Den Brother Premieres TODAY!

Den Brother Premieres TODAY!


It’s Hutch Dano! Really, it is!

The 18-year-old actor gets “dolled” up in latex and a den mother uniform for his new DCOM, Den Brother.

Hutch caught up with JJJ on the set of the movie to chat about the costume and how the Bumblebee girls reacted to the transformation. He shared, “With Mrs. Zamboni one of the biggest things that happened was the girls’ got to see me as Mrs. Zamboni. They were already out in the bleachers and I came out to do the scene. They saw me and they looked away and then they looked right back and realized who it was and they didn’t stop screaming for three minutes. It took three different assistant directors to get them to be quiet and that caused everyone else in the stands to look over — I felt like a freak.”

He continued, “It was just like laughing hysterically, like ‘Hahaha. Hutch is 70-years-old’ and I was like, ‘You know guys… I would never do this to you. Why are you calling me out right now?’ I just had to sit there and take it cause they all were just laughing.”

Den Brother premieres TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. Are you going to watch?

“Den Brother” Extra: Mrs. Zamboni
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  • Erica S.

    Of course Im going to watch it! I’ve been tweeting abou it non-stop. Can’t wait!!!! :)

  • good-one

    Ok, I watched it. It lived up to its billing. The acting by the various Bumblebees was rather good.There was no laugh track, thankfully. There was a strong object lesson and I’m sure that moral of the story was the point. I think I am a better person for having watched this.

  • rachel

    i liked it. hutch is an awesome actor

  • valery

    Don’t watch this – is a crime! Of course I’ll watch. Can’t wait! : D want, want, want… :]

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