Selena Gomez: 'A Year Without Rain' Album Cover!

Selena Gomez: 'A Year Without Rain' Album Cover!

Check out the album cover of Selena Gomez‘ new record, A Year Without Rain!

The 18-year-old’s new album will hit stores next month, but fan club members have the chance to pre-order an exclusive edition in just TWO DAYS!

Selena‘s first single off the new record, “Round and Round,” just hit #1 on Radio Disney and the next single, “A Year Without Rain” will debut soon! She and The Scene actually just filmed the music video for it in a desert.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena & The Scene’s album cover?

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  • Laura-c

    When I first looked at the picture I saw side boob like she’s trying to be sophisticated and…I don’t know. Maybe more voluptuous or something. If that’s what’s she’s trying to do, fill out the rest of your body, doll, you’re way too skinny.

  • jay

    Waaaaaaaaay better than her last cover!

  • jay

    @Laura-c: what are you talking about? She’s 18 years old, she can do whatever she wants

  • yesreallynow



  • Marissa

    Selena looks SO pretty!!! I cant wait for her album and the new single “A Year Without Rain” :) The music video is gonna be AMAZING!!!

  • james


  • CVM

    She just look great,she is so elegant and talented.I think this album is going to be better that Kiss and Tell.C

  • Jez

    She looks stunning but there’s nothing special about it. But I guess it kind of represents what the album is going to sound like, I don’t know.
    I’m gonna wait for the official one, without all that writing on it.

  • Alanah

    OMG Selena is Stunning!!!
    I do not know why people hate on her!

  • Michael

    Just get rid of the band name/concept if it’s really just about her. I like Selena but just be honest about it.

  • andy

    @lara-c and you are way to jelous and pathetic loser!!! just shut up and get out of here!!! she looks absolutely stunning!!! amazing photo!!!

  • andy

    @james gross??? really??? damn poor someone as you, you made me laugh….. LOSER!!

  • Sahina

    it’s a nice cover. but it should have included her band as well. not just her, as the band is called Selena Gomez & The Scene

  • m

    oh no don’t tell me you’re here. you fucking anddy freak. You’re really crazy. All your sentences end with LOSER. You need new vocabulary

  • andy

    Funny how Selena Haters are always first in every post regarding her! GET A LIFE or a PUPPY!!
    She looks stunning and I can’t wait for her new music!!

  • andy

    @m wth are you freak???? tne only one crzay here is you creepy!!!!

  • andy

    @andy i love you, youre soooo right!!! i couldnt be more agree!!! hahaha you has my name;)

  • Travis

    Where’s the picture of the band? I thought see wanted to be part of a band not a solo artist. It looks like she is a solo artist and too bad for the band.

  • Jez

    Oh and the font doesn’t match with the picture. :S
    Plus I think the whole Selena Gomez & The Scene things is really just to make her look like she’s not copying the others. So it’s pretty pointless.
    Oh well, just as long as the songs are good.

  • Laura-c

    @andy: Wow, see you’re entitled to say she looks great, I’m entitled to say what I saw when I saw the picture. That’s all. Talk about pathetic, jumping down someone’s throat like a rabid dog. Look the other way if you didn’t like my comment, that’s what mature adults do.

  • Laura-c

    @Jez: I agree.

  • kym

    i completely agree. her whole music career is a joke, and she should makes some changes if she wants to be taken more seriously.
    her songs r like crappy 90′s boy band level.

  • COurtney

    @Laura-c: She is 18 an adult she can do whatever she wants

  • Kris

    you guys, if it was her choice she wanted it to just be “The Scene”…but Hollywood records is run by disney and they wanted kids to know it was selena gomez so they included her name in it. until she leaves them, she cant change it to just The Scene.

  • Shir

    She looks really gorgeous :)

  • Rosie2


    Honestly, if she does, I’m gone. The band is the only thing keeping my interest, and keeping me here.

  • Rosie2


    I KNOW! It drives me crazy. I want to see the band, not HER.

  • Naomi

    first of all, i would like to say she looks lovely in picture. very sophisticated. second of all, selena wanted the band to be called The Scene, but hollywood records said that no one would be able to know that she was in the band so they had to put her name in it. in my opinion, i would like to see the band and the cover, but i don’t think we should blame her. i think we should blame the people in charge of this whole thing. ok, so she’s not the best singer on disney channel. she’s new to it. i don’t know if this album is going to sell as much as the last album did, but i could be wrong. also, i feel like disney stars want to sing about things that are current in the music industry, but i think that disney is holding them back. i think that selena gomez wants to break free, but she knows that she’s part of a network that kids watch and young girls look up to her. i think people would take her more seriously if she wasn’t on a children’s network. i’m not hating on her, just trying to prove my point.

  • Rosie2


    I know! That’s what bothers me. I wish the whole band would be more included. It makes me sick that they aren’t.

  • Rosie2


    I’m by no mean blaming Selena. I’m just expressing my frustration that the ENTIRE band isn’t more included. Selena said that they would be on this album, but it doesn’t seem like it, so far…

  • Jaz

    I’m pretty sure Selena and her band talked about how the album art was going to look like for their new album.

  • Naomi


    maybe she meant more in the songs. i don’t know.

  • jen

    okay is it me or does this cover looks similar to miranda cosgrove cover?

  • Naomi


    not even close.

  • jen

    @Naomi the side body shot and wearing pink?…hmm the background is different and she shows more skin..but other then that it’s kinda like miranda cover.

  • Erica S.

    GORGEOUS AND GLAMOROUS!!! Love ya Selly! :)

  • ella

    Pretty as always. :))

  • Marissa

    Beautiful, pretty, flawless, amazing, gorgeous :) Did I miss something? I think NOT. I’m very happy for Selena and for all her success in acting and music.

    Haters suck but its ok because Selena lovers are MORE and BETTER. You can tell that’s pretty amazing all her support she has in Facebook & Twitter. Her FANS are amazing plus thank to our votes Selena always takes home some awards :D!!!!!

  • http://@Mellz89 Mellz89

    let me tell u this ONE more TIME! Hollywood.R doesnt like the idea of
    selena being in a band… selena have to fight for them,
    thats why the cover is only selena n the band still a SHADOW…
    like sel said..step by step…till the band really being accepted//

  • selenagomezfan

    yo what the hell is the haters from ocean up doing here. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM.

  • blahblahblah

    discusting body.

  • Katty

    here’s what I don’t get …if we bash the celeb you LOVE were lifeless losers but if you bash the celeb we love its ok and fun

  • Katty

    I don’t mind when people bash the celeb I like …I have to agree its fun when its someone I hate ..everyone is entitled to their own opinion I’ll say what I freaking so please you obsessed fans could you leave it alone and deal with it .

  • Jenny

    She is just gorgeous, and I love her and her music..
    But I agree that seeing as she makes a fuss about being the ‘band’ – that maybe they should get to be on the cover? Or at least on the reverse or inside?
    Also, I think I preferred the previous one.. it looked like it related to the title and was less ‘pink’. I’ll wait for the official before I decide though :)
    And I can’t wait for the single and the album!

  • blahblahblah

    LoL Loved Your Comment

  • Lou

    Nice cover. Although, its supposed to be Selena Gomez and The Scene… Where are the Scene?

  • ap

    It’s like Taylor Swift cover

  • musicgirl

    she looks really pretty :D

  • ZVfan

    love her

  • charlene

    @kym: yes! i agree.
    she cant sing. All song in album was made by the songwriter. She cant write a song too.
    she is only a beautiful girl. she has no talent. She is trained by Disney so she cant act. but when WOWP Premiered she just a funny-man.

    She’s is 18. But she always think she always act she’s a good girl. She cant break it. If she break it then her fans will see her true face, u will know she’s fake stil now.

>>>>>>> staging1