Alexandra Daddario: Kate Returns to White Collar!

Alexandra Daddario: Kate Returns to White Collar!

Alexandra Daddario shares a magical moment with costar Matt Bomer as they film scenes for White Collar in Madison Square Park in NYC on early Thursday morning (August 26).

The 23-year-old actress dished to JJJ that she wasn’t sure if Kate would ever return to the series. She shared, “I’m not sure. I don’t know and I’m not just saying that, I really don’t know. I’d love to
though you know I think that character has a lot more exploration and it’s such a great show.”

Looks like she does!

White Collar airs on USA Network with new episodes airing Tuesdays at 9PM ET/PT.

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Credit: Jose Perez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • rachel

    omg what?? i thought she was dead!!!!!

  • nkeeyah

    JJJ Thanks for ruining the suprise for me. I was pretty sure Kate wasn’t dead though. White collar is an amazing show.

  • Naomi

    I heard it’s a flashback episode. I wouldn’t be surprised, because I’m doubting they would still have Kate alive.

  • Stephanie

    I really need to start watching this show! I love both of them!!

  • mattbomerfan

    @Naomi: Yeah, has to be. Just look at his hair and his tie. Two giveaways that this is not present day Neal.

  • Rachel

    One of my favorite shows that I can watch over and over again. I hope that means 3rd season is in the works

  • amy

    that dress doesn’t flatter her body, which is ridiculous because she has a great body. and…well, she has a “headlights” situation going on.

    alexandra looks her age, which is great, but when she’s supposed to play a character that’s a love interest for matthew bomer (and it’s established they’ve been together for a long time, at least five years), and one for logan lerman, something just looks off for both.


    i think it might be a flashback episode too. matt’s hair is different than it usually is styled. more like how it did in the pilot episode.

  • Amber

    Yes, it is a flashback episode. I believe it’s also supposed to show how Peter first caught Neal.

    I can handle Kate if she’s just a oneoff. Overall though, the actress is WAY too young to believably be in a lengthy relationship with Neal.

  • Ava

    The White Collar writers have confirmed that Kate is dead and Jeff Eastin tweeted these pics are for a “flashback”episode that will air in the winter.

  • Kate

    I’m a HUGE White Collar fan and as much as I would LOVE for kate to return, they’re just filming a flashback episode. I guess being a kate/neal shipper, i’ll take what I can get. more flashbacks plz then! lol.

  • Caleb J

    it is a Flash back episode!

  • ben la

    Lucky woman – he is so fine!

  • shaylee


  • lucy jonas

    OMJ OMJ OMJ I had a major spazz attack when I saw this!!! But this could be a flashback ’cause Neal’s hair is really different. This is one of my all-time favorite shows and I’m sooo excited to see Kate again, even if she’s not really alive…

  • BBW

    @shaylee: Always a good idea to read the comments above yours before posting, I find.

  • tv freak

    aww ..they r too sweet..i hope kate’s still alive,she needs to b there for neal! n is it me or is MATT BOMER BLUSHING IN MOST OF THE PICS!i tink he’s all red cuz he has jitters kissing the beautiful alexandra daddario :)

  • Shell

    WOW. Spoiler much Jared….at least write something saying you are spoiling what would have been a major surprise.

  • pfyre

    According Jeff Eastin – creator/producer/writer of ‘White Collar’ these are from the flashback episode – so no Kate does not return to the show.

  • christina

    kate is dead as far as we know. this is for the flashback episode.

  • Steffi

    I don’t think it is a flashback though guys. cause you can see that in one of the pics that he has that hat, which he only started wearing after he discovered it in that antique shop with the old lady. so I’m guessing Kate’s alive and this is the present day. :/

  • Ally

    AHHHHHH I am so excited (I bet it’s a flashback) but still I loved how much Neal loved herand wanted to see them two together. This gives me a little hope. I want Neal to at least have a chance at hapiness. See them to involved in some brillant schemes and plans. Soe drama between Neal/Kate/Alex although I ship Neal and Kate because they are amazing.

  • jessica

    Have a serious fit over her. I am SOOO happy to see Kate back. She is beautiful and Neal is crazy about her, I want it to be present but the writers might be cruel teasing me… So I will not get my hopes us.

    They look so adorable, he loves her (awww..)
    White Collar is my fav show, hope for more Neal/Kate past, present, future as long she’s on the show and we can see some Neal/Kate love.

    AHHHHHH so excited. Kate and Neal looking so HOT! She looks amazing in that dress and Neal is hot in his hats as usual.

  • jessica

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hoping it is present day because Neal loves her so much, they deserve to be together. Their reunion would be SO EPIC! I love White Collar, even if it’s a flashback I need some Neal/Kate love.

    They are SOOOO adorable together
    She looks beautiful in her dress and he looks hot in his hats as ALWAYS.

    Posting twice. I;m just so HYPED, almost having a fit. Forget school work, white collar spoiler HELLO? Frickin AWESOME.

    If they bring her back, White Collar is so AMAZING!

  • Luci

    BOOO bet it’s a flashback… I want her alive DAMN IT! Oh hell, he’ll never love anyone like he loved Kate

    So I want to see some past Neal and Kate love if I can’t see them in the present. Because dead or alive, Neal and Kate forever

  • loving neal and kate

    I want Kate back. I love her. There is so much to be explored there, you can’t leave it with some cheesy explosion. I knew that was coming, I was so annoyed especially since I waited ALL SEASON to see them together. So this better not be a flashback. Come on Neal loves her so much, she has such an effect on his it’s super epic. COME ON BRING KATE BACK!

    I hate Alex and Sara, just fillers
    Kate is mysterious, she’s beautiful and has so much history with Neal. They waited 4 years to be together.

    The only thing I didn’t find believable is they haven’t been able to like actually touch in 4 years, she wouldn’t have waited in the plane she would have ran to him to hug him and kiss him to see him in the flesh HELLO. Not wait patiently seated as he spoke to Peter, heck no. So that was unrealistic, but I guess they wanted the explosion so it was the only way.

    Anyway Neal and Kate forever!

  • Izzie

    Stupid flashback I want Alexandra Daddario back for real, she is beautiful. Plus I really can’t stand Alex or Sara, they are both so BLAAH, the only compitable couple was Neal and Kate because of their history, the mystery (didn’t mean for that to rhyme) and the fact he loved her so much.

    But the writers crapped on that with the dumb explosion.
    Don’t think I’ll like him with anyone else. With Neal and Kate he wasn’t always in control, it was interesting with the other chicks he’s such a player.

    I really wonder why they chose to kill her off before viewers could get into the relationship?

  • Kat

    I only watched White Collar for her. She’s so beautiful.

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