Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: NYC to Memphis to LA

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: NYC to Memphis to LA

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens head into JFK airport in NYC, en route back to Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (August 18).

The duo joined producer pal Adam Shankman at a performance of Broadway’s Memphis last night (August 17). That was Zac‘s second showing.

Zac, 22, is set to promote his new flick Charlie St. Cloud on the European promo circuit soon.

FYI: Zac is wearing Levi’s Work Wear 201′s in Black Twill. Vanessa is wearing Wildfox Jeans Skinnys in Dark Rip.

20+ pics inside of Zac and Vanessa departing NYC…

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  • Ann

    well, that was quick! lol
    she looks lovely

  • mike

    Vanessa is so HOT great pair

  • Jez

    Vanessa looks gorgeous :)
    Seeing her smile makes my day.
    I want some new Vanessa news though like new projects etc..
    I think she’s been working on something this past couple of months but no details have been leaked yet :(
    Cross fingers that we get it soon :D

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    R they walking together?

  • kami

    awww zachey pooh doesn’t like the paps. i ♥ him. i think they try to walk separate so the paps don’t get pics of them together. less money for the paps that way.

  • zanessa/scashley

    I like Vanessa’s top or sweater.. or.. yeah, I just like her top. What the heck, her whole outfit is fabulous. Lol. Oh, Zachary’s getting scruffy. I like it.. =)

  • z

    vanessa looks like any pretty girl whats the big deal with her looks?

  • annie1st

    they really dont want give paps their pic together….they walkin separately, typically Zanessa, this love bird so genius

  • Anibal

    love vanessa!

  • peggy

    If they know the paps are there they come in back to back instead of side by side.

    The paps make A LOT less money

  • beatriz

    i love Zanessa <3
    and I love facial hair of Zac Efron but i dont know i like more Zac Efron without facial hair!!

  • mykamicks

    Oh miss this. an airport couple. Pretty sure they enjoyed much in NYC.

  • Karen

    They are probably smiling because they know they have messed up the paps pictures of them. LOL They had to take pictures of them separately!

  • jessica


  • Katty

    Yes, Karen I believe you are correct. They went V, woman in pink shirt, then Zac, so all the pix of them are apart. That was probably a personal win for themselves. I hope they had fun in NYC, I am sure they caught up with Corbin a little.

    I do think that V has been looking into many projects, but like someone said above, none have been leaked.

    I hope Zac has fun in the European promo tour. I doubt V will go with him, though. Still growing the scruff, I see.

  • peggy


    There was a tweet from one of the In The Heights actors at Corbin.s farewell party who said ZV were there

    And I think you are in for a surprise I think she will be on some part of the European tour

  • Karen

    Vanessa may go with Zac on some of the promo tour if she is free. Zac will be heading out for New Orleans in October to be filming his new movie and they will be apart then—although I have no doubt she will visit him just like he did with her when she was in Montreal doing Beastly—but if they both are free she may go to be with him or she may not. Maybe since he ends his tour in Australia she will join him there and they will take a few extra days there for a little get away before they both get busy. I don’t know if Vanessa will have to return to Montreal for the reshoots that are to be done for Beastly but she has that to do soon also. Perhaps she will be there doing that for a couple weeks when Zac is in Louisiana. All is one of those “wait and see” type things right now.

  • http://hotmail lucy

    nice beard (NOT!!!!) no one can pull of facel hair exculding major hootie rpattz

  • vzfan


    hey Karen u commented in the previous post that Katy is supposed to be a friend of Vanessa too but i want to know that is there really a proof of it like a pic or sth…i mean how can people say it without any proof? Plz reply.

  • BabyBooZanessa

    One Hottie Couple !

    Zanessa LIVE IN LOVE!

  • rainbower

    whats with zac’s facial hair???

  • Shelby haynes

    Omg Vanessa sudoku sandals I won those on here and they are so comfy she’s lovely love the new hair it’s beautiful Vanessa

  • kyle

    Arriving separately? They have one over the paps. Haha.

  • kyle

    Here’s the link of some Vanessa pics, which i believe, are not yet posted here.

  • babyVlove1

    definition of hot- Vanessa Anne Hudgens ^_^

  • Vanessa/Zanessa Freak

    way to go Zanessa having a good laugh while they spoil paps pics so smart and that’s why this couple works out everytime and that’s why they are so strong the don’t publicise their relationship and that’s how you do it, they don’t prey their relationship in the public eye because their famous they keep it to themselves and that’s what I love about them, I love Nessa’s whole outfit by the way :)

  • Zac Efron Source

    thanks for the photos! they both looks great!

  • tam-zin

    can’t believe i’m saying this………………but he looks kinda’ good with the hole facial hair thing! keep it up zac! just let it grow!
    but just, don’t do a brad pitt!
    (brad looks terrible!)

  • teamhudgens

    hot couple<3

  • nathalia

    zac and vanessa adorable as always

  • W.S

    Love them ^^

  • zanessaloverss123

    I Love them :) love vanessa’s outfit and she looks gorgeous and zac yeah he looks great but mann you have to shave :) agree with katty

  • pop86

    Great couple

  • http://J Chelsea

    Vanessa is so pretty!

  • lover

    love them

  • Karen


    It seems that Zac’s good friends from SLO—who he keeps in contact with—are also friends with Vanessa now. The question of Katy has come up before and there have been pics if I am not mistaken—she’s a blond isn’t she? Anyway, I’m not sure why that should be such a big deal. The relationship between Zac and Katy was nothing like it is between him and Vanessa so there is no reason why if Katy and Zac are still close—which I believe they are—that Vanessa and her should not be friends as well. There is no animosity or competition there. I cannot produce a picture but I am sure Katy was at either Vanessa’s 21st birthday party or Zac’s or both. As I said, this has been brought up before but this kind of thing does not really interest me at all so it isn’t like I save those pictures. Perhaps if you go back to the thread of Vanessa’s 21st birthday on both JJ and JJJ and go through the comments you can find it if it means that much to you.

  • ANA

    Vanessa beautiful as always, Zanessa love

  • peggy


    She was at V’s birthday party and she and zac are still friends though I don’t know how close.

    Every woman Zac knows someone claims is a close friend it’s ridiculous

  • lauren

    whos katy?

  • taylor

    love how the woman in pink took turns walking with them both.

  • w.S


    Katy was Zacs gf in first to third grade, and then they broke up cuz she was going to move somewhere else..but they remained good friends..

    I think I’m right lol, but thats what I’ve heard :)

  • susan1

    lovely couple!!!!

  • http://deleted Jody

    vanessa looks beautiful, her outfit is adorable and it is good to see her smiling again

  • http://lipkin18 lauren

    wow. who cares bout katy. no offence.

  • http://deleted Jody

    are you sure katy is zac’s previous girlfriend

  • lauren

    i think you guys are referring to jay leno show, bout zac’s first love name katy when he was like in 1st grade.

  • musicgirl

    wow, gorgeous!!!<3 she’s the best!!<3

  • londonlemming

    Katy is the reason he was at UCLA as 3 of his friends from SLO attend school there and graduate/ed this year.

    A discussion about Katy is utterly pointless. They are old friends. Nothing more nothing less. It’s about time people started realising he has friends that are not in limelight.

  • Diamond

    Vanessa is soo pretty! I mean look at her style and her wow just love the length love ya V! God Bless :)

  • blah

    vote for zac and vanessa to go onto the ellen show!!!
    vote here: