Tom Felton: We'd Be Ripped if HP was Made in America

Tom Felton: We'd Be Ripped if HP was Made in America

Check out the first promo shots of Tom Felton for his venture with Six String Productions!

The 22-year-old actor recently caught up with Attitude magazine to chat about his new music venture, holding down a 9 to 5 job and what would’ve happened if Harry Potter would’ve been made in America. Check it:

On having a day to day job: “I was a bailiff at a fishery. I was there for 18 months between the third and fourth films [of Harry Potter]. A bailiff goes around and picks up litter and makes sure everyone’s got a ticket so they can legally fish on the lake. My dad insisted that I didn’t know the value of money. It was a 6am-to-6pm job. My mum took some of the money I earned and invested it for me, which I thank heavens for every day.”

On what would’ve happened if HP had been made in America: “We’d have all been doing reps and chest presses in our lunch breaks. I understand it’s for the business but if you make that your everything, then you’re going to live a very sad life…It’s for your craft. We’d be ripped, man, bulging at the shoulders. Thank God they didn’t, or else I would have been on the protein shakes.”

On his next film, The Apparition: “[It] should be coming out next year. It’s a supernatural horror. It’s based around four psychology students who summon an apparition, who isn’t that friendly and starts causing mayhem. My character tries to shut it down. I’m a bit of a Captain Science in that.”

On his new partnership with Six String Productions: “This idea has come along for me to be a director in the company, not only for myself, but also for other young musicians. We get the feeling that a lot of these big record labels put young musicians off wanting to do albums because they just get screwed over. I want to do it for fun and for passion, not to see how many Harry Potter fans want to buy a Tom Felton album. That’s of no appeal to me.

For more of Tom’s interview with Attitude, check out!

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Credit: Thanks, SnitchSeeker!; Photos: Attitude Magazine, Six String Productions
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  • Kate

    I love how he’s still so grounded and normal

  • joseph

    he is so honest i love how real he is
    every actor says what u want to hear however tom says the truth and i find that so inspiring. wish they were more like him! i really do. fantastic role model

  • cheryl

    The Apparition looks interesting, hope it’s not going to be the stereotyped spn movie. Anyway, nice photoshoot :)

  • Sahina

    it would have been an insult to HP if it was made in the US. ugh. mega glad it’s made here in the UK, after all, it is based here.

  • adiore

    lol at his comment about ‘being ripped and doing chest presses’ or something along that line. It’s true and never really thought about it until he mentioned that…For example: Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, even the Jonas Brothers got ‘built up’ a bit.

  • Chelsea

    @adiore: Same here, i never really noticed it until now. However, i do believe there’s nothing really wrong with getting in shape and working out a bit. Not that Tom Felton isn’t in shape. Just saying, some people (like me) love exercising.