Brant Daugherty was Blown Away By Lucy Hale

Brant Daugherty was Blown Away By Lucy Hale

Brant Daugherty played Aria’s new boyfriend Noel in the last couple episodes of Pretty Little Liars.

Zap2It caught up with 24-year-old actor on if we’ll see Noel in the next half-season of the show, playing guitar with Lucy Hale and who A really is. Check it:

On who he thinks ‘A’ really is: “I think ‘A’ is really what’s in all of us. It’s a metaphor for how we all feel sometimes. That’s a terrible answer … All I can do is speculate … but the information they gave us in the finale with Ian [Ryan Merriman] and Allison [Sasha Pieterse] and what we know of Ian’s relationship with Spencer [Troian Bellisario] allows for some interesting conclusions to be drawn.”

On being blown away by Lucy: “Oliver Goldstick wrote that episode and he approached me and asked me if I could play the guitar. My response was, ‘How much time do I have?’ They got me a coach and I went to work. I’m embarrassingly good at Guitar Hero and I wanted to see if those skills would translate. I think they did. I can play that entire song very well, but I can’t play anything else yet. When it came time to shoot that scene, I was so blown away with Lucy. We filmed that song so many times, my fingers were getting sore, but she sang it every time. We’re going to put on a concert. We’re going on tour next spring.”

On Noel still being Aria’s boyfriend: “As far as being Aria’s boyfriend, the finale showed her intentions pretty clearly. From what we’ve seen so far, he’s very persistent. But the interesting thing is that he’s been putting the pieces together over the last few episodes. He’s definitely putting the pieces of the puzzle together.”

WHO DO YOU like Aria with — Noel or Ezra?

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  • http://kelisale alejandra

    ezra!!!! ezra!!! ezra !!

  • ahh

    ARIA AND NOEL! The whole Ezra thing is so old – teacher/student relationships have been done to death!

  • Jenny

    I like Noel his character is amazing…i dunno who I would choose actually i’ll leave that one to Aria…she has two HOT guys to choose from

  • Nicole


  • yoooo

    @Jenny: i know its so hard to chose from! they are both so hot!!!

  • harley

    I love Aria with Ezra.

    & The finale was amazing, I can’t wait for new episodes to start again!

  • Martin4e

    Aria and Ezra definitely!

  • stacey

    NOEL. It’s not that I hate Ezra, they
    were great too. But I just see something
    in Noel & Aria that I like more. When
    Ezra sort of left the picture, I became
    less fond of him.

  • Ceecile

    “I can play that entire song very well” Yeah.. Not. When I watched it and we first only saw his hands I thought “whoever is playing right now isn’t very good”. Now I understand why.

  • kristine


  • sophie


  • autumn

    EZRA!!!!!!!!!! They’re so cute. Omg.

  • Skylar

    I love Noel and everything but I love the couple Aria & Ezra are my fave couple! So cute!!

  • gabby

    aria and ezra are SO freakin annoying. noel all the way!!

  • Aero

    noel for sure

  • Sulène

    EZRA ! They are so cute together !!

  • Jem


  • sarah


  • abbey


  • sam


  • Naomi

    Ezra. No competition. :)

  • xoxo.s

    hes is such a FOXXX!
    and Aria rocks with him!

  • j$

    i love them bothhhh but probably noel cause it seems like its too hard for aria to be with ezra.

  • Hanybunny

    I like Aria and Ezra!
    But.. DANGGGG!! You can’t deny that Noel is super smexyyyyyyy!!

  • Katie

    NOEEEL! He is so adorable! and sorry Ezra, I like him at first, but now he’s just bleh. So NOEL!

  • DJ

    NOELLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS <3

  • Poppy:)

    I think aria and noel. Bcuz if shes with ezra thell have 2 keep a secret, bsidez noel is AWEZOME?!

  • Zoom469

    NOEL!!! (: all the way he’s hella hot

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