Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Call It Quits

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Call It Quits

Miley Cyrus and her Last Song beau Liam Hemsworth have parted ways, according to Gossip Cop.

A source told GossipCop that they two called things off pretty recently and that Liam is completely single at the moment.

The duo had been dating since the end of filming The Last Song in Georgia in 2009. Miley is currently filming L.O.L. in Michigan with Ashley Greene, Tanz Watson, and Douglas Booth.

ARE YOU HAPPY OR SAD that Miley and Liam are over?

UPDATE: Liam‘s rep confirmed to US Weekly that he is back on the market.

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Credit: Kyle Rover; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • -just.bella.

    Didn’t think it would last.

  • dannnnny :)

    HELL NO!!!
    he was bad for her anyways

  • camry

    Aww they were so cute together!

  • gemma

    don’t worry, she’ll find someone new to date on the next film. and soon she’ll be saying how she never felt this way before, and how completely he gets her… celebs are really annoying like this. but i wonder how long until liam starts dishing out some info?

  • allycat

    He’s probably not too happy with her and her new beau costar acting the way they do on set..

  • hahahah

    lets just say i will be able to sleep tonight peacefully- without this knowledge

  • vanessa

    hahaha. how obvious.miley will never have a lasting relationship for awhile.

  • jenn

    no i want a statement from MILEY HERSELF to make it true

  • OMG!


  • http://smileyrox3 Bekah


  • ginna

    Aww.. sad – they were so cute together.. :(

  • Marcy

    I hope this isn’t true! :(

  • sam

    yeahhh, i’m “shocked” lol
    they’re cute, but liam can do better. come on lol
    i’m sure it was fun while it lasted for them

  • natalie

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive ben waitin months 4 this 2 happen!!!

  • Isabelle

    woooahh thought loads of “cyrus” followers were gonna comment on this xD knew it wouldnt last. i dont actually blame him for changing his mind :/

  • Kristina

    Aw :( Too sad.

  • M

    I could care less if they are.

    However, JJ, you took your source from something name gossip cop really?

  • kkdsantos

    i dont think so

  • natalie

    Thank God! I don’t like Liam, He never works and Miley pays all

    I love you Miley

  • http://lisssjb lisssy

    that sucks. they were really cute together.

  • fanofcelebs

    I don’t find it hard to believe….hard they barely see each other anymore.

  • layra

    Liam was trying to influence Miley way too much. But I’m sorry for her, she seemed happy with him :(

  • tati

    its about damn time!
    so many reasons why hes not good for her.
    she needs someone better
    someone who has more respect.
    “ya sure ill shove a little tongue in there whether she wants it or not”
    ya no. thank god hes gone!

  • belen

    nooo please!! I love this couple!

  • andy

    sooo sad i loved them togather. One word SHOCKED!

  • Emmaleigh

    @gemma: that’s true, but how many people out there that aren’t celebs gush over thinking that they’ve found ‘the one’? Don’t label it as something that only celebs do that you find annoying. Everyone tends to do that when they think that they’re with the right person.

  • nayara

    Noooooooo, they were so beautiful together!! Just when Miley talk about it I’ll believe ;)

  • kym

    i think they were moving way too fast in their relationship. and i never think relationships that form from business work out but thats just my opinion. they lasted for a while though and maybe it was just a mutal decision. people do grow tired of one another sometimes.
    @M gossip cop is probably the best source. they usually saught through the rumors and the true stories. the things they post are usually true.

  • http://armygirl1989 armygirl

    maybe, its time for Nick Jonas=D

  • kayla

    i loved them together i want miley to announce it. it seems weird bc he seemed in love with her. shes just in detroit filming a movie so they dont get to see eachother as much. honestly he seemed like the most real guy shes had in her life her whole album was based on him pretty much.

  • nina

    I really could care less we all know Miley can’t keep a relationship if her life depended on it.

  • natalie

    Im happy!!!!! :) I never liked them together! Maybe Niley still has a chance! Cause Nick seems SO depressed lately! :( I hope Miley’s okay.

  • natalie

    @armygirl 2 thumbs up! :D

  • CANE

    jumm weelll if miley is happy ….?? i lov herrr

  • CANE

    jumm weelll if miley is happy ….?? i lov herrr

  • Laura-C

    Now that she’s single she can get back with Nick Jonas because you know, by listening to her songs, that she will always love him and want to be with him. If they want one another back so much then go for it.

  • kendra

    Here comes another fuzzy song about break ups by miley..

  • ana

    Never believe a source…

  • tessa

    I believe Liam is manipulative, she never with friends when was with Liam

  • Selena

    He was way to hot for her plus he 20 and she is 17

  • jessica


  • Jez

    I think it’s the distance. That’s what happened with Justin.
    And what does “completely single” mean? lol
    I actually thought they were going to last. They seemed to get along so well. That just goes to show that we don’t know anything about these celebs and what their life is like so we shouldn’t judge from pics/videos.
    I’m not a fan of Miley, I don’t mind her. I just think people are being too harsh on her and even more now that she split up with her boyfriend. The girl has done nothing wrong. What’s up with all the hate?

  • m

    i don’t believe it. they were hanging out just last week

  • Daniella!!

    @kendra: Lol true that if it’s true. But im still waiting on an actual interview where either miley or liam sya its true

  • alice

    … seems like miley is a bit “CONFUSED”… i think she’s too young to have a lasting relationship. anyway i didn’t ever think they were a cute couple. SHE’S TOO YOUNG ..

  • Naomi

    i don’t think this is true. yet another attempt to tear the two apart. stupid media.

  • SoccerFreak

    OMJB, didn’t expect this to happen. Too bad for them.

  • Isabelle/Mileycfan93

    kinda good but i feel bad for Miley….
    but always sad hope Miley is okay…..

  • http://palomarigaud Paloma loureiro rigaud

    That the best moment in my life !! Niley it’s so much better *–*

  • iabbreviatenow