Justin Bieber & Jessica Jarrell Go 'Overboard'

Justin Bieber & Jessica Jarrell Go 'Overboard'

Justin Bieber gets close with his tour mate Jessica Jarrell as they perform during his My World Tour at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Saturday night (August 21).

The duo performed “Overboard” on stage where they were seen holding hands, hugging and getting very close to a kiss.

Justin tweeted just this afternoon about performing at Air Canada Centre, “Not gonna lie…I’m tired but just HYPED right now!! Freakin ACC tonight!! WOW!! THANK U THANK U THANK U!! WOW. 3 years ago I was on the side of the street busking in Stratford for anyone who would listen….2nite we sold out the ACC!! NEVER SAY NEVER!”

25+ pics inside….

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Credit: Dominic Chan, Stephen Fernandez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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  • lena

    love this song!!! awesome stuff =)

  • LOLA

    I hope that girl is prepared for death threats from obsessed Justin Bieber fans.

  • Jenny

    @LOLA Exactly my thoughts.

    I know this isn’t anything to diss him about, and I’m not, but it looks odd that the girl is taller than him.

  • biikaa

    @Jenny: true… it just looks weird :S not being mean to justin or anything, i’m sure he’ll grow soon.

    @LOLA: bahaha my thoughts exactly

  • haley

    that girl is way too big for him to handle…

  • What’s up!

    @haley: And way to black … The biebs has said many times that he prefers “to date a vanilla, cause he loves vanilla” lol although with a comment like that you can’t help but hope he was joking

  • Daniella!!

    Not to be rude but she looks way older than 15 maybe 25. wowww

  • haley

    I think she is 2 years older than him…her profile says she’s born on 1992, i could be wrong though…

  • tina

    Waits for the insecure Bieber girls to rip into this innocent girl.

  • kendra

    no she’s actually 14 u could look it up

  • bridget

    wow… not to be mean to JB or anything but tht grl is way to good for him itz kinda funny caz she is taller than him..

    @lola i deffentaly agree

  • Jasmine



  • Bibi

    nope, jessica is 15

  • Jaz

    Nah, she’s 15. Her birthday’s in January :]

  • eula paula

    hello justin!!!!! my name is eula paula i like you, i like music down to eart. kiss

    i love you forever MY LIFE IS YOU

  • does it matter?

    She’s 15, and THEY ARE NOT DATING. She said she would never date him, plus she’s not ALLOWED to date. And she actually doesn’t get death threats from any of his fans. She’s an amazingly sweet and talented girl :) I met her at Justin’s concert in Nashville during the VIP party. She’s so sweet and her music is AMAZING<3 She’s going to be HUGE:) Up and Running is her current single so request it:)
    And she’s only an inch taller then him, she’s not that tall, even next to me and I’m 5’1″
    So basically, they’re just good friends, and she’s super nice, and I’m a HUGE fan! And they do this at every concert, it’s part of the “Act” haha

  • http://@Bieberfavgirl96 Jbismylife

    I hate jessica but i love my justin bieber <33333

  • marimadness

    @jbismylife lets count that as one death threat….just playin. Im surprised the beaver fans arent goin crazy over the allegations cuz last time it was about kim k they went CRAZY and that was AFTER the “my new gf” post then again i was probably on oceanUP :P beaver fans will be ridiculed FOREVER cuz the death threat situation hahaha :P @tina HAHAHAHAHAHAHA so true

  • glammergirl

    @does it matter?:
    i totally agree with you! she is so sweet! and i love her songs! shes not even that much taller than him. it does not matter because its part of the act!

  • viviana

    well i think people gave kim death threats cuz shes just not likable. Shes famous for nothing… but i love jessica and bieber theyre both super talented

  • http://twitter mrs.bieberfever

    look justin bieber is like boy trying to date girl he don’t never like or is he a girl i think it’s a girl because it sang like a girl who is she or he whatever it is i don’t care i hate justin bieber hate to hear or said it’s name

  • in ur face :)

    @what’s up!

    okay wake up and smell the chocolate honey i don’t think they are dating but for your sake i hope they are! And there are many inner racial cupples so get used to it !!! have a nice day :)

  • http://tess95 tere

    I freaking hate her D:
    & she’s ougly uggh!
    Justin i love yoou<3

  • N.o

    haha. bieb’s new girl is taller than him.lol.but she shouldnt go with that loozer!

  • just being meee!!!

    ok noo commenting bad stuff to me!!! THIS IS MY OPINION AND I A NOT GONNA TAKE CRAP!!!!!! Ok i think that they are cute together!! DONt EVEN SAY NO THEY ARE NOT!!!! i am serious

  • http://twitter.com/iLuvBiebsToBitz angeelindehowz

    @LOLA: haha Yess Me and My friend Included ;]

  • emma

    he said he loves any color of skin if he likes u he likes you

  • http://paperjamz akyia

    OH MY GOSH !!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://allaboutsmariagomez.webs.com Alexis

    @Jbismylife: y do u hate jessica????????????

  • http://allaboutsmariagomez.webs.com Alexis

    @tere: y do u hate her????????

  • http://allaboutsmariagomez.webs.com Alexis

    i enjoyed the concert at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. It was very good, and there were many special guests. When i saw that justin bieber and jessica jarrell did that, i thought “wow, that’s amazing how they do that.” i know that thye will never date because he’s a year older than she is. they make a cute couple, but i know it’ll never happen. i’m a justin bieber and a jessica jarrell fan i think they both are amazing :) <33

  • amira

    she is sooooooooo pretty……

  • yo

    i love jessica she seems like a really nice girl i loved her voice so sweet and pretty and fit well with justin’s.
    and i think they look really good together unlike, say, selena and justin or miley and justin who looked just awkward.

  • sAY wHAT!!!

    Keep LIVING,LOVING, and LEARNING, it’s how we grow.

  • J mac

    All u guyz r gay ur rly trippin over if jb haz a gf if u ask me lil dude needz one

  • AllieBear

    well…. he is a player [; but its part of the act, just like jasmine v’s i think justin should find a girl out of showbiz, maybe, because his perfect girl could be out there! hope he finds her. your his fans so we should all be happy for him even if its just a lil crush! :D

  • Justin bieber fan(:

    Jessica is 14 righht??? Shes just a kid, dont send her death threats! And Justin and her are best friends she said. They wouldnt date. !! :P

  • zaryia

    i think they would be a cute couple i have seen one when they were performing and they were closer in the face and they could have kissed it was so cute :) i have a boyfriend so im not mad or anything but i still love jb i would luv to be good friends with him :)



    Actually, this girl’s got CRAPLOADS OF TALENT !! I would NEVER diss her. Besides, the people who do the show stuff for Justin and Jessica ask them to perform like that.

  • http://vanessa youssra

    i love justin so match

  • bieberfan

    no one gives jessica death threats because she’s a likable girl. i personally like kim and think she’s cute but i can understand why people would find her annoying and ditzy. jessica is not. she is a very focused, mature, serious yet totally sweet girl. she doesnt use justin for fame and was friends with him when he wasnt famous, like 3 years ago. that’s why people love jessica.

  • give

    give it up for slaystin kingber!! and that floparrell needs to gtfo!

  • avammaorisk

    Howdy fellas! How will you be now?