Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Vacation in Maui!

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Vacation in Maui!

Longtime couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens keep it casual as they walk through LAX airport en route to their gate in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (August 19).

After a quick trip to NYC, the duo were off to Maui! Zac and Vanessa were already spotted enjoying the blue blue waters of the Pacific.

Zac was even seen taking Vanessa‘s picture as she galloped in the ocean.

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  • jazmin

    Finally a well deserve vacation for both. Hope they enjoy their time.

  • musicgirl

    hope we get more pics:D

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella

    I hope they’ll have a wonderful time together ♥

  • annie1st

    @musicgirl i hope not lol, the maui pics is enough he he , dont get me wrong i just dont want public invade their privacy again just like years before ^___^

  • bianca

    OMG sooo cute!!
    i Love what Vanessa is wearing

  • haley

    hope Joe and Ashley will last like this.

  • suzy

    they look cute.


    So cute! When are this two breaking up, they’ve been together for like FOREVER!
    But you gotta love them.

  • ehryle

    the BEST EVER COUPLES in young hollywood.. totally real and still going stronger relationship… Zac & Vanessa equals LOVE :)

  • peggy


    Why do you care when or if they are breaki up – people don’t always break up. Maybe you’re parents did and if they haven’t when are they going to?

    Zac not going to end up with you so what’s it to you.

    What a stupid question??

  • http://jjj marcy

    best couple ever

    love Vanessa

  • lalala

    haha i love them :) i hope they have a good time…im realllyy not liking zacs facial hair at alll D: it makes him look old….sorry zac. <3

  • http://jjj telma

    cute couple

  • mexx

    Ik hou van Vanessa. Vind het alleen maar goed zij zaggen niks over relatie. ‘k hoop ze blijven lang elkaar.

  • SUSAN1

    both look good! cute!! cute couple!

  • bobo ak

    the best couple

  • Emma

    @peggy: good job

  • Emma

    @MISSTRINDade: I find those people disgusting who want them to break up.

    They will be together forever

  • blahblahblah

    zac u mush shave, plzz but htere such a cute couple

  • Karen


    If you would check out some of the other comments and the links they have posted you would be able to see the pictures of Zac and Vanessa in Maui. There are not many pictures but the above link has the ones that everyone is talking about.

  • vfan

    I love Vanessa’s outfit, she’s soooo pretty!
    They both make a cute couple.
    I hope we get lots of cute pics. :)

  • http://JustJaredJr.-2 ZAC EFRON ×× DUAA
    بتوفيق الى زاك

  • daniel

    WOW vanessa ¡¡¡¡ the hawai picS are hoT

  • nikki


  • SUSAN1

    both look happy I’m sure they have great time together.
    nice to see them enjoying life.
    cute couple!!

  • susan1

    jjr. what happen to my comment always awaiting moderation.

  • jess!

    GORGEOUS couple is GORGEOUS!!


    aaaaaaaah! I know he’s not going to end up with me.
    And FYI yes, my parents did break up.. And what I meant was that they’ve been together for like forever and I think that’s great! I LOVE THEM, I am a zanessa freak..
    I am just being realistic here, usually hollywood couples don’t last long! But I love them and i dont want them to break up

  • jess!

    @Emma: DISGUSTING is your a*s, you f*cking slut! Shut the f*ck up you knopw nothing about me!

  • Unbelievable

    Here are more of them surfing. I knew zac could do this but look at Vanessa go.

  • jess!

    lol you….

  • lisa

    @peggy: you’re really annoying.

  • kami

    ♥ zac and vanessa surfing. how cool. the couple that plays together stays together. ♥

  • jess!

    so cute <3

  • shir

    this is the best couple!!!

  • pita

    oh those picture are really cute.
    vanessa and zac surfing together,i dont know that she can surf as well.
    I’m speechless when I saw those photos.
    adorable couple!!!

  • musicgirl

    @Unbelievable: aaaw soo cute<3

  • pita

    oh those picture are really cute!!

  • ZVfan

    love <3

  • ZVfan

    vanessa is so gorgeous

  • ZVfan

    fu*ck off

  • susan1

    Vanessa look amazing of that scarf.
    I’m sure they had great time in Maui!
    best couple!!

  • daniel

    i didn’t know that Vanessa surf ..BUT I don’t complain CUZ she looks VERY attractive doing it

  • ZVfan

    she look awesome!


    @jess!: want to say something???

  • Soni

    Thank you Karen, I found them.

  • Bella

    @MISSTRINDade: but her and zac are meant to be

  • carly

    I love the Hawaii pictures, so cute!
    Zac and Vanessa surfing couple =D

  • kyle

    The surfing duo with matching Honolua body shirts – cute couple!