Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Hawaii Vacation Over!

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Hawaii Vacation Over!

Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Zac Efron depart the Hawaiian island of Maui after a week-long vacation on Wednesday (August 25).

The High School Musical sweethearts were spotted taking off from LAX in Los Angeles last Thursday.

British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley recently admitted that he has a crush on Zac! She tweeted: “Watching one of the High School Musicals with my son. The cougar in me loves Zac Efron“. Ha!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Honolua, Hawaii cap!

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Credit: Binns/Breeden; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • pop86

    Nice to see them. Hope they had a great vacation

  • lauren

    does anyone actually know when anniversity is?
    is it september 1st?

    cus i remember vanessa saying in teen mag back in 07 saying that she and zac started dating in 05.

  • BabyBooZanessa

    one hot couple !

    I want Vanessa’s cap so bad.

    BTW i love the Zanessa’s new ring for their anniversary

  • lauren

    @ babyboozanessa,

    how do you know its a new anniversary ring?

  • lemon

    zac finaly got a new kuuipo ring he looks so happy now

  • kaya

    love zanessa kuuipo

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    Sometimes I wish Zac was more of a gentleman. Seriously? I mean hold the bags for ur girl. She looks like shes about to fall.
    & how do u no its anniversary rings?

  • babyg

    zanessa always. :)

  • lauren


    um she is carrying some of her stuff to?

    also zac is carrying some bag and his bag, so yeah.

  • LISA

    totally agree with u
    love vanessa

  • mike

    they probably had a good time they are so cool

  • maila

    They don’t look very happy! lol. Hope everything is ok in Zanessa land!

  • lauren

    @ maila
    before you start with the omg i hope there okay,

    i’m guessing they dont look happy because they prolly see paps and the paps are prolly taking pics of them.

  • cherry

    @maila: Well their flight was delayed and there were paps, so it’s normal that they don’t look happy. Don’t worry, everything is OK in Zanessa land! ;)

  • Karen


    You really have to be kidding, right? They are trying to get through the airport and obviously given we have these pictures we don’t have to wonder if the paps are there snapping pictures. I would be like “not again” and I definitely wouldn’t be walking through that airport with a smile on my face either. I wouldn’t be walking through that airport with a smile on my face just knowing I was having to leave Hawaii!

  • peggy


    Oh here we go!

    They are being papped in airport full of people. which draws attention. Someone said their flight was not on time wither.

    They seem to have new rings but as usual they are not smiiing ear to ear so here comes the “they don’t look happy” “hope all is well” crap right on schedule.

    Some thingsand never change the doom and gloom club as arrived.

  • Rawrage ;D

    That’s Zac’s hat ;D

  • pop86


    If it the same malia who usually post, then of course she is kidding.

  • lisa

    @peggy: please shut up. get a life and stop commenting on every single zanessa post trying to tell people off. I understand that you’re a fan, so am i. But i think we have enough people telling off malia, you don’t need to always chip your two cents in.

  • Unbelievable

    I’m surprised JJ didn’t post some of the pics from their vacation. They never seem to miss stuff like that and it would’ve gotten them a ton of hits. Oh well, they seemed to have a great time and V looked great. Glad their back

  • yets

    hope they have a wonderful vacation.

  • peggy


    Frankly I didnt read the other posts I answered hers and it seems other beat me to it so single them out or mind your own business

  • gracemarie

    THere are sweet pics of them arriving in LAX on another site and a blurb about Zac kissing V. I guess Jared will post later everyone.

  • babyg
  • Tj

    i heard that there flight was delayed! do any of you think this is true or just a silly rumor?

  • carly

    I hope they had a great time alone in hawaii =)
    I really wonder if their anniversary is Sept. 1 cause I keep hearing it is… but yesterday I heard it was Aug.18.

    I love their new rings so sweet!!
    more pics

    love zanessa

  • maila

    Oh for goodness sake people! I was JOKING! I love Zanessa, I am huge fan of Vanessa and have been since Thunderbirds, and have loved Zac since Summerland!

    They are always like that when they are at an airport, and of course it’s because of the pap! Geez people, I can’t even joke!

    In fact I hate all the people that always have negative stuff to say about them, especially Vanessa :(

  • maila

    @carly: thanks for the link! Dang Zac is hawt! Can’t wait for CSC to be released here!

  • Ann


  • 333


  • 333


  • nikiloveskris

    kuuipo rings

  • 333

    i think it’s true, some people tweet about it

  • 333
  • maila

    @333: read my other post where I said I was joking about my first comment! Geez!

  • maila

    @carly: where do you keep hearing about their anniversary supposedly being either Aug 18th or Sept 1st?

  • jess!

    They are so adorable

  • jess!

    I like vanessa cap

  • jess!

    zac is carrying 3 big bags

  • liri92

    she looks uggly without make-up.. but they are really a good couple.. (:

  • jess!

    she looks GORGEOUS without make up <3

  • jess!

    no problemoo :D

  • musicgirl


  • carly


    well I saw some zanessa anniversary videos mostly said it was Sept. 1 in youtube then I saw once there was a comment about it being Aug.18.

  • carly


    oh and I saw it in US weekly scans saying that their anniversary was Aug.18. you can find the article in this site

  • addictedtov

    i visit this site just for zanessa updates and fortunately i got want i want thanks to JJJ!!!! zanessa is Live in Love!!! more zanessa pics please can’t get enough of this great lovey dovey couple…. :D

  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    That was about them on August 18th. Not their anniversary being on August 18th…I’m not totally sure..I heard it was September 1st..I don’t remember where I found that date but that’s what I heard..

  • addictedtov

    @carla & maila yah which is which? i’m confused about there anniversary month? August or September?

  • Prettygirl

    @Zanessaxjoenessa – I totally agree with you!!!

  • jess!

    that’s the day they landed in maui