Happy Birthday, Demi Lovato!

Happy Birthday, Demi Lovato!

Demi Lovato blows the candles on her cake out as she celebrates her 18th birthday at NYC’s Buddakan on Thursday night (August 19).

The Camp Rock cutie will turn 18 TOMORROW (August 20)! Demi tweeted a detailed pic of her studded Christian Louboutin shoes and drapey silver chain bracelet by LOFT. Those are hot!

Little sister Madison de la Garza was also at Demi‘s celebration.

Demi is currently on the road with the Jonas Brothers and the Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam cast.

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty
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  • Bard

    Happy birthday Demi. I wish you the best in everything you do and that even more of your dreams come true. Just make sure you make my dream come true and release your next album soon.

  • demifan101

    JOE WENT!!! :D… <3

  • joyce

    Wow, babe… you look beautiful as always!!!! #happybdaydemi xoxo <3

  • rosie

    happy birthday demi you rock!

  • Erica S.

    HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY DEMI! I LOVE YOU BABES! I remeber vividly watching you on Barney, and now your 18. Where does the time go? I hope you had an awsome time at your party, and have fun being 18 for 364 more days. Love ya girlie! <3 :)

    They grow up SO fast! :)
    (How cute is that pic of Demi and Madison?)

  • http://www.twitter.com/role0model xoxoJanexoxo

    Happy bday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its already past midnight here where I live

  • lovveee



    wonder where Joe left his girlfriend? “I’ll be back ash gotta go to my ex’s bash, you understand right?”

  • http://www.twitter.com/marina_ariel Marina

    yay! Happy Birthday to her =)

    if you look at one of the pictures in the background you can see John Taylor and it looks like he is checking her out…haha. it’s funny to see. I love John Taylor :)

    Again Happy Birthday to Demi!! You’re LEGAL!

  • rai

    i miss her old hair ;//

    Happy bday Demi !

  • breee.

    she looks hot! :) i hope joseph’s jealous.

    ashley greene got nothin’ on miss lovato now. ;D

  • ashytisdalefan


  • http://myspace.com/AFLNO9280 ryan

    Happy 18th birthday, Demi.. We love you! To see how far you’ve come & all that you’ve accomplished is nothing short of AMAZING. This is only the beginning, the world hasn’t even begun to see the true, full potential of Ms. Demetria Devonne Lovato.

    GORGEOUS! That’s the only word I can find to best describe D here.. A fantastic dress & she def. looks 18. I hope she’s having a great time & has a wonderful day filled w/ lots of love, peace, & happiness.

    Forget JT, Demi’s the one bringing SexyBack.. along w/ Beauty, Talent, & Charm.

  • Vanessa

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMI!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have an amazing 18th Birthday. Keep it up gurl you look gorgeous

  • z

    congrats demi!!!!! but she kinda of looks like a drag queen here…like a guy…way to much make up..idk i loved how she looked in the first camp rock and princess protection program

  • Evie

    She looks trashy here. Too much makeup and the hair reminds me of a playboy girl. Clean it up, Demi!

  • Alright

    Way to show off your rockin’ body!! Whispers “way to make a certain someone drool over what he lost!” lol Love you, Girl!

  • katey

    The dress really isn’t right for an 18 year old. Nice that JT came to support. Nick and Joe look good. Stopped by to say hi after they supported Jordin Sparks as she debuted in her new role in a play.

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada ella

    Happy 18th birthday pretty/talented idol!! \m/
    She looks so fierce on the photos. Her 3 year (and still counting) BESTFRIEND is there!! :) *cough Joe cough*

  • http://sweetdemi.blogger.ba DemiLovato

    OMG. Demi looks very nice on the pics. I like her hair. She look amazing.

    Demi happy bday.

    xoxo Love you so MUCH <3

  • JJ1410

    Happy birthday demi, you deserve the best birthday ever, you’re an inspiration to me. I love all your music and swac.

  • Jason


  • http://nick.com a.m/p.m.


  • Sam.

    She’s not cute. Girls with more natural beauty like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are more attractive.

  • Shaniqua


  • Sam

    She’s not cute. Girls with a more natural beauty like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are more attractive.

  • meagan

    She looks more like she’s turning 28 0.o

  • http://none zac

    She looks HOT! I love her dress, her shoes everything! But theres something about her attitude in the pics that are seriously sexy.

  • nessa

    She’s hot! She takes risks and she doesn’t seem to care what people think of those risks. She knows who she is and she goes with it.

    Unlike those other girls, Taylor “cat face” Swift and Selena “people pleaser” Gomez.

    She is gorgeous naturally and that’s why all this make up doesn’t suit her.

  • Ash

    She is a natural beauty and that’s why all this make up doesn’t suit her and that’s okay she’ll grow out of it.

    Teenage girls love putting on lots of make up, but they late get tired of it and go for the more natural look.

    Demi is gorgeous and by far the most talented person on disney.

  • http://www.justjared.buzznet.com/ blahblahblah

    aww i love the way that the jonas brothers are always there with her
    anyways happyyy birthday demi :)

  • errik@

    Happy 18th Birthday Demi!!!!Continue to surprise us with the succesful movies.

  • tea

    my birthday is on 20.08 too (=

  • kk

    she looked like that girl fr GLEE … and taylor swift ‘s face looked like a horse … she have the old lady’s look.. i think selena is cutest to me, among these three.

  • selenalover

    demi is always pretty but then i like the old her more.more natural and fun and pretty.this look so much like turning miley.After she friend with miley,everything change,she start to wear something like this,the one that can see her boobs more.I dont hate demi,she my idol but its jus a fact she change her look after she friend with miley.Miley such a bad influence.But i believe inside miley,there still a sweet old miley,its just her look and attitude now make me sick of her.hmmm i hope demi realize that changing to be like more mature like this is not a good idea.

  • yeppp

    @selenalover: i agree with you ever since she befriended miley shes completely changed, her clothes have gotten shorter! the saying is true ‘ when you hang out with certain people you become like them’

  • mobina

    happy birth dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy demi;))))))

  • tia

    Happy birthday Demi !!!
    I love you so much !!!
    youre my rolemodele !!


    that pic luks like those apps where u have a standard body and u can put different heads on them…………..she’s beautiful but she can do much better

  • lili

    Happy birthday demi ! you’re so beautiful !! i <3 U !!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/Starzzproduction Jenny

    She looks HOT…i love how she made the looks slightly sexier then she tends to do…anyway I wish Demi Lovato an AMAZING Birthday hope she gets to do everything she want and hopefully Demi’s dreams will continue to come true :)

  • fanybecks

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMETRIA DEVONNE LOVATO! you’re the multi-talented girl that will rock this world even more *ehem, since you’re 18 year old now* ;) LOVE you!

  • http://www.facebook.com gaby

    Dems 18th Happy Birthday!
    You have everything as one girl want but, i wish you and Impossible ;):)

  • http://twitter.com/mikeh266 mike

    happy birthday Demi enjoy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darius

    She looks Demilicious! Happy 18th Demi, now you’re old enough to partay!

  • yaroosh

    she looks amazing always but i agree with selenlover miley changes people i miss the old crazy rocker Demi well she’s still a great singer but i feel like her personality has changed i loved the dark and different demi more cause she was different than all of them she wasnt like any other celebrity :/ i hope demi will go back to her old self soon but anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMI I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH :D :”)

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ erika

    Happy Bday Demi XD

  • http://www.twitter.com/phmottta Raphael

    Happy B-Day , diva !! uma pena eu não estar com você, para lhe dar um abraço, mas de todo coração te desejo toda felicidade do mundo! Você merece! I Love You ! (L)³

  • jensenLUVEr tanya


  • http://orkut honey

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEMI.GOOD LUCK FOR UR FUTURE.and thanks that u stopped hanging out wit selena,she is just an immatured , use and throw person.and now u look really happy when ur wit miley MAY UR FRIENSHIP STAY FOREVER.awww iam happy that joe is still there for her. he is a good friend.