Demi Lovato: No Collaboration with Selena Gomez in Sight

Demi Lovato: No Collaboration with Selena Gomez in Sight

Demi Lovato keeps it true to her edgy style in a bold striped skirt and baggy shirt as she leaves her hotel in NYC on Sunday night (August 22).

The 18-year-old singer recently chatted with MTV about a possible collaboration with her Texan friend, Selena Gomez.

Demi shared, “No! It’s not true. I think she’s already finished with her album. I don’t know [if there will be a collaboration].”

WOULD YOU LIKE to see or hear Demi and Selena collaborating on a song?

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Ignat; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • lala

    dont really care

  • Koree

    She’s so beautiful! I love her and they already collaborated for PPP

  • amanda

    She’s gorgeous!

  • Andrea

    @Koree: yeah but their talking about for just a song ,for no specific reason just to make a song together but they should so do another together

  • Marina

    are they still friends??
    because you hardly hear about them talking to each other or being seen with each other…i hope they are, it’d be sad if they aren’t.

    and they collaborated with One and the Same…it’d be awesome for another one though.

  • Soph

    I hate this girl. She is just so fake.

  • bee

    aren’t they no longer friends?

  • Darius

    Wow she’s looking good.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    They aren’t friends – they had a huge falling out over back stabbing and Selena refuses to be friends with a back stabber and be used for fame. Although neither one of them get that much publicity other than on tween gossip sites.


    My girl Demi ! Looking beautiful but what’s with the sunglasses? It looks like these were taken at night so.. hm.

  • bill

    selena is pissed at demi cause she used her for fame i think, i love selena gomez!!!!!!!!!!


    @bill: That is such a lie. Demi and Selena were friends long before either of them were famous. They met when they were like 7.

  • Aly-0127

    @C@$HVILLE: this are joe jonas sun glasses… really, it looks like they were his.

  • demiisthebest

    she sexy! i love her outfit
    team demi forever :)

  • Katherine

    I actually read on some magazine,i think it was J-14,that Demi and Selena are not friends anymore.Something about them having a feud of some sort.But i dont know.
    TEAM DEMI alllll the wayy ! <3
    && That wouldnt be a song i would want to listen too,i mean,i LOVE Selena Gomez but her and Demi’s voices dont mix well together.
    Demi is better off collaborating with Drake.Which she stated she would love to do a single with him.Now THATS something i would want to listen to.

  • isabella

    yeah i heard they aren’t friends anymore…after demi responded with the “ask taylor” when a fan asked “how’s selena doing?” last year. i wonder what happened :(

  • Lauren

    i thought they weren’t friends anymore…. :/

  • nessa

    haha demi never used selena, get over it kids.

    Demi is a serious singer and musician, Selena is not.

    Crap happens, but maybe someday they will be friends, again.

  • nessa

    and demi is not fake, if anything she is the most REAL out of all the disney kids.

    They try to change her, but she doesn’t let it happen. She knows who she is and she OWNS it.

  • ThatGirl

    Why would they collaborate? They aren’t friends.

  • ktawnyy

    they should! they have kind of gone their separate ways, and it would be nice to see them together again.

  • ella

    Of course we all want!! Their last collab song was when they filmed PPP. I hope, there will be one on Demi’s next album or maybe a sequel of PPP!!! :))

  • michelle

    of course!!!people that say that demi or selena suck..back off.they OWN their own life…they can do whatever they want to do…

  • fanybecks

    Demi used that selena for fame?? seriously haters, that’s just so stupid. Demi has got some serious talents and got nothing to do with Selena because OBVIOUSLY Demi is a way better entertainer. get it!

  • haley

    fist she used Selena for fame then dumped her once she gets into tinsel town. Can’t stand this fame-hungry w.h..ore.

  • liri92

    you guys say demi has not changed.. she changed a lot. I really love her singing.. and I really lover her as a person back in 2008 but she sincerely changed.. she changed for the worse.. I mean everybody knows that she and selena arent friends anymore.. why is she lying us that their friends when their obviously not in her webchat.. 2 months ago.. !!!!!!! they should be honest with their friends…..

  • http://twitter//lovedemi4ever loveDEMI4ever

    nooo waay….demis voice is juust sooooo muuch better than selenas.selena songs have no meanings.but demi sings powerful and her voice is not fake like selenas…TEAM DEMI <3

  • http://twitter//lovedemi4ever demi=thebest

    demi is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than selena.selena should stick 2 demi 4 ever <33333333333

  • Trix

    Yes, yes, and YES! THEY SHOULD! They both have really goooood voices. And I love them together. And maybe the collaboration MIGHT rebuild their destroyed friendship. :> I mean, they should be bestfriends again, because they’ve been friends for almost ten years! They only wasted their friendship. :| And Miley belongs to Taylor. But Miley, Taylor, Selena, and Demi must have a collaboration too since all of the JoBros [excluding Kevin] dated them and broke up with them. :))


  • http://@yclept_nj Yclept_Nj

    @bill: This is totally below the belt. There can’t be a way Demi’s using Selena ’cause they started acting at the exact same time. And FYI, it was 7-year old Demi who offered Selena her jacket so they could color together during the Barney auditions.

  • Jesse

    i wish..! :(
    i miss demi & selena together so much!!!!

  • Koree

    @Andrea: I know what they’re talking about I was saying that they have collaborated already so if they did it wouldn’t really be anything new just simply another collaboration. Since they don’t really talk anymore I don’t see the point

  • blahblah

    @Soph: i totally agree with you! FAKE-

  • blahblah

    @Soph: i totally agree with you. FAKE- best word to describe demi.

  • http://Danialove07 Dania

    W.T.H?? Demi didn’t use Selena for fame! wt are u talking about? Are u freaking serious! Get a better excuse haters! Demi didn’t use Selena for fame! Why won’t u say Selena is using Taylor for fame? I know it sounds stupid but what you’re saying sounds JUST as stupid. (and we can’t start talking crap about what happenned between them, bc we are not them and we don’t know what actually happenned!)

  • brittany

    @Soph: @Soph:

    shut up haley whatever demi is not fake she s truthhful she have selena is fake not her demi is amazinggggggg

  • liltwist


    Selena’s music sells more BUT Demi is a better singer BUT Selena is a good singer and way way WAY better in acting
    so Selena is the girl with more talents ;)

    I don’t like Demi she looks fake and ugly…I hate Disney and all but I love Selena cauz she’s cute and talented!

  • haley


    yeah Selena’s songs have no meaning yet it sells way more than Demi’s music and Selena’s music career get more recognition outside of the disney world. Naturally and Round&Round are on mainstream music. Naturally hit plantinum while none of Demi’s music has ever hit gold. Not to mention that Demi’s tour flops hard.

  • jessy

    Selena Gomez is a dirty animal!
    Selena is nothing but a backstabber and a hater!


    Selena Gomez can’t even sing, her songs are autotuned to death!
    Plus Selena Gomez looks like a pug that was mutilated.

  • Maya

    i heard that they fell out bcuz one of Selena fam members was bad mouthing Demi and Selena didnt try to help her take up for herself! but watever Demi is a much better singer, she has a very soulful voice! TEAM DEMI♥

  • rachael

    well, she could’ve been a little more polite about it.

  • BUNNIE1303

    well im confused about their past, but if it turns out as good as one and the same then sure, why not!

  • meiner

    if demi lovato such a great personality, why she always hangs around with the jonas.
    even a voiceless selena gomez is interesting

  • blahblahblah

    team anything but selena but i love demi so talented :)

  • haley

    i heard that they fell out bcuz one of Selena fam members was bad mouthing Demi and Selena didnt try to help her take up for herself! but watever Demi is a much better singer, she has a very soulful voice! TEAM DEMI♥

    Demi is an idiot thinking Selena would choose her side over her own family. I’m sorry, if any of my relatives are on a feud with my bestfriend, I will sided my relatives without thinking twice. Why? because they’re family. Selena is very protective of her family and she’s family oriented. It’s not like Demi is married to Selena that Selena must have the need to defend her. Demi’s being whiny as usual sells the personal feud to the press just to get attention. Just like how she keeps blabbing about her relationship with Joe which causes them to break-up. Joe is always private about his relationships. Demi ruined it by selling the news to the press.

  • Deedee

    I would love to see them collaborate. I love both of them even though they aren’t best friends anymore, I think it’d be a good song.
    And about they’re whole fued thing…nobody should really care what happen. Whatever happened, happened.
    Other then that, I love Demi’s outfit so much, I wish I could just take it right from the computer. x{D
    I know this has nothing to do with the post but I wish Demi was more independent. Like, you ALWAYS see her with the Jonas Brothers. (I don’t mean like they are always hanging out or anything. I mean career wise) I want to see Demi do something without the Jonas Brothers being involved this time, you know? I would ADORE it if she did a movie not made by disney or maybe did like a new album or something. idk. that’s just me. :{D

  • melissa

    demi is so beautiful
    miss semi…delena…

  • gabish

    iria ser legal se a Demi e a Sel fizerem uma musica juntas, afinal elas são melhores amigas, iria marcar muito. Uma vez melhores amigas, sempre melhores amigas … a não ser que aconteça algo de errado, dai .. amigas nunca mais, talvez colegas ..

  • Maureengonzales

    my best friend and i used to look up to demi and selena, but i guess demi got caught up in the whole “hollywood” act and they stopped being friends. i’ll never forget the whole “ask taylor” thing and i think niether will selena.

  • swiftfan

    Selena is just a natural and that is why even if she does not have a great voice people love to see her and talk about her…I’m the biggest taylor swift fan and believe me Selena does not need her to be famous they are just great friends because they are very alike they both work really hard and try to be good role modes….I have both of Demi’s Cds but it sucks that you always see her everwhere (with the jonas brothers,talking about this and that) but never singing she has vocal talent but sometimes that is not enough.