Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Montreal Mates

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Montreal Mates

Robert Pattinson pulls Kristen Stewart close in the streets of Montreal over the weekend.

The two, joined by Rob‘s BFF and Kristen‘s costar, Tom Sturridge, shared a late night kiss before heading to a house party.

Kristen is currently filming On The Road in Quebec’s biggest city.

Want more exclusive pictures of Robert and Kristen kissing? Check out on Celebuzz!

Bigger pic inside…

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Credit: Todd G / R Chiang, Kevin Winter; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Getty
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  • Nijah

    Finally, yay!

    Love them so much. <3

  • celiiiina

    finally!!!!!! theyre sooo cute

  • nathalia

    i love them (:

  • pame


  • calli

    they’re so cute together.

    fyi it was a hotel lobby not house party

  • -just.bella.

    I have the biggest smile on my face. Oh if only you could see it. I really don’t know why but seeing them happy makes me happy. Lol. So corny I know but, ahh it’s just wonderful and dare I say it…..ROBSTEN♥

  • mona

    Return to school. Montreal is not Quebec’s capital city. By the way, leave Montreal, LA paparazzi !

  • michelle

    first ewww. second, they are not only druggies but a ugly couple. Now i k now u fans are gonna get on me for calling them ugly but u just have to face it they are. Kristen is soo plain, while rod only looks good with makeup. They are really disgusting and im sorry but it is true. Plus they will not last.

  • Naomi

    Have to say congrats on keeping it going to at least a year and a half. Now there is 100% proof, will people leave them alone? They are dating, in love, intimate with only each other, be happy for them or at least just dont hate! It doesnt affect your life. I am thrilled, but kinda dont want to hear anymore. Also, Im not on twitter so I cant say this to her but big whoop for Rosesee, who put up with far too much rubbish! I hope she reads this, I think Im a bigger fan of her blog than I am a robsten fan now. Its irrelvant but fun- heres a x for her!

  • gabby

    This picture is so fake. you can tell by the way her arm looks around his neck. its at a weird angle and they’re not kissing.


    they are so cute together ♥♥
    they are perfect couple ♥♥
    love robsten ♥♥♥♥


    finally …
    they are sooooooooooo cute together….
    they are the perfect couple..
    love robsten…

  • ginna

    @gabby: look at celebuzz, they have a pic of them kissing. they just can’t post it here b/c celebuzz is claiming rights to this stalker pic.

  • Nijah


    It’s not fake, check for more photos. They’re obviously real :)

  • erin

    Yeah it’s def not fake! You can tell it’s them, the other pictures are clearer!

    But anyway, YAYYYYY! I love Robsten :)

  • harley

    I wish paparazzi would leave them alone. It’s really no one’s business whether they’re dating or not, and if they are, it’s obvious they were trying to keep it to themselves.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Now if only they would just admit it. They are perfect together, they both seem very plain and boring but that’s ok. True love. I hope they last, atleast until after breaking dawn is done filming lol

  • miles

    To Gabby and Michelle- really? you’re going to do this? just accept it.

    They look so cute together. I love them.

  • michelle

    haha i def agree, they are plain, not a beautiful couple. They will not last, it just simple as that, they wont. there are like way more beautiful couple out there that has last a lot of years.

  • Naomi

    When i wrote big whoop, I wasnt being sarcastic, maybe thats a colloquilism that doesnt translate well. To me it means to appauld, pat on the back etc. Maybe its just an irish thing!

  • jane

    omg they are so cute

  • http://j cf

    plane and druggies, aaaaaaaw love:)

  • joceelyynn

    WOW this is the moment when I really believe they are a couple :O

  • taylor

    whoop dee doo.

  • cheryl

    Cute, Rob sure looks happy, but weird of TomStu to just be watching them kissing lmao.

  • Alliec

    I never needed a photo of them kissing or their words admitting to being together to see the look in their eyes when they are by each other or talk about each other. This crap irritates me beyond imagination. Imagine how pissed kristen would be and mad rob would be? no respect. They are JUST PEOPLE!

  • woochy

    @michelle: michelle and gabby, you’re really sick! What’s the matter with you? Oh I know, there was never a man fell in love with you because you’re ugly and evil, that’s why you jealous. very obvious

  • ems


  • kelly


    People like you disgust me. Seriously, what are you doing in life? Hate Hate and Hate?

  • michelle

    oh shutup alliec. if they do not want to be in the public they should not have became actors, or they should say indoors and not makeout in streets. disgusting really, they are nothing special, even as real people. they are just plain and ugly.

  • Lah

    Oh my god.. when i saw this new i can’t belive in my eyes.. a long time after, i was wainting for the kiss between my favorite actor( Rob) and my favorite actress (Kristen).. and now i can’t belive!! Oh my god, finelly they kiss each other! I’m very very very happy today! ;D Robsten FOREVER! hahaha

  • rachel

    who’s your favorite celeb couple

  • Evie

    @michelle: Obviously you have not seen what the majority of people in this word look like. They are FAR from ugly. And by the way, your lack of maturity makes YOU ugly.

  • lolololol

    there JUST hugging! geez media can change nothing into a big deal

  • Mandy

    lolololol, go to Celebuzz is holding onto all rights of the actual kissing picture, so the others sites can’t post it.

    I’m not understanding where the drug references are coming from? And they really aren’t ugly–they just don’t feel like they should look camera ready every minute of their day just in case there’s a photog around the corner. I appreciate their f-you take on it all.

  • jj

    You guys are insane. You encourage the photographers, they are nothing but STALKERS, we all know they are together. Why send these voultures after them. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • hinata

    @lolololol: they are totally kissing in other pics…. I’m happy for them!

  • emilie

    maybe i should go walk around montreal and try and find them haha

  • Maya

    they are really a cute couple happy for them!!! =D

  • stephania

    omg being famous you cant even hug your friends without all these rumours starting up!

    efff off stalkers and let rob be friends with who ever he wants
    and ive checked celebbuzz… THEY ARE HUGGING GOODBYE!

    people are PATHETIC!

    okay if they say they are going out and officialy announce it, he will soon realise what a mistake cos shes a lesbian and she is the trash of hollywood,

    good couple for rob would be blake lively or leighton meester, someone with class and someone who is beautiful! not some scummy ugly druggo!

  • blahblahblah

    Yesss Baby Finally :))))

  • Aerie

    OMG FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTEST COUPLE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maggiexao

    I am so happy that they are together, don’t want her to get garrett hedlund…
    definitely watch the movie to see HIM

  • commentor

    kristen nooooo! why rob? he got zero special thing in him.

  • NIJE-bitno

    Znaci, ne verujem!!

  • bebe

    now, this is what i called love. they were pure hot couple in the world.
    hottttttttttt robsten. glad they still going strong and happy together.

  • keendesiree

    well, that’s your proof! love them!

  • marianne

    sorry but this seems kind of like a cry for attention.

  • Natasa

    We totally can see it’s them.

  • Jace

    their kissing. call the cops -.-

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