Miley Cyrus: Hugs on the L.O.L. Set

Miley Cyrus: Hugs on the L.O.L. Set

Miley Cyrus gets a hug from co-star Tanz Watson while she continues to film scenes for her new movie, L.O.L., in Detroit, Mich., on Thursday morning (August 26).

It was just announced that she and Liam Hemsworth have parted ways after being together for just over a year. The two met on the set of The Last Song.

Liam‘s rep confirmed to People that the split was true, after being reported by Gossip Cop.

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  • KASS

    friendsss!!! cute!!!


    she looks like shes doing fine!! :)

  • —–

    she looks pretty..and i hope she is ok…her and tanz seem like cute friends

  • anon

    looks like she’s moved on pretty quickly lol

  • What’s up!

    Love her shirt!! 


    I hope she’s ok .They were sooo cute together and she looked like she had a nice time with him but o well everything happens for a reason. I give her all my good lucks.

  • hanni

    wow.. she moved on really quickly
    the crew member kissed her head and hugged her, they act like a couple

  • M

    @ Hanni

    Riiight because a guy can’t hug and kiss the top of your head unless you are dating him :rolleyes:

    She could have known him a long time now.

  • Kristy

    Moved on quickly? That’s rediculous! News just circulated that her boyfriend broke up with her, do you not think her friends are going to try to comfort her? You know hugging her, telling her she’s going to be OK. They did date over a year you know. It’s sad how haters try to find something bad in everything Miley does.

  • Taya

    i love her !

  • brenda
  • liri92

    she is just another biatch.. like all of this fellow-disney stars (most of them).. she will find a new one and that she will be happy again *rolleyes*… I dont think she want to find her true love.. she want just to change the bed..

  • mary

    I love Miley

    Miley and Tanz are friends, he is “Poor Miley”

    I hope Niley too

  • tessa

    Niley = TRUE LOVE

  • none

    Oh please people it’s Hollywood. These people change bf and gf just as much as they change marriages. This girl will have a new bf soon and we’ll be complaining about him and she’ll break up with him. The cycle continues. She’s 17 and not going to be serious with any guy she meets.

  • Tina

    She is so beautiful. Miley stay sweet girl God bless you and may you have all the success you desire. You are awesome stay strong enjoy the single life and go out have fun with your girlfriends and spend time with the family.

  • Foofo

    @Kristy: lol lol lol lol lol lol they dated for exactly one year.

  • Valentina

    @tessa: NILEY=TRUE LOVE +2

  • Kristy

    What is your point foofo? Are you saying “exactly one year” isn’t a long enough relationship to have your heart broken? Seriously? They lasted longer than many hollywood marriages!

  • liz

    Its weird how only with miley cyus’ movies that the paps know exactly where she is filming. Unlike other famous actors or actress’.
    Like they would know the location, they would film but not specifically where within the location it is.
    If you get what i mean. e.g. twilight with the many very crazy fans they have, the paps or their fans don’t know the exact location where they are filming only that they are filiming somewhere in vancover where they usually film the twilight movies.

  • liri92

    miley and liam really broke up.. miley confirm it, too!

  • liz

    I agree with @ liri92 she will be with someone after or before she finish’s her movie

  • liri92

    So. Mine and Liam’s breakup news is all over the gossip blogs and stuff, might as well I confirm it. YES it’s true, we did, a few weeks back. Things has been a little.. Awkward between us. He wanted more and stuff and I just can’t. It’s over between us, for good I guess.

    thats what miley said!!!

  • janell

    cant wait to see this movie




    love her


    so much



  • Fleur

    I think that Miley loves Liam more than Liam knows! She looks like she is doing fine, but on the inside she is just heartbroken….

  • rachel-ES

    same here !
    i love miley
    i hate liam
    i love niley :)

  • rachel-ES

    miley is so beautiful :)
    i cant wait LOL

  • blahblahblah

    im still not sure if they broke up untill i hear it from miley but i like her more with nick, it’s funny after all these years some ppl r still looking up for nick to come back to miley :I





  • actress

    Wow some of y’all are cruel!!!! The girl just got dumped!!! And honestly none of y’all know the real story..I don’t either!! So you shouldn’t be saying what a slu* she is or how she “just wants to change the bed..”. If your her fan you should be offering support and love (like her friend in the picture is..honestly can y’all let her do ANYTHING?!) and if your not her fan you need to stop going around these websites looking at articles just to put her down!! I doubt she goes around here looking at all the comments but she might, and I don’t think it would feel too good to see all this CRAP about yourself. And some of these things you people say offends me as a fan!!! I LOVE this girl and all the haters well, you can just go away. Oh and a year? Yeah thats a pretty long relationship for a 17 year old….

  • jasmine