Jennette McCurdy: 'Not That Far Away Music Video Premiere!

Jennette McCurdy: 'Not That Far Away Music Video Premiere!


Check out the world premiere of Jennette McCurdy‘s new music video for “Not That Far Away!”

In the video, the 18-year-old actress/singer has moved from California to Nashville to pursue a singing career. JJJ chatted with Jennette about the ups and downs of both cities.

Jennette shared with us, “They both have a happening within them, and yet, they still have small town feels; that’s going to sound so weird. But you’re always running into people you know in Hollywood and in Nashville. Nashville though, is a little more low-key and relaxed. I love both places though.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennette’s new music video?

Jennette McCurdy – “Not That Far Away” Music Video
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  • Ash

    She is so talented! I loved that video!

  • Benjamin Parish

    She is amazing way better than Miley!!!

  • rachel


  • Benjamin Parish

    She is going to go very far. ILY Jenette

  • jenny

    love her singing voice, she’s definitely going to have a great music career, i’m glad she didn’t go to cookie cutter pop star stuff route

    it’s slightly hard to seriously watch this though because i keep thinking of sam on icarly hahaha

  • harley

    It’s so weird to listen to because it doesn’t sound like her at all. But the song and video were really cute. I think she could have a good career in country music.

  • m

    @Benjamin Parish:
    Is Jennete really that bad that you have to put down Miley to make yourself feel better? They have totally different styles. She’s country and Miley is pop. Your comment was random and gay/annoying.

    And BTW Nickelodeon stars never make it big. She’ll just fail in her music career and go to college like the previous Nick stars

  • http://xXblackradiance Jeniee

    … simply amazing

  • http://xXblackradiance Jenilee


    well thats kinda harsh I dont think she’s gonna fail in her music carrer! shes very talented and has an amazing voice, god willing she could make it big… And BTW nickelodeon starts DO make it big, its not only disney stars that get the glitter and fame.

  • Benjamin Parish

    @m I was referring to Miley’s country voice. Miley’s voice is raspy and sounds very tiring. If you have ever heard Jennette sing live, it sounds true and pure.

  • http://none Gigi


    Umm not always. Kenan Thompson from Kenan and Kel started his career on Nick and now look at him, he’s on SNL.
    Amanda Bynes, well I’m sure I don’t need to explain she has been acting since she was a kid! The last part of your comment was gay/annoying and very untrue.
    Melissa Joan Hart started her career with Nick as well. I could go on and on but I think you got the point. Although when you look at it which one is better, going to collage and getting a good education, or becoming a crack head alcoholic like many former Disney stars.

  • Emma

    not all end with not being booked with any jobs after nicklodeon.
    look at Emma Roberts.
    she’s getting really successful now.

  • Ash

    @m: So going to college is a bad thing?

  • Cecilia

    WOW, she impresed me! She’s more talented than Miranda. Pretty voice.

  • Evie

    Okay, THIS is a good country singer. Why can’t artists like Jennette get as much recognition as Taylor Swift? Taylor is horrible compared to Jennette.

  • Benjamin Parish


    I totally agree!

  • Anibal

    Nice song!

  • so


    im guessing ur a little 13 year old that think they know it all.
    do you need to put down jennette to make yourself feel better? ;]

  • Kha

    @Evie: She Juss Started Out A Country Singer.! Giver Her Some Time! Gosh.! lol. and yes this video is good. and you CANNOT compare jenette with miley cyrus -_- TWO different generes & idc if u were talking about her country voice-_- its all the same voice juss different type of music( I LOVE miley cyrus) & miranda IS also very good juss very bland juss as jenette is, they need to work on there voices and putting power into it. but no doubt GOOD.!

  • Darius

    She has a pretty voice, she goes on the list of underrated teen singers with Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato.

  • alex

    Miranda has an amazing voice. Also she has had a nonstop acting career for over a decade. In film and TV.

  • joceelyynn

    woooooow i didn’t knew the freddy hater could actually sing lol

  • Kayla


  • keN

    . . . . milestone vid for you and your team.
    The pic of you and your mom on the refer,
    brings years of effort full circle. ‘True to life’
    story as told, helps to make this song even
    better. “stayreal&keepbeingyou”…. funitup!

  • 2bedatcool

    screw you she go far if she wants too

  • rachel

    i love her! it’s awesome that she took the country route instead of the pop route. She’s got an awesome voice, and i think she will make it big

  • KIKI

    @Emma: emma roberts isn’t getting successful, she’s getting small roles in indie movies because julia roberts is her aunt.. that isn’t success. and Emma was never ”big” when she was on Nick, she was never like Jamie Lynn Spears, iCarly, Miley Cyrus etc. she was really underrated and unknown.

  • keN

    . . . . just saw your first video on CMT. Sun 8/15/10
    your there girl, you did it.! Song is stuck in my mind now.
    Congratz on surviving the climb up.

  • Yeahisaidit

    @Cecilia: You couldn’t be more right! It’s these inspirational singers we need in our generation. Idiots like ‘m’ are the reasons miley, justin, and kesha are big. shame.

  • Aly

    U R a beautiful and gifted person. and blessed with acting talent, and a beautiful voice. please don’t stop singing!! wish you all the best.
    please stay who you are–a wonderful person :)

  • qwtt


    you said it well, Taylor has a horrible voice but AMAZING songwriting skills, even if they are all the same. Jennette will go far and possibly not be a crack out whore like some future disney starts will be.

  • chelsea

    @jenny: I totally agree. It’s hard to watch because I think of Sam, too. But her voice is really good. I don’t have anything against Miranda, but Jennette’s voice is better. They should showcase her more often.

  • someone

    From California to Nashville? I thought it was the other way around. Anyway, she has a really pretty voice & I love the lyrics. But why is it that she doesn’t have a southern accent when she talks, but she does when she sings? Most country singers have a natural southern accent.

  • Stephanie

    She’s so great! It’s nice to have a “child star” (not that she’s a child, that’s the only way I really know to describe it) go into country music. I’m a huge country music fan and I think she fits perfectly with everyone. She sounds truly country and not popish country. Kudos Jennette! I love it!

  • JJ

    Jennette is genuinely sweet, humorous, and very talented. I’m glad she’s pursuing her career in the genre of music that she’s most interested in.

    Though it’s no surprise that it can get tiring for her with long frequent tours, performances, and acting while keeping up with schoolwork; she always keeps an upbeat attitude and always keeps in touch with her fans. I wish her the best of luck in her musical journey and hope to see more of her music videos.

  • Angeliz

    I loved that song !!….she has an amazing carree ahead ..I believe !! She looks amazing in the video … refreshing to see her mornal ..away from her icarly character…… !!! loved it !! cant wait to listing to the entire album !!

    Way to go jannette !! keep it up girl !!

  • Meg

    Yay go Jennette !!!! She looks and sounds gorgeous . I have been following her career for awhile and always knew she was insanely talented yet so sadly underrated . I am so happy finally this talented girl gets a chance to live her dreams .I know if people listened to her they will become her fans because she is awesome inside and out . Best of luck with your career and can’t wait to see more from her in the future .

  • Effronpower

    I like her, she seems nice, and great voice !

  • Michael

    ZOMG!!! Wowser. I’d cut down on the makeup a bit but my goodness she looks absolutely H-O-T-T! I’m all…umm…happy now. hehe…as for the song, it’s good but I don’t really consider this country music. To me it’s maybe country-tinged pop music. To me, personally, Johnny Cash and Willie and that crew is country. Hank Williams is country. I’m not saying this is bad, just that I wouldn’t classify it that way.

    I did however keep waiting for her to eat a big rack of ribs or punch someone. LOL That girl has grown into one fine lady.

  • alica

    she is awesome.
    people like “m”are the reason why people with true talent, just like jennette, are underrated and people like miley, kesha and (yea, i said it, she is only good at acting but sorry, she sucks live) selena are more famous than they should be.

    i followed her career, and since i think two years, she showed her… genius skills.

    taylor isnt good live, sorry, but jennette is in my opinion better.

    dont want to get TOO far but she is near the niveau of carrie underwood ;)

    walk on jennette, you deserve the fame, because you are great;
    as an actress, as a dancer, as a singer, what did i forget? you are so talented, you are perfect at everything !

  • http://melaniel0ve MELANIE

    i think your right about comparing jennette to miley, there different genres, but i dont think you were right about the nick stars all failing.
    i mean some failed and just stop being in the parpparazi spotlights like drake bell amanda bynes josh parker

  • http://facebook trick or treat!!!:)

    WOW!!!that girl has got talent!!!!!

  • http://facebook trick or treat!!!:)

    she’s got talent!!!!

  • Randomchick


    What? And you HONESTLY think that Disney Kids make it big? Huh. Seriously? Nick kids are waaay more talented than Disney’s.

  • Guest

    “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” was not co-directed by William Wyler and Robert Wise.