Vanessa Hudgens Changes The Odds

Vanessa Hudgens Changes The Odds

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her strength by lifting a blue bowling ball in this behind-the-scenes look at the SU2C “Change The Odds” PSA.

The 21-year-old actress shared in the video, “It’s really great to raise awareness. It’s important for everyone to just take care of themselves. Take care of your well being and feeding yourself the right foods. Be positive, if you’re negative, everything negative just starts to draw in around you.”

Vanessa joined dozens of young Hollywood stars — including BF Zac Efron, Sofia Vassileva, Andrew Garfield, Dakota Fanning, Logan Lerman, and William Moseley — appeared in the new PSA.

WHY DO YOU Stand Up to Cancer?

Vanessa Hudgens: Behind-the-Scenes of SU2C PSA
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    she is just perfect!!

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    yes agree, this time we have to watch out food that we eat, junk food and several product of food can contain chemical compound that lead to caused of cancer, thats why we should start eating a healthy food like vegetable and if we could the organic one, and nessa right throw away all negativity cause negativity just bring us to something that can destruct our body like smoking, alcohol worst drugs and all of thats lead to cancer

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    Great PSA, good advice, lovely girl.

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    That’s why she’s my idol she has such a high spirit and is just so fun and nice and caring Love ya V! God bless :)

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    awesome :)

  • maria

    great message. i am pleased that she is involved in a project like standing up 2 cancer becasue it is a serious issue. its stars like Vanessa that can and should put the word out and raise aweraness.
    Vanessa looks very beautiful.

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    I really love the commercial and i really like what she is doing pca she looks gorgeous she getting more beautiful each day :) and yeah thats why i love her always smiling down to earth just love her <3

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    Supa gorgeous! She’s always willing to lend a hand to a good cause.

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    I love Vanessa, and I love her even more for doing this.
    Just shows how kind and generous she really is.
    She looks really pretty…as always. :)

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    does anyone know anything new about vanessa? like some news about her movies, upcoming prodjects or anything?:)

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    I love you nessa! for you I standup2cancer :)


    She’s beautiful

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    this is such a great cause, and Its really great that celebarties take their time of the day to make a change!
    and ofc vanessa is soo pretty, love her<3

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    anyone noticed it is Zac talking at the beggining of Vanesa’s video?


    I’m so happy for Vanessa and Zac, helping a very good cause. watch the video, and Vanessa’s eyes just sparkle like diamonds, so beautiful, her eyes.

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    vanessa’s a great person and beautiful

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    Vanessa is one of the young celebrities in hollywood that support good causes like this recent video on cancer. She was also involved in raising funds for Haiti together with other artists including her bf, Zac Efron. Beauty in looks and character, i love it!!!

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