Jennette McCurdy: Country Music Strikes A Chord

Jennette McCurdy: Country Music Strikes A Chord

Jennette McCurdy‘s new EP, Not That Far Away, is out on iTunes now and rising on the country charts.

The 18-year-old actress/singer dished on just why she’s not a pop princess, meeting Faith Hill at a young age and telling a story with her album. Check it:

On why she chose country over pop: “It’s always been my favorite. I found that I could relate to it more than any other genre and I felt like it was so honest. It told stories like nothing else and it spilled everything right out on the table. There’s hardly a country song that plays that doesn’t make you smile and want to dance or want to make you have a tear trickling down your cheek, so for country music to evoke those kinds of emotions, I guess that’s what drew me towards it.”

On playing Faith Hill’s daughter: “I was into Faith Hill when ‘Breathe’ came out. I love that song. When I was seven, I actually did a music video where I played her daughter and was able to talk to her and see how nice she is. She really encouraged me at a young age.”

On her album telling people who she is: “I really wanted to just be honest to myself, stay true to myself with every song and deliver a CD that I felt reflected who I am as a person and tell the stories of my life because I feel that that’s what people will relate to the most. Country music strikes a chord in peoples hearts that makes you think ‘wow! I know exactly what they’re talking about. I felt that before.’ I wanted people to be able to feel the same thing and I felt that could only be accomplished if I really wrote what I knew.”

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  • TayBR

    Love Jennette!

  • Anibal

    <3 Great EP!

  • Ron

    Sometimes my life seems a lot like some weird really long movie by David Lynch. Today was one of those days. And Jennette managed to make me feel that was just a dream. Her music drags you up when you are down and lost, and reminds you why you are really here. To love and to be loved is why we are really here. And to help one another make it through our lives with as much joy as we can manage to gather up and share with others. I think Jennette knows that as well as anyone singing. I also think we may differ on how to make sense of it all, but she would give anyone I know a run for their money.

    She is smart and funny enough to know the only place she could break a guys heart is on the radio. At least according to the song. I am pretty sure that although I am going to listen to her songs, I am going to do my best to stay out of her path. It is obvious she could be really big trouble. I think she knows that. Your voice kills me, Jennette. Thanks for being. Really. “So Close,” makes me think of “The Richest One” by Toni Price. I think that is saying a lot, especially when I think there are lots of occasions I would prefer to hear “So Close.” Joy to you.

  • John

    You know, I have to say that it’s finally nice to see someone from Nickelodeon who has REAL talent….someone who actually sounds just as good live as in the studio…..not all manufactured, autotuned and untolerable!

    “Not That Far Away”, Jennette’s debut single, was adequate at best….a song released to radio to build up her newfound image in country music. Not soon after the fact, enter “Generation Love”, her current single released by her label Capitol Records Nashville, which in my opinion, has to be one of the best songs that Jennette McCurdy has ever wrote/sung so far. Another good listen off of her debut album “The Story of My Life” (expected release, Sept. 2011) is “Never Let Me Down”, which features a prominent mandolin and steel guitar fills throughout. I really hope that she goes places with her country music career because her vocals fits perfectly with this style of music, despite being born and raised in California. I wouldn’t doubt it if she eventually picked up a little “Southern Drawl” from being down in Nashville. I look at it this way, if it happened to former “Hootie & The Blowfish” frontman Darius Rucker, then I’m sure it could happen to Jennette just as quickly!

    Speaking of Darius, both him and Jennette performed a live cover of Jamey Johnson’s “In Color” not too long ago. Despite being at a faster than normal tempo, both harmonized and sang it very well! Rather than compose and sing a duet with a pop tart/trash like Miley Cyrus, Jennette should do another duet with label mate Darius Rucker, that’d be great!

  • Scott Gould

    I love Jennette’s single, “Not That Far Away”. I bought it and “Me With You” on iTunes. Watch this girl; she’s going to be the next Leeann Rimes! I nominate “Not That Far Away” for Song of the Year, and I predict that she’ll be performing at the CMAs next year.

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