Jaden Smith To Join Justin Bieber's MSG Concert

Jaden Smith To Join Justin Bieber's MSG Concert

Will Smith‘s son, Jaden Smith, will hop onstage during Justin Bieber‘s Madison Square Garden concert next Tuesday (Aug. 31) in New York City.

Justin invited Jaden to perform after the Karate Kid star joined him in his video for “Never Say Never,” one of the hit movie’s theme songs.

An MSG source revealed, “Special security arrangements are being made for Jaden, who will appear onstage, and his family, including Will, to be in the audience for the concert.”

Other guests listed for the show include Justin‘s tourmate Jessica Jarrell and Sean Kingston, who appeared in the “Eenie Meenie” video with Justin.

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  • Meow Meow

    EWWWW!!!! Hes looks like a girl…..

  • hiha

    ooh Jaden smith and his gf…. no wait….

  • yo_sista

    @hiha: lol – i wonder are they makeout buddies!!!!

  • good-one

    Off topic but very interesting, Max Keiser on Hollywood feudalism @ 6:35


  • http://jadennjoy.yolasite.com Joy Ellis

    Okay Now Jaden Smith Looks Nothing Like A Girl That’s All Yall So Is Talk About People…Your Not Perfect So Don’t Talk About Anyone Else..Hes Only 12 Years Old And What..Make Out Buddies Cmon Now Yall Stupid. Don’t Be Talking About him Cause He Getting Money And He Cute And Making Songs With JB He Smart All That First Of All Meow Meow Doesn’t Even Know How To Spell ” EWWWW!!!! Hes looks like a girl”….Don’t You Mean Eww He Looks..Duh 2nd Of All i Know I’m Typing Fast I Might Have Some Mistakes But I’m Not On The Computer Talking About Celebrities I’m Not Even Gonna Continue Cause I Don’t Feel Like Hearing The Bull Everybody Here Is Just hating On Him GET A LIFE..If Yall Talking About JB And My man Jaden Smith Then Why Yall Come Here?? Just To make A Stupid Comment..See ? Right There I Can Tell That Yall Are Low-Lives And Have Nothing Better To Do So Keep Your Stupid Comments To Yourself And i bet Soon As He Goes To This Concert Somebody Gonna Put It On http://www.Youtube.com And Yall Gonna Watch..So Just Shut up..Dismissed

  • jaden smith fanxxx

    you guys stop being rude 2 jaden please because i like him xxx

  • http://www.youtube.com jaden smith fanxxx

    don’t say anything rude please i love jaden thanks


    I would like to see this! I will beg my daddy to take me!! And FYI Jaden Msith does not look like a Girl!! What ever girl or boy says that Then they look like the oppisite gender that they are! lol! JK! bUT JUST BE NICE TO HIM HE’S YOUNG!!

  • http://@jasminevenus jadensmithrules

    i love jaden i went there and he gave me a autograph YAY im so happy

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  • http://ssssddddeeeetttt samantha

    i am jaden smiths BIGGEST fan ever, and if you think that of him he is who he is and your OPPION isn’t needed.

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