Keke Palmer: New Music By End of the Year!

Keke Palmer: New Music By End of the Year!

Keke Palmer had such exciting news about her upcoming music that she couldn’t wait to share with JJJ!

The 16-year-old actress caught up with us on the set of True Jackson, VP earlier this week to dish about her tunes.

Keke shared, “I’m so excited. We should be releasing something by the end of this year. I’m with Interscope Records which is like pop and R&B. We really don’t have any young R&B singers out right now and that’s what I’m trying to be. The only young person we really have is Taylor Swift. I love my country music now, but I’m trying to give the fans who love R&B music some taste of that as well.”

She continued about her songs, “There’s one called ‘The One You Call,’ which is basically about I’m not going to be the one you call. When you just broke up with your girlfriend, you want to talk to someone, or at home, bored and you call me, because you think I’m always going to be there. I love that song a lot. A lot of guys do that (laughs). There’s another one called, ‘Shut Up, Stop Lying’ and I hope you know what that one is about.”

ARE YOU EXCITED for Keke’s music?

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  • Lalala:)

    There are TONS of young artists out there, not just Taylor swift ex. Justin bieber, Demi lovato , Miley Cyrus , Jonas brothers, Selena gomez+ more!

  • dfghjk

    oh gosh. she is such a nobody. what happened to the last ablum?…..oh yea that’s right no one knows cuz no one bought it.

  • Darius

    @dfghjk: You sound very emotional xD. Food For Thought, everybody is a nobody at some point, however unlike you, some people try to work out of that phase instead of projecting their own insecurities through the internet.

  • Sarah

    @Lalala:): she said there aren’t many young R&B artists. The ones you listed are pop artists.

  • kaela


    thats really rude..your an nobody do stfu

  • Sam

    I love Keke, I hope her music breaks into the mainstream (not just fans of TJVP) they keep pushing back the release date, though, that’s usually a bad sign…

  • janesse

    and as far as her being a nobody?…..this is a nobody that has been in numerous movies before her OWN tv show…and a nobody signed with one of the most popular U.S. record label. Please…keke is SOMEBODY. And this somebody is gonna have a #1 Single and a #1 Album. #StayMad

  • Numb


    keke means we dont have any young successful major artists making an impact in music.

    taylor swift is the only successful young musician out there who isn’t manufactured or made by a major media company and is ‘something different’ compared to other music.

    jonas brothers and miley cyrus are disney-manufactured ”successful” acts. taylor swift isn’t manufactured by anything other than herself.

    once the non-disney justin bieber records a new album, he’ll make a real impact.

  • yeppp

    @Lalala:): these artist are more pop than R&B , howvwer Demi Lovato who kinda fills in that genre

  • jay

    Keke is awesome. She’s the only one out of the teens that can actually sing! Really looking forward to her music!


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