Booboo Stewart: WWE SummerSlam!

Booboo Stewart: WWE SummerSlam!

Booboo Stewart suits up and steps out at the 2010 WWE SummerSlam kickoff party in association with the Muscular Dystrophy Association held at the Tropicana Bar inside the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood on Friday night (August 13).

Joined by his sister Fivel, the 16-year-old actor also stopped by the Yo Gabba Gabba! and Alex’s Lemonade Stand concert at The Park at The Grove earlier in the day.

The Stewart Siblings, who are embarking on their own television series, were also seen out earlier in the week at the Unveiling Of The Guitartown On The Sunset Strip.

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Michael Williams, FayesVision, Alexandra Wyman; Photos: Mavrix Online, WENN, Getty, Startraks
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  • Viven

    Ew. They always look like they’re married. Even a couple wouldn’t be together this much all the time. His sister’s such a fame hog.

  • cheryl

    I really don’t get why his sister is always with him, posing with her dopey smile. Once or twice is nice, not ALL the freaking time.

  • Susan

    What is Fivel famous for? It seems to me as if all she ever does is ride his coat tails.

  • Irene

    i think they’re so close and really good friends, which is good.
    it may seem like she goes with him everywhere just to get attention, but i’d bet they are together all the time behind the cameras too.
    anyways, i’ll never understand why everybody hates a girl without even knowing her…

  • kristine

    she’s famous for being a singer

  • Precious

    @Irene: we don’t necessarily hate her, we just hate the fact that she’s always with him in front of the cameras, it doesn’t do good for her…

  • Darius

    LMBO, they’re always hugged up like their dating. Pretty Creepy.

  • Mika

    Why would they be looking for their own tv show? They’re practically nobodies.

  • Luis F. Gomez

    hahaha all the girls are just jealous of his freakin sister hahaha anywas! Boobo is at SummerSlam!!! The biggest party of the summer!! The WWE pones all the others wrestling franchises “cough” TNA “cough” hahaha…. anyways!

  • Jas

    i dont know about you guys, but id admit, im totally jealous of her. :@ but seriously tho they look like a freaking couple… jeez.

  • jadine G.

    They dont even want pictures of his sister. They want Boo Boo Stewart. She can go to events with him but that doesnt mean she has to get her PICTURE taken -_- Talk about spotlight stealer.

  • mishyb

    lol um. i thought her clutch was a baseball glove at first glance.

  • baby_girl

    @Susan: I think she’s famous for being Booboo’s sister

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    they look more like a couple

  • gabby

    woah, woah, woah. either there are 2 jadine G.’s who are fans of booboo or that is someone posing as my friend jadine g. because the jadine g. I know would neeever say that about a member of the stewart family. and i just asked her, and she said she didn’t type that. so yeah, weird. just putting that out there before any misunderstandings :)

  • gabby

    oh yeah, and i <3 booboo :)

  • gabby

    oh yeah, and i <3 the rest of the family. hahahaha

  • kim

    i think the whole family is great! mr. and mrs. stewart are wonderful parents and no wonder the kids turned out so amazing :) none of you know fivel personally so stop juding her!

  • http://Ninja_babe_17 Sarah joy

    Oh my god guys why do you have to be so rude? Is it illegal for a sister to be close to her brother? You guys are probably just jealous cuz she’s soo pretty so don’t be a hater! :P

  • lexi

    u guys are just mad that u dont have a brother or sister that loves u as much as Booboo loves his sister Fivel. Oh yeah and how can it be gross if you hang out with your sister? He has a tight family. You wouldn’t say anything if he had a brother and hung out with him all the time and its the same for a girl. Maybe hes going through the time when he doesn’t know how his true friends are or that maybe no one else is around to go with him. Either away he loves his sister and loves to hang out with her maybe one day it might change but that day isn’t today and you need to get over that.

  • ree

    @lexi: u nearly made me cry when u said all that!!! finally, a person with sum sense

  • steph

    Jealousy is not the issue for me, I just think like a lot of other people have said, it is weird and kinda creepy that she is pictured at every event. Being there for her brother and supporting him at EVERY SINGLE event is one thing but why does she need to be photographed at these events so much. If you notice she is rarely photographed alone. They only capture her when she is with him. The photographers are probably like “Okay, now one with just Boo Boo.Get off the carpet!”

  • jadine G.


    im from arizona sweetie so there isn’t any misunderstanding