc so expect her to get tired. Maybe you’d say that she sucks if she did terrible in the more slower songs. But she DID NOT. I thought she sang them amazingly and it’s proof that she doesn’t need autotune like most artists and that she actually has talent.
    Also they only had 2 weeks of rehearsal. If she had more time she would’ve been even better. The rest of the cast have more experience than her in terms of theatre performances and performing in front of a large audience. She was great and all of you haters know it.

  • peggy


    Well the LA Times, Variety etc and a host of other “professional critics and insiders” think she was good too.

    So I guess the opinion of yet another pseudo Renthead who probably only saw the movie before now doesn’t count

  • live in love kuuipo


  • Katty

    I think the only song I wasn’t pleased with was Out Tonight, but it wasnt’ bad, it just wasn’t what I thought it would be. I loved her in Light My Candle and I Should Tell You and La Vie Boheme, and all the rest really.

    V did wonderful overall and I think she should give herself a pat on the back! haha.

    I want to know what movies she is signing onto. I think The Wishing Well is a lock seeing as the director himself wants her and from what I haveh heard, it seems like it would be a pretty good flick.


  • jess!

    no she doesn’t

  • Kellie

    She was most definitely AMAZING in RENT! Sadly I only could watch the videos on youtube seeing as how I live on the East Coast. But from what I watched, she was amazing. She was good as Mimi, I wish they videotaped it but I don’t think they did. I’m not a Renthead but I do love Rent and I saw the movie and it was good but Vanessa brings a different light to Mimi in this production. Anyway, thumbs up for Vanessa!

  • jess!

    how she manage to looks so gorgeous all the time??

  • bella

    Zac said their relationship was boring meaning that

    She needs to dump him and look for another as soon as possible

  • Katty

    Her hair looks a lot better after a few days… less damaged then it has been due to the production.

  • Katty


    He didn’t say that is was boring. He pretty much said that it was like any other relationship, it was real, and since everyone knows they are dating and it is normal, the paps aren’t too interested in it. They both like it like that. They don’t want to be known for dating each other, they never wanted their relationship to be something that was highly publisized. Like any other couple, they want to have fun and be real and see if they can spend the rest of their lives together. Don’t insinuate things please.

  • Katty


    Oops, I didn’t mean to do it to myself, so my #16 post is directed towards @bella:

  • Ann

    she was wonderful in Rent, and just like the review says, even if you didn’t particularly like her performance as Mimi you still have to give her props for trying as hard as she did

  • mike

    shes a great actress love her style to

  • Ego

    Here’s my opinion when it comes to her performance in rent. And as much as I hate to say this, I thought she was pretty underwhelming as mimi. I mean the mimi character is supposed to be this angry woman who’s strung out on life and takes her frustration out on her own body via drugs. And honestly she just came off as a rebel teenager going against her parents. Which is my first problem. She’s way too young and LOOKS way too young to pull off that role.

    Second her vocals for songs like Out Tonight and Light My Candle are pretty and she has vocal capabilities, I mean I don’t think she would’ve been in four musical themed movies and gotten good reviews through those movies if she didn’t, but it didn’t come out on stage. At least Out Tonight. That song you really have to tap into your inner rock star to pull that off. I have to admit she wasn’t so bad in Without you. After all that song is a ballad song and her voice was made for ballads. Over all that song was pretty good.

    And finally she just seemed out of practice. And I’m not insulting her by any means. I like her, I think she has great potential but…she left the theater to pursue film at what…10 or 11 years old? that’s a good 10 or 11 years out of practice when it comes to film. And there is a HUGE difference between film and live stage acting. You don’t have the safety net you do in film on a live stage. I agree that she really got into those dance moves and she really moved around. And she gets credit in my book and this is a good step to take to shed her disney image to get more serious roles.

    But I just felt she was unprepared. And I say this with a heavy heart because I wanted to like it. When in the end it was just…meh. So I hope she considers this as part of her education. I mean it wasn’t all bad. There were some parts where she sounded good and maybe it was nerves or just NOT being on stage for over 10 years. I mean I’m not made of stone. But I just felt that she needed more experience under her belt before tackling a role like Mimi. Because that IS a very demanding role, and most of Vanessa’s roles are the polar opposite of Mimi. With the exception of maybe Sa5m from Bandslam. Which is still my favorite performance by her. So I agree with the mixed reviews bit but I have hope for her.

    She’s young and she has room to grow. I mean she’s only 21 so yeah I think she has potential. She just has to tap into it.

  • Ego

    But I will say this. I have to give her credit for her dedication. She worked hard through that show, and even though in my opinion she didn’t meet my expectations, she deserves kudos for at least trying the role and giving it her all. It may not have been GREAT but she definitely works hard. You gotta admire her for that.

  • peggy


    GROW UP!! Cant you read ?? He was saying his relationship was boring for the media – they have nothing to write about

  • nathalia

    Vanessa was amazing in rent

  • jazmin

    Love her…thought she did well in rent.

  • peggy


    I think you may need to go to the library and read about Larson and his Mimi the person you describe as Mimi is not Mimi at all – so you went in with the wrong image anyway

    THat’s what NPH was doing casting an actress more in line with what Larson meant as Mimi – your description did even come close.

    So maybe you were looking for the wrong thing

  • jess!


  • kami

    how do you know she’s nervous and how do you know she’s biting her nails? looks like she’s just holding her hand up to her mouth so the paps can’t get a clear shot of her face.

  • Jane

    @bella: Yes, Efron did not say his relationship with Hudgens was boring

  • Katty


    This is odd, but here is someone who criticizes for good reasons and says the good things they do like about her!! I mean, if all haters (not that you are a hater) acted like this, there would be so many less fights on this site.

  • bella

    @Katty: I have read an article in which he was interviewed and in that interview he clearly mentioned that the relationship between the two were dull and tedious

  • Unbelievable

    Vanessa made me very, very proud with her performance in rent. I could not be more happy for her. I’ve seen the videos countless times and they always bring a smile to my face. Most of the reviews I read gave her overall performance from Friday to Sunday very good marks and that was impressive considering most of them admitted they were ready to hate her before they even saw her performance. I also think nph did a great job directing this.
    Very proud of you V, keep going strong and don’t let anyone bring you down.

  • Katty


    Then why don’t you give us the link or tell us where it is. If you cannot recall, I will be forced to not believe you. And, seeing as I have read almost every interview or watched for that matter, I do not think you are correct.

  • Ego


    Actually I’m not. I’m pretty close to it. As stated on a review on Mimi is a “strung-out, haggard, cautious, yet manic personality of someone that has been weathered by the harshness of life.” THAT is mimi. I’m merely saying Vanessa didn’t pull that off too well.

    And to Bella. Obviously it’s “not” boring or dull if she’s with him for 5 years and they were caught having fun at a recent party.

  • yets

    i just love everything she does.
    and i will continue to pray for our Girl.

  • Ego

    @yets: As well I. Even though I might not like EVERYTHING she does in terms of roles, I will support her as well.

  • roxana


  • Ego

    And for the record, I hate hate HATE Rent head elitists or ANY kind of elitists.

  • ana

    beautiful as always, love you Vanessa

  • peggy


    Zac has never said that EVER so either you read a false interview or you are just lying

  • annie1st

    @Ego..i would say thank you for your review to vanessa, i would say she did an awesome job as mimi, i think its just because she’s too beautiful and cute to become a junky LOL but thats because we used to see her like that but thats okay, Ego i like your thought since you are Rent fans, i like to read the objective thought like that like all the review said she just need more rehearseal and time to practice as broadway performance thats make me happy coz she sure have that potential but since her priority is to be an actress, im happy that she got this Rent Opportunity to show people what she have…and vanessa as your fans im so proud..oh i like EW review and VARIETY review too, kudos for vanessa and for all of you guys :-) happy girl

  • babyg

    love her. she’s good in rent

  • Ego

    @annie1st: I am a Rent fan. Just not an elitist. I will have to admit that this wasn’t my favorite production. It wasn’t bad and I had a good time, but in my opinion I thought the New York one I went to was my favorite production.

    Also one thing always bugged me about Rent. I never understood WHY Mimi was brought back to life. I mean if I my memory serves me right, there wasn’t really any supernatural elements about the play. And when she died, she came back healthy as a horse? That is some CW Supernatural stuff going on.

    I mean were Sam and Dean Winchester fighting demons while this was happening? lol I’m just rambling.

  • Ego

    Oh and even though I am a Rent fan, it’s not my favorite play. That’s reserved for The Phantom Of The Opera. Hell I even think American Idiot is better than Rent.

    Then again I’m a Green Day fan first ;-)

  • joceelyynn

    i love the fact that even if they are haters vanessa’s posts are ALWAYS the most commented

  • annie1st

    @Ego i wacth the movie…and i think mimi was brought back to life to give a message to an audience who have AIDS thats there’s a hope for them to survive and live happy, coz you know in that time there’s so many people who have AIDS felt despair, i think thats a strong message and feeling for the audience (in that time)

  • cookie

    a) She looks harassed not “nervous”. b) Your captioning sucks JJJ. c) taking everything into consideration, she did a great job as Mimi.

  • Daniela

    I’m sure she did an amazing job!!!

  • bella
  • daniel

    what the heck is that title ‘She Didn’t Suck’ in Rent wow jared im impresed .. the next time less advertise
    vanessa was GREAT in rent maybe she’s young but she has potencial and she’s BEU………..TIFUL .GREAT COMBO

  • jess!

    he never said that