Taylor Schilling: Zac Efron's 'Lucky' Leading Lady

Taylor Schilling: Zac Efron's 'Lucky' Leading Lady

Taylor Schilling has officially been named as Zac Efron’s new love interest in the upcoming The Lucky One, according to THR.

Zac, 22, plays a Marine who’s survived three tours of duty in Iraq and attributes his good luck to a photograph he carried of a woman (Schilling) he doesn’t even know. When he returns to the States, he sets out to find her.

The role was originally marketed and sought after among young Hollywood. Abbie Cornish and Katie Cassidy were both said to audition for the role which ultimately went to Taylor.

WHAT TO DO YOU THINK of Taylor Schilling’s casting?

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  • justine

    dont like it. lmfaoo! she looks too old for him!

  • Jessica

    Too old? She’s 26. Holy crap! She’s 9 months *younger* than me! Now, I feel old and like I haven’t done anything w/ my life. Lol!

  • amy

    agreed. i know she’s only 3 years older than him, but there are several threads on imdb about how people can’t believe she’s only 26. she looked way older than her age on mercy.

    she looks like she could be his big sister, not his love interest.

  • renee

    I don’t know enough about her, acting ability wise.

    Personally, it doesn’t look like a good fit. She looks too old for the character, as based in the novel, even though she is close to Zac’s age. Her appearance looks more like someone in their 30′s. Nope – definitely not the right choice.

    I think this casting was a mistake.

  • Math_Lover

    thanks god, they didn’t go to Abby cornish.. or she would steal Zac behind Vanessa’s back.. lol

  • Peggy

    It was never said that either actress auditioned just that they were being considered.

  • gracemarie

    I do find it hard to believe that with her resume (Bright Star, Eliizabeth the Golden Years) and just working with Robert DiNero
    that Abbie Cornish would have gone after a Nicholas Sparks film

    I never read anywhere that she read for it. I wonder if JJ is just assuming

  • zanessa/scashley

    I think she looks really pretty.. but I do have to agree with @amy: ..she looks like she can be his big sister.. but we’ll see what happens. Anyway, I can’t wait to see Zachary in this movie. Sounds great !

  • lily

    umm sorry no she looks too old for him. Can’t they find someone more close to his age?

  • http://twitter.com/mikeh266 mike

    lucky lady

  • sarvenaz

    they don’t really look like they would mesh well together but who knows. also she does seem a little old for the role of his love interest. i hope it all works out.

  • Katty

    I think Katie Cassidy would have been a better choice, but maybe the girl is supposed to be older than him in the movie? Like, isn’t she a mom in the movie? I haven’t gotten around to reading the book but I want to. I also think Abbie Cornish would have been good because they already know each other through V don’t they?

    We don’t know everything that is going on the movie even though it is a movie. Maybe that is why Zac is growing a beard, to look older for the role. Maybe he’ll have it throughout the whole movie to make him look older in general. Who knows?

  • Katty

    Maybe that is just a bad picture of her. Sometimes what you wear and how you do your hair and make up make you look older or younger.

    I found this pic of her where she looks younger, and actually very pretty:


  • Louise

    Toooooo old!!!

  • Meg

    I’m the same age as her, but now I get it when people say I don’t look my age. I get mistaken for 20 all the time.

  • lucy

    The chick from Mercy?? Wow, I always thought she was in her mid-30s. How in the heck are they going to make this work? Already not thrilled that Zac’s doing a Sparks movie but was hoping that there would be good casting, etc. Not sure what they are all thinking.

  • Peggy


    That’s also a older picture and very airbrushed.

    She looked different a bit older on Mercy. Well we will see

  • Zanessafanforever

    She looks too old for this part.
    I personally want to see Vanessa opposite Zac in this film :)

  • Katty

    You’re all a bunch of debbiedowners!! Have some faith, will you?

  • Katty


    They’ve said that they will work together in the future, but only for the ‘perfect’ role.

    Personally, about what I’ve heard of Snabba Cash, I think V should be his opposite in that. It sounds really good and they have great chemistry together, obviously.

  • dee3d

    she has average face..nothing special really. btw, is it another drama for him?

  • Katty


    Yeah, it’s a drama. I haven’t read the book, but I know that. I can’t wait until he moves on to deeper roles like Snabba Cash and Fire and Einstein Theory. He needs a MALE fanbase. His female fanbase is doin’ just fine.

  • http://twitter.com/officalvstyle abby

    I have one question: who is she? I’ve never heard of her!!! O_o

  • duuumm

    well, she certainly fits the character in the book, but she just looks a bit too old for zac. or rather, zac looks too young for the part.

  • http://twitter.com/officalvstyle abby

    @Katty: She looks like a young Kelly Preston in that photo. I do agree she seems too old to be playing Zac’s love in the film. Maybe they will do somethings in the film to make her look younger (they do that a lot) so I guess we’ll have to see…

  • http://twitter.com/officalvstyle abby

    @duuumm: They most likely will change the storyline like they did in CSC. In CSC Zac was suposed to be in his late 20′s but they changed it so Zac could play the part. That is most likely what will happen here as well.

  • Unlucky

    I used to watch “Mercy” and this lady was paired up with a 40 yr old guy which she looked fine with. But Zac she looks old enough to be his Mom. Based on looks alone she looks too old for Zac unless
    she’s supposed to be 15 years older. Kinda tired of the older woman younger man film. I know it says she’s 26 but no way does she look it
    We’re supposed to believer this woman is beautiful enough in a picture to have this guy come home and look for her? I don’t know if WB made zac do this but I truly feel Zac is “The Unlucky One”

  • birdie

    Good luck on this one Zac. Have to wait to judge.

  • kami

    ♥ they picked her cause she tried out for the part and her acting was the best. she’s one yr older than ashley tisdale. and 3 yrs older than zac. not like she’s ancient. ♥

  • Katty


    I agree, some people would be amazed by what Hollywood’s hair and make up people can do to someone to make them look older or younger. I have faith.

  • jess!

    abbie cornish is too good for this movie

  • http://twitter.com/officalvstyle abby

    @kami: Yes but you have to remember Ashely looks SUPER young for her age. She looks like she’s abotu 19 years old. Zac kinda looks young for his age as well. I think he he tries (wears the right cloths and has his hair the right way) he can look his age or maybe even older.

    I think they will most likely try and make Zac look older and her look younger therefore they balence eachother out.

  • rainbower


    aww yeah me tooo!!! that wud be sooo cute

  • Londonlemming

    I have faith in the casting.Wb and the director and producer have obviously seen that Zac and Taylor have chemistry together as Zac will have had to have done a screen and chemistry test together.

    Zac is meant to be playing an OLDER guy in this movie.If I remember correctly he is playing a 28-30 year old so it makes sense that the female lead would also be older.Also Taylor’s character is a single Mom who has a ten year old son.So yet again it needs someone who looks a little more mature.

    This adaption is based on a novel which is about characters that have already experienced life.

    This role should be an interesting challenge for Zac and all you “fans” should trust in him to take roles which he feels he can bring something to,instead of judging and critisising needlessly like your doing over this.You don’t like the sound of this movie?big deal.it’s zacs career and his choice.So have some respect.

    The movie is slated start shooting in New Orleans October 4 and wrap mid December.

  • http://www.twitter.com/BabyBooZanessa BabyBooZanessa

    This will be a good movie !

    Goodluck to Zac !

  • Chanon

    That looks like someone who could be his mom… but honestly even though I’m a fan of Zac, I don’t think he should have been chosen as the leading role. :/ They’re gonna have to do a lot of stuff to make Zac look older and make that Taylor chick look younger.

    God, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Zac Efron. (+Vanessa Hudgens=Zanessa)

  • Katty


    I agree with you and thank you for the filming information. I was wondering about that myself.

  • Mia

    Hmmm, I don’t think she & Zac will make a good onscreen chemistry, it just doesn’t fit and she also looks too old..But Zac will make it work, I believe=D

  • Natz

    @londonlemming glad someone said exactly what you just did! Thank you!
    Personally, I like the sound of this film, Does everyone sound so downbeat about it because they think it won’t be good/wont work, or just don’t like the sound of it and therefore criticize it?
    Also, is this movie and zacs casing 100% confirmed? Thanks

  • kelly

    I don’t think zac efron is old enough for the role because in the book the man in is his 30′s

  • Karen

    I don’t understand why immediately so many people go out to be so negative. Some people pick everything to death. The part of Beth is suppose to be a little older than the character of Logan. Logan however has seen so much of the hard side of life and is very introspective that he seems much older than his years.

    I think Taylor looks older than her 26 years—sorry Taylor—but she has a BA in acting and so she should know what she is doing. There is such a thing as the “make-up” department at Studios that many times work wonders. So perhaps before everyone gets down on Taylor—like they did on Amanda Crew when she was first announced—you should cut her some slack—especially if you have no clue what the book is about.

    There are some intense battle flashbacks in the book which if the screenplay is written well could be very good and give Zac a new dimension to his acting. And I don’t see how they can gloss over these scenes as they are very important to the story. And the picture of Beth wasn’t like she was so beautiful that the character of Logan goes on the hunt for her as soon as he gets home. It’s just that once he fines the picture of this lady, his luck changes in everything he does. He survives battles where he friends are killed and he wins at poker, etc. He also does not go looking for her right away. He loses his best friend and he is home for a while before he is inticed enough to look for her. There’s a lot involved and can be really good if the adaptation from book to screen is good.

  • Luckyyo

    Why her?! She doesn’t suit to be Zac’s lead lady. I was hoping it to be Vanessa. I want the both of them to be cast together again. If not, someone better? Not Taylor. -.-

  • Audrey

    I love that book! Although they are suppose to be older like 30 something cause she is suppose to have a 9 year old kid or was it 11?

  • Andrea

    I can’t believe she’s only 26! I watched Mercy and thought she was at least 32. I think she’ll be a good actress because she played a great character on Mercy. Maybe they’ll try to age Zac a bit because they are supposed to be late 20s in the book. Maybe thats why he’s sporting that fugly mustache – to get people to think of him as older.

  • http://www.gmx.co.uk tam-zin

    holy sh!t! she looks about 32-35 years old! she’s only 26?! omg! this is gonna look sooooo weird on screen!

  • peggy


    Why are you always gung ho whether its right or wrong. Sometimes studios and directors make mistakes. No one can say anything without you jumping to Zac’s defense whether he needs it or not.

    Having a BA in acting doesnt mean you can act it means you took acting classes. I took piano lessons for years I’m still not Arthur Rubinstein and never will be. Taking acting in college means nothing except you might be able to teach later. If going to college was a sign of talent then almost all the actors in Hollywood including Zac would have to go home

    Some of you defended the Amanda Crew choice to the nines but if you go back to the CSC reviews only a small percentage of all those critics even noticed she was in the film beyond her name. Reason? She didnt make an impression with them big enough for most of them to care to review her.

  • Natz

    @Karen: You always phrase things so well! Thank you, half of that were the exact thoughts that were in my mind!

  • corey

    I am rather perplexed as to why Zac chose this film…. I mean for the whole press run of Charlie St. Cloud he kept saying how he was wanting to spread his wings and try something different and not be type cast. He is growing his facial hair and talking candidly about strip clubs so as to appeal to more his age group but then choosing a Nicholas Sparks film…. is kind of going backwards I think. Sure…he will probably do a good job but if he really wants to break the mould he has been so set in then The Lucky One will not help. Charlie St. Cloud has already received critical reviews about the film but positive about his acting ability….he should feel confident in the reviews to reach for more than another lost in love story?


  • sunny

    I read this book and it was awful. This shouldn’t even be a lifetime movie. I don’t think it even has enough substance for lifetime channel either actually. Bad move all around to get this one in cinemas.

  • Karen


    Why don’t you take a hike? Don’t be going on about what I say in defense of someone or saying something is right or wrong when all you ever do is insult people in the crudest way possible. You insult posters mothers and make it sound like nobody has any sense or are so below your station in life. You are just down right mean, disrespectful, and hateful to those who you don’t deem worthy of your time. You sound no better in your replies than those you think you are “straightening out” on a matter who is probably misinformed or just seeking attention OR just being as hateful and mean spirited as you.