Charice RESETS Macy's Herald Square

Charice RESETS Macy's Herald Square

Charice leans into birthday boy Carlos Pena backstage before performing at the Back-to-School Blowout Concert and Fashion Show at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC on Sunday afternoon (August 15).

The 18-year-old Filipina signer and upcoming Glee star performed several songs off her new album, including “Pyramid” and “Reset.” Check out both performances below!

It was confirmed earlier last month that Charice will be getting Botox treatments for her upcoming role on Glee.

10+ pics inside…

Charice – “Reset” – 08/15

Charice – “In This Song/Pyramid” – 08/15
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Credit: Thos Robinson; Photos: Getty
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  • kiki

    She got botox……… she already went under the knife.

  • waaa

    botox ? knife? O_O ahaha

  • whatthe


    what the? botox is injection i guess .. so no knife no blood lol

  • inna

    love her <33


    uuuummmm no1 thinks its strange that an 18 year old is getting BOTOX???!!!??? and is this a back to school event or a pbs special for old people. her songs put me to sleep :-(

  • http://idolming idolming

    w/ or w/o Botox Charice is really AMAZING, Nobody can stop the world loving her! From north to south, east to west, the world is embracing her! She has an INCREDIBLE VOICE! i love this girl sooooo much!


    here is my theory, the botox issue is just a stunt to test how gullible people be, charice did not received any form of botox threatments.So who are the gullibles now!!!

  • jessikai

    I love Charice! And she’s 18, why would she need botox to look prettier? It’s not like she has wrinkles! Obviously something’s wrong with that report. Anyways, she’s an amazing singer <3

  • http://taxify taxify

    what an amazing voice, she is indeed the next asian superstar:)

  • http://taxify taxify

    love her :))

  • Streetcred

    I’m always up for “TRUE TALENT”, and Charice is one of those truly talented people out there that deserve my attention…

    Most folks today have sadly been ‘conditioned’ to accept auto-tuned, mp3, sub-standard level music to blast on their on their iPods and have forgotten what really good music & most importantly — WHAT REALLY GOOD SINGING actually sounds like…

    Kudos to those folks who appreciate geniune vocal talent like Charice. Her rich, heavy-toned voice is God-send. No amount of practice can get your voice to achieve that amazing quality and timbre. Her ability to ‘sustain’ those low and high notes is a marvel. Her range and control is ridiculous for her age. And most importantly, THIS GIRL SINGS ‘LIVE’ ON EVERY SINGLE PERFORMANCE.

  • don

    yes she did injection for medical reason on her jaw muscles don’t judge you don’t really know her she is a nice down to earth girl

  • Marinadelrey

    The botox was to stop pain in her jaw as she’s been singing since 7 (always live). BTW she did not hide it, unlike ppl in hollywood they hide their ass not to be seen, they go as far as going in/out via back door — AND they do botox as a way of life.

  • doges

    she’s a great singer no matter what genre

  • M

    The girl can really sing. Amazing live performer…..

  • Streetcred


    …frankly, what’s strange is how people get all ‘self-righteous’ on this botox issue, as if she did a rhinoplasty (nose job) or full dental implants that are actual cosmetic surgeries, as supposed to Charice’s simple non-invasive procedure that’s been a growing trend among teens YEARS BEFORE she even got injected with one…

    When was the outcry then?

    So botox is potentially dangerous? Wait, I just ate Mcdonalds for lunch, drank flouridated water, swam in a chlorinated pool, and ate mercury-laden fish. WHAT’S NEW?

    it’s simply a matter of perspective. either you have it, or…you get stuck on this silly “botox issue”…

  • belindas

    Attention everybody…..The botox news is PAST TENSE…. It is a mere injection that was one on her JUST ONCE 2 MONTHS AGO…. Charice is very young and still naive and so I think she was just pressured into doing it. I think she knows better now and has learned her lesssons not to be too trusting to all people even though they be more older than her or even a doctor …..

    BUT ANYWAY, WHO CARES…..EVERYBODY WHO HAS THE MEANS….WHETHER in USA or anypart of the world…..they have BOTOX /fillers and even lipo suction….Beauty Queens and Holywood actresses and actors have undergone these procedures…..WHY DO you THINK THEY STILL LOOK SO YOUNG EVEN IF THEIR REAL AGE IS INTO 30s, 40s and above.

    SO everybody STOP being so righteous….. and look around. Its good she did not have a breast augmentation……… but then again look at those young hollywood actresses

  • ella

    1 of the best singer in our planet

  • Ella

    Charice is really one of the BEST singers today!!
    She may not be as pretty as the other yound stars, but the girl has a powerful voice!

  • woodyhunter

    she’s a nice girl. stop hating on the kid. saw some of her videos on youtuube and i was like wow this girl aint bad. she can really sing

  • platanos

    ive seen her in this event — she can really really SING —impressive & not doubt she’s pretty too.

  • AnthonyA

    Whats the big deal about the botox treatment? She got it for muscle jaw pain (sort of like TMJ) and got a facial to boot. No surgery was done. IS that the big controversy now? It’s not like going to JAil like some youn gstars or drug issues, alchohol issues, nudie pics on the internet or sex tape scandals. Perspective people.


    Guys, please keep in mind Charice did not get botox for cosmetic reasons. As many of you stated before, it was for MEDICAL reasons only, and it wasn’t real botox. Calm down and get your facts straight.

  • Electric Griddle ·

    cosmetic surgeries these are very very popular because most people are very conscious about their appearance .;.

  • may be


    i so totally agree with you!

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  • Ayako Sarwinski

    not bad bro i like the j10 thing you did

  • Moon Boyack

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