Ashley Tisdale & Aly Michalka: Chat About Cheering

Ashley Tisdale & Aly Michalka: Chat About Cheering

Check out this first look at Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka in the September 2010 issue of Nylon mag, thanks to

In the full article, both girls talk about their backgrounds in the world of athleticism. Aly shared, “I was in competitive dance companies when I was a teenager, and heavily involved in hip-hop and free-styling. I would never have imagined myself being on a cheerleading show. I am the last girl on earth you would point out and say, ‘She’s the cheerleader type’ because I am much more the Marti — that kind that hands back and isn’t part of the crowd, who paves her own path.”

Ashley shared about taking on the role, “I felt like The CW was the right fit for me and my audience and growing and moving on a bit from the High School Musical franchise. I read all of [The CW] scripts, and this was the only one I went out for. It’s a lot of fun! It’s really juicy.”

Check out the full article at!

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Credit: Marvin Scott Jarrett; Photos: Nylon Mag
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  • Kourtney


  • Matheus Campos

    only 15 days for the Hellcats premiere!!!

  • Kourtney

    i love ashley, but i dont support the sharpay movie :S

    Cant wait for Hellcats! finally something about cheer!
    They Look gorgeous in the magazine!

  • ashytisdalefan

    Oh wow they look AMAZING! Can’t wait for Hellcats! :D

  • Lala11

    haha, moving and growing on from the high school musical franchise. yeah sure, that’s why she did sharpays adventures loool
    she will always be a poor disney girl cuz nobody wants to put her in mature roles. no wonder when shes always doing teen stuff like cheerleading and playing sharpay.
    i have no problem with this but she shouldnt say she will move on cuz she defenetly wont.

  • shiko

    hot ashley !!!!!

  • federico

    Aly Michalka will nicht auf den Ruhm von Ashley hängen! Nylon-Magazin herauskam und jetzt gehen aus auf dem Cover der Zeitschrift Seventeen

  • federico

    Aly Michalka not want to hang on the fame of ashley! Nylon magazine came out and now are going out on the cover of Seventeen magazine

  • ZJ207

    @Lala11: You think that Ashley doesn’t get daily offers for mature roles?
    She’s just too smart to take them immediately.
    Hellcats will big huge, and all critics have been saying that. You have no clue on what u’re saying.
    Have u even seen the show?! how do u know it’s not more mature than HSM?

  • ZJ207

    I think they have been doing great with the promotion, and those two are amazing together from what I’ve seen so far.
    And guys would you read the whole sentence? She said that growing “a bit”. She doesn’t just go like, nude all of a sudden.

    She’s looking gorgeous, and so mature in the spread! Can’t wait for all the others :)

  • http://deleted kary

    awww looks sooo AMAZING :D

  • rachel

    does anyone know when sharpay’s adventures

  • Avril

    I love that picture!!!!
    can’t wait for Hellcats!!!!
    only 15 days??? YAY!!!!

  • slicknickshady

    Alyson Michalka is beautiful. She has always been a great actress. Ever since Phil of the future. Her and Raviv Ullman had great chemistry. I love them! ♥

  • Christine


    You actually think that Ashley is getting mature role offers and she’s turning them down to do things like Hellcats and Sharpay’s Great Adventure? Get real. You don’t walk out of Disney and just get handed the big stuff. You have to earn it, either by auditioning for bigger movies or taking on smaller roles that prove you have what it takes. Hellcats could be a success, or it could fizzle out like most CW shows. Time will tell. But I highly doubt she’s getting anything better than teen roles.

  • mike

    they are so amazing love them

  • ZJ207

    @Christine: Teen roles is what she WANTS to do. Read a couple of interviews of hers. She just wants to do those roles until she feels ready for other, more grown up, roles.
    She still has the time, she’s young and looks even younger. “Hellcats” isn’t another teen stupid series. It has real drama, the show is getting great ratings and critics are loving it. But the show is about teens. So that’s her point. She’s playing teenagers but it’s different then her HSM kind of teens.

  • tin

    Ashley looks gorgeous in the picture <3
    I can’t wait to see Hellcats (:

    All haters, just shut up, Ashley is great and she knows exactly what she’s doing, or she wouldn’t be so successul!
    At least she’s not making weird movies like her “BFF” to break out from the image that made her famous, Ash is just too smart for that.

  • tin

    Ashley looks gorgeous in the picture <3
    I can’t wait to see Hellcats (:

    All haters, just shut it, Ashley is great and she knows exactly what she’s doing, or she wouldn’t be so successul!
    At least she’s not making weird movies like her “BFF” to break out from the image that made her famous, Ash is just too smart for that.

  • Jannii

    Ashley looks so great there!
    Love how her lips looking there <3
    hopefully we will get the shoot soon!
    cant wait for seventeen mag cover and American Cheerleader cover.. TODAY!

  • ZJ207

    Did I mention how much I LOVE her hair there? <3 It’s just really amazing! :D

  • Taya

    beautiful <3

  • Lala11

    whats wrong with you? is it really that bad to do other movies like the ones u started with.. should vanessa (are u too stupid to write the name?) always play roles like gabriella? its her own thing to play a prostitute, a stripper girl or just a girl who falls in love with “a beast”. at least shes moving on like she told all her fans!

    ive no problem with ashley and the projets shes doing. but lol shes the oldest disney girl and even selena gomez is doing more serious stuff like ashley.
    but its ok when ashley wants that, then its totally great for her.
    but I agree with @christine
    she wont get any better and mature offers like all the teen stuff and shes not smart to not take them immediately (thats ridiculous) she just doesnt get one!
    and i dont care if hellcats is a drama or not.. but sharpays fabulous andventures is defenelty the biggest disney shit ever and she even produced it looool
    vanessa was supposed to do the cameo as gabriella but she was too smart to say no to that shit.. thank god!
    but hey i understand to do such a teeny movie when the career is going down and down and down, whos still caring about ashley? no one!

    she will end up as the oldest disney girl ever! but of course she WANTS it

  • EFFY

    @ZJ207: Hellcats hasn’t even aired YET and CW shows don’t get great ratings.. so why on earth are you lying? why are you saying it gets great ratings?
    it’s not even her show, she costars in it. it’s not the lead role. so.. you’re wasting your time defending someone who will be on Disney in her late 20s..

  • EFFY

    @ZJ207: Umm.. ashley isn’t getting daily offers for mature roles. If she was, she wouldn’t do a Disney TV spin-off at the age of 25.. the movie will air when she’s 26 years old. So.. meh. Maybe she’ll become an A-Lister in her 30s. Who knows, anything is possible. But right now, in her late 20s, her career doesn’t look good.

  • Charaze

    Guys, it’s never our decision on what role or movie/series Ashley wants to play. In the end, it’s still going to be here decision. Besides, she’s the actress here not us!

    If Ashley was smart enough to choose High School Musical that shot her to bigger fame, then, she must have chosen Hellcats for the same reason that she feels this will become a hit.

    Ashley has always known what she’s doing and I think we should give her credit for that.

    And FYI… she is an A-lister EFFY.

  • ZJ207

    @EFFY: First, I meant critics. I’m sorry.
    Second, why do you think that taking a role of a teen doesn’t make you an A-lister?
    The movie Juno was focused in a college with teen characters got an oscar (or at least nominated). Ellen Page became an A-Lister because of it.
    I don’t care how old Ashley is. She still got the looks of a young girl. she can still pull off those roles.
    I don’t know if ashley is or isn’t getting those offers, but she is happy with what she’s doing and that’s what matters. At least she still get some respect and doesn’t go too far to prove she’s not a Disney girl. She’s still doing what she can do and what her fans like her to do, but she’s moving away slowly…

  • ZJ207

    @Lala11: Please! No one cares about Ashley??? Now you’re talking series bullshit.
    And btw, Vanessa said she’d LOVE to make a cameo. Ashley was the one who denied it because “Vanessa was too busy with her own movies”. And at the time of the filming of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure (June) she was promoting Beastly which got later postponed for 2011.

  • ^^

    @EFFY: Her career is so good.
    Can’t wait for hellcats and sharpay’s fabulous adventures.
    She is disney girl and I proud of her shut up haters.
    I think all haters is nessa fan.
    she has great career.she has many projects.
    the last first time,slepless beauty,Holly, Jingles and Clyde and A Misfits Christmas.She will be succesful as always!
    she look gorgeous as always.

  • 123

    she is the best idol for me!
    she has great style and career!!!!!!!!!!!!
    can’t wait for her new projects!
    hellcasts and sharpay!
    go sharpay!
    shut up jealous haters!!!!!!

  • ^tisdale

    she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ^tisdale

    @ZJ207: I totaly agree with u.She maybe oldest disney girl.But we love her.And vanessa was disney girl.Dont forget nessa fan.

  • 777

    love her so much!
    she is my idol as always!!

  • paris

    love ashley so mcuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she is my angelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • paris


  • OHNEDich

    can’t wait for hellcats and sharpay’s fabulous adventures.

  • OHNEDich

    ashley look adorable<3

  • OHNEDich

    I want seventeen shoot.

  • andrea

    they look amazing<3

  • http://none gigi

    Honestly at the end of the day she is way more successful, powerful, rich and famous then everyone here posting shit about her so, kudos to you Ashley.

  • Thattisdalegirlfan

    Ash is amazing, this is a FAB shoot. Love this chick!

  • Thattisdalegirlfan

    @Kourtney: Maybe you should think about growing up yourself before advising others to do so.

    No offense but not everyone in Hollywood is dying to become the next Angelina Jolie. Some people genuinely enjoy acting as a craft, not as something to make them a big superstar who everyone loves and wants to be. So if Ashley is doing HSM4, she’s doing it because acting is her job and she loves it… acting is still acting, no matter who the target audience is or how glamorous it is or isn’t.

    You don’t know shit all about the industry so don’t embarass yourself by trying to career advise people who have been doing it for decades.

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    Seems kinda interesitng, maybe?
    But i wnt be watching it.
    & when have critics been saying its a hit?
    Didnt hear about this anywhere

  • Lala11

    I totally agree with @Effy
    and I dont talk bullshit.. its my opinion dont forget that!
    oh do you really believe any shit which is written @ZJ207? yeah vanessa was busy but it could also be she didnt want to do any disney stuff again.
    I dont care about ashley and what shes doing.. she should go on cheerleading and playing sharpay for here lifetime.
    but its sure she wont be any classy actress in the future.

  • effy

    @ZJ207: Ellen Page was 18-19 when she did Juno, she played the lead role in Juno (which is something Ashley doesn’t in Hellcats) and Juno was a big studio major theatrical program.

    And Hellcats hasn’t been getting great reviews from critics.

  • ZJ207

    “And Hellcats hasn’t been getting great reviews from critics.”
    Now I know you have no idea what you’re talking about.
    The show has been getting A’s and 5 stars almost everywhere.

  • courney

    ashley is the best!

  • msf

    Ashley Tisdale has her own production company called Blondie Girl Productions.
    How many mature a girl had to be, to criate your own empress?
    This is a great step, how many star had do this?
    Ashley IS a mature girl, and chose just a type of characters in movies is not a big deal. Anyone is obligate to do what every other people want to her do.
    And anyone need to be in the highest place to be happy, and happy is more important (Lyndsay Lohan e Britney Spear are good examples).
    If what Ashley is doing works for her, why change?
    I’m happy Ashley is’nt accepting the preassure of the showbis to be some kind of actress, like the most part of they, and I pray for her continue in the same way.
    Infortunattely, I now that it will not happen, but for now, I’ll fantasize…
    OBS.: Sorry my bad english, I’m Brazilian, had little practice.

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