Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Kissing Couple

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Kissing Couple

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene were spotted kissing in front of the Vince Prince 835 clothing store in the Soho neighborhood of New York City on Friday afternoon (August 20).

After Ashley, 23, picked up a few new items, the duo parted ways so Joe, 21, could get ready for his concert in Wantagh, NY at Jones Beach.

The duo were also spotted at the Road Dogs baseball game at MCU field in Coney Island, New York the day before. Check out a video below to see Ashley dancing!

WHAT DO YOU think of Ashley and Joe coupling up?

Ashley Greene at Road Dogs Game
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Credit: Judy Eddy, Rick Rowell; Photos: Disney Channel, WENN
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  • cheryl

    Makes me want to puke. Ashley deserves so much better than Joe-serial-dater-Jonas. I hope they don’t last longer than a month.

  • mel

    they are really cute. i wish them the best

  • http://www.twitter.comtiffany_T_J Tiffany

    i dont really like ashley
    i miss jemi

  • Natz

    I kinda love it….cuz i lover her!!!!

  • mel

    ahahaha like ashley doesn’t date everyone shut upp

  • yeuaha

    i think joe can do way better, he should try dating a fan Who agrees?
    but whatever tickles their fancy. Im against it i dont like her lol

  • Isadora

    I really hate Jashley. Ashley deserves a better man, like Jackson Rathbone.

  • Sahina

    …i thought Ashley was already in a relationship with someone else?

  • yeuaha

    @cheryl: im sure he’s gonna end up being the bad guy like in every other relationship.


    ok they r cute … but Ashley deservs a real man! :( thought..feel kinda of bad 4 demi…

  • Isadora

    I’m sure they won’t last long. I mean, Ashley is more mature than he is, and her career is way more solid than his. She needs to be with someone as brillant as she is

  • cheryl

    Which is why she needs a real man ;)

  • Loz

    Wonder how long this will last!
    Like them both just not so much together, ah well.

  • Isadora

    Kellan should give her some advice about dating decent boys. Because after Joe, she REALLY need some.

  • katey

    The Jonas Brothers concert at Jones Beach is today and tomorrow. It wasn’t yesterday. They had a wedding yesterday.

  • drea

    I agree that Ashley is more mature, but Joe’s career is way more solid than Ashley’s is. Who knows what’ll happen to her after Twilight is over.

  • http://aim glad

    puke omg this is bad ashley needed a really man and joe is too disney for her srry it so many sexy man in Hollywood and u pick that smh.

  • andi

    I’m just waiting for the day that Ashley and Jackson get together. I think they’d be so cute together!


    I don’t like them together! It doesn’t make sense to me that they are together!!! It should be JoexDemi and AshleyxKellan or Jackson!!!! – But again if they are happy, then good for them! .. :)

  • uliGomezslovato

    what ………………… O_O????

  • Veronica

    Ashley has a different boyfriend every week.

  • Jj

    makes me want to puke so much, they reallly don’t suit and any relationship with joe, doesn’t last more than a few months.

  • Jj

    this so makes me puke, and i feel so bad for demi

  • michelle


  • kaela

    dude, just support his decision. Be a true fan god

  • KArina

    They look cute together. I hope they last.

  • lisa

    ahh what?! i thought she was with Brock Kelly O__O!

  • Someone


  • Lauren

    Joe is a real man He is a really nice guy who is trying to find the right girl for him

    If Joe is happy then we should all be happy

  • sepideh

    I like them both! ashley is so pretty. but they look weird as a couple! this is one of relationships that i definitely wouldn’t have expected!

  • http://lmaozugey zugey

    i love joe and ashley but as a couple NO! she should date kellan and hoe should go back to demi. im just saying

  • http://deleted kary


  • selenalover

    ok so next please cause trust me joe never stick with one person

  • Christine

    I think it’s halarious! She’ll probably dump him before the year’s up.

    Does this mean Jemi is dead? Like officially? I really hope so, I’m so tired of seeing people whine about that couple.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Don’t believe everything you hear until theres photographic proof. Seriously, anyone could send in a tip saying “I saw Joe and Ashley kissing in front of so and so’s shop in new York” because oh hey she was already in NYC at the game and everyone knows the jobros are there in concert (jjj said it, it’s on their site, etc.)

  • Leah

    Ur rite! I dnt like Ashley n Joe! But I do like Joe! The last tine ge dated someone older than him(even if by 2yrs) it ended bad! He needs to find someone that doesn’t have such a huge following. Basically a nobody, that way she can go w/ him-on tour n stuff- that way theres not a major gap of absence. @cheryl:

  • s

    i feel like they aren’t a ideal couple but i think that they are in control of there lives wish them the best…and i know people who date a lot..honestly there is nothing wrong with it..when you are young its STOP HATING!

  • Leah

    @Listen to mayday parade: AGREED!! i mean there is the possibilty of them but rite now its speculation! Until there is Photographic evidence, then im not gonna believe it!

  • blahblahblah

    what the hell O.o

  • Alissa
  • Fable

    @Sahina: Yeah wasn’t it that Brock Kelly guy or someone.

  • Lauren


    Those pics look photoshopped & blury

  • Lauren


    Those pics r photoshopped

  • Jess

    This is just wrong! Joe is supposed to be with Demi and I’m still hoping for Jashley (Jackson and Ashley). I hope they break up soon.

  • Carlie

    @Lauren: Funny, no one else is saying they’re photoshopped except jealous little girls. And there are so many more pictures of them taken at the same time wearing the same clothes. So, how exactly are they photoshopped, in your opinion? Oh right. They’re NOT!

  • Lyndsay

    @Lauren: No they’re not, silly jealous teenie. How do you explain the other ones? Are all the pics taken of them at the same time also photoshopped?

  • Rebecca

    @Lauren: I agree, Lauren. Joe Jonas is a REALLY super sweet and nice guy who has struck out at personal relationships. And yet he has never cheated or hurt or beat up anyone or broke a girl’s heart. I guess what I’m trying to say is that he’s trying to find the right woman for him, Demi just wasn’t his type. I just hope that Ashley is there for him and that Joe is there for her. I love, adore,care about, respect and support Ash, Joe and their families 100%, I just want them to be happy with the paps homing in on their every move. Just let them be happy and leave them alone.

  • Sarah

    LOL They aren’t photoshopped. There is exif information for all of them. If you don’t know what that is, then you shouldn’t be going on about photoshopping because it just makes you look stupid. Every site on the net has published this set of pictures and no one but kids in denial have said anything about them being photoshopped. That’s just what stupid people say when they don’t want to believe something. It’s the common cry of those in denial. I think you might want to just accept that Joe and Ashley are a couple and he’s never going to date you.

  • Rebecca

    I mean, I want Joe and Ashley to be happy WITHOUT those nasty paps homing in on them. I made a mistake there, sorry for the incorrection

  • Rebecca