The Jonas Brothers: Welcome To Our Home!

The Jonas Brothers: Welcome To Our Home!

Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas open the gates to their home in Dallas, Texas in this video tour from Cambio.

The musical trio show fans just where they grew up and a few of their favorite hangouts around the city. You’ll also get a glimpse inside Joe‘s bedroom and the old apartment where they grew up before they were famous (all three boys shared a room).

After the tour, the boys make a stop at their favorite burger spot Love Shack, from Top Chef alum Tim Love, and then head over to the Texas Rangers Ballpark to get a behind the scenes tour of the stadium and to practice batting with the Texas Rangers batting coach, Clint Hurdle.

The Jonas Brothers: Welcome Home
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  • skye

    I ALWAYS wanted to see inside their house!!!

  • Erica S.

    AWSOME! :)

  • nathalia

    that was sooooo adorable… awesomw (:

  • nathalia


  • haylee

    Its not Joes room.. its Nicks room they show .. Joe doesnt live at home anymore!

  • lilysoocute

    Only Joe really lives in LA and only visits Dallas!

  • Cayley

    Its actually NICK’s room that you get a glimpse of..:)

  • Is it just me, or does Danielle always look sad now.

    Anyway their house is gorgeous.

  • abby

    I’m not exactly a big Jonas fan but if there is one thing I can say about them is they are super sweet and still VERY down to earth even after everything that has happen for him. Seem like really sweet guys.

  • abby

    @: I get the feeling she hasn’t 100% become ok with all the camera’s. This is all new to her and she seems like a pretty shy girl.

  • megan

    I agree that they still seem down to earth. I really like them, except all of Joe’s dating drama. I wish he would just stay single for awhile. Seems like he always has to be with someone, but never for very long. Anyway, the house is beautiful; and I love the mom!

  • katey

    Great video. Loved seeing Nick’s room and his baseball workout, as well as everything else.

  • Susan

    I think it’s speaks volumes of how much they appreciate where they came from. Not too many do and end up taking all that fame and fortune and throwing it away. Good for them. I admire them so much more now.

  • jennelle

    they are so sweet. this video reminded me of “A Day in a life of the jonas brothers” video. but the only thing that has changed is that their room is filled with awards and stuff haha. btw love gorgeous house

  • Lauren


    If Joe is happy, we all should be happy

    Joe is still sweet & down-to-earth

  • Louise

    i love them to death and all … but they really don’t have any taste when it comes to furniture :| ohgeez.

  • karla

    This is our house in Dallas, but they live in L.A, Nick, Frankie, Mom and Papa Jonas, live in one house, Kev and Dani live in other house, and Joe live alone

  • JMP

    Loved seeing Nick’s room and hearing him talk about his guitars and what he wrote on them. Nice pool table and the table tennis table. Oh and Mrs. Jonas talking about Nicolas, she is so proud of him, of all of them. I also love seeing Kevin’s face when he was showing his old room to Daniel.
    My favorite was the Batting practice, he is so happy with his sports, besides music, he is most pumped up with sports.

  • ella

    Finally!! This is like what I’ve been waiting for, for them to let the public see the inside of their mansion in Dallas. And oh..I felt happy when I saw the flag of my country, PHILIPPINES at the plaque of their “Jonas Brothers” and “A Little Bit Longer” albums. :))
    I love the video of the whole family having a dinner together with Grandpa & Grandma Miller. You gotta love the Miller-Jonas family! ^^

  • Phoe5be

    that’s the cutest little puppuy ever!

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    wow i expected their house 2 b out of this world, especially nicks room, but its jus a simple cozy home. i really lik it. funny how they r all wearin gray. LOL video was very warmin & simple. down 2 earth family. hope i c mor vids lik this….. much luv guys!!

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  • Milan Hundal 44444

    it’s pretty cool. poor guy’s, i’d feel pretty creeped out if i had ppl stariring at me while i ate!!! but i guess they’re used to it :P not a big fan of baseball but i guess thats cool too and BEAUTIFUL HOUSE!!!!

  • Chrisie

    Aww… Loved it

  • Taylor

    nick seems depressed XD

  • naomi

    I don’t know about danielle, but she doesn’t look happy! never.

  • raysa

    Haha listening to Nick Jonas say “crap” just made my day. xD

  • http://none kendra j bethune

    nice why are you showing off you’re house to fans and non fans the jonas brothers lifestlyles of the rich and famous did the same thing it was in 1981 -1990 with robin leech did nick jonas see it by chance

  • andy y cariito

    noss encantaa los Jonas y la pagina…firmamos desde el colegiio…pasen los correosss….!! xoxo :)

    Nick Jonas te partiis solo…

  • jonaslover101



    ı love nick jonas I can’t speak inglish be cause ı am from turkey


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