Brenda Song: New Boogie Town Poster!

Brenda Song: New Boogie Town Poster!

Check out the new poster for Brenda Song‘s upcoming movie, Boogie Town!

The flick, which was filmed all over downtown Los Angeles during late nights, also stars Marques Houston and Katerina Graham.

Boogie Town summary: There’s no more violence, no more drugs – in their place are illegal dance contests, which occur in the underground world of “Boogie Town.” Micha (Houston) and Jay (Mykal Anthony Bean), leaders of rival dancing crews, acquire superpowers which take the contests to new levels. Despite the animosity between the two gangs, Micha falls in love with Jay’s beautiful sister Natalie (Song) and the two become a future-day Romeo and Juliet.

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  • ZJ207

    I love Brenda <3
    So happy she got all those new mature roles and projects! :)
    Good for her!

  • kelena

    llove you brenda!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kelena

    so can’t wait!

  • emmy

    I’M BEYOND EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they all look AMAZING! so excited for BOOGIE TOWN!
    BRENDA ROCKS!!!!!!! :)

  • drift

    i cant wait to more of this movie…Brenda’s an intense BEAUTY …

  • rahaf

    I can’t wait to see her movie!!! i love her so much! and the poster looks great! >3

    I hope she/TSN wins that Oscar and gets an early Oscar nod confirmation. I’m really excited and happy! brenda rules


    I CAN’T WAIT! Boogie Town and all of Brenda’s other movies look so amazing! I’m going to watch all of these movies 1992292 times and drag my cousins along the ride *_**

  • Hanni

    I luv Brenda. I want to see Boogie Town NOW, i can’t wait any long it’s her time to rule the box office. I loved Brenda’s Like Mike and I can’t wait to see this one. I was a huge Brenda fan way before Disney Channel.

  • Jojo

    She is going to be one of the big major stars in the big world Hollywood. She made it big in the teen world and kiddies world so she is definitely going to make it in the big world. She has the potential and the talent. Lets see how her performance in this movie turns out to be, I’ll be first inline to see her in this one and TSN!!

  • sidra

    Fantastic! Brenda is the next Angelina Joie if she keeps on these kind of movies for sure her acting skills are absolutely amazing she can pull of anything from a poor orphan like in Like Mike to a rich millionaire heiress.
    IDK people forget she starred in that hit movie Like Mike which got over 100 million dollars worldwide

  • Kiki

    Brenda is a super talented. I honestly can not wait to see Boogie Town, this is her screen debut. Natalia is a mjor role and the film is definitely box office gold. Look at the plot!!!! :) I can’t wait!!! From what I hear everyone on my lunch table will see it when it comes out, I don’t mind if it gets leaked online before the release.

  • BSong Fanatic

    Brenda is very talented., ,,, . I love her movies and shows and I can’t wait to see this movie. She is an amazing actress her acting is excellent

    Boogie Town is going to be amazing like Brenda ♥

    I CAN’T WAIT! can’t hold mye excitement

  • BSong Fanatic


  • bb

    i cant wait

  • jorenda

    the poster is good

  • jess


  • Blair

    I heart Brenda and boogie town!!!

  • Amy

    i like this poster, it has this nice perspective

  • Amy

    i wonder when another will come out


    The logo is good
    love brenda, can’t wait of course

  • roory

    awesome movie pister

  • Hales

    I think it’s super awesome that er latest movies that I have been DYING to see are coming out back to back!! I love you Brenda!

  • lails

    Im loving it!! j


    AAAHHHHH! WOOOOOW she looks sooooo HOT! I’ve been waiting for this for sooooooo long!!! THIS MOVIE IS GONNA ROCK!!!!:D
    LOVE her:D

  • brit

    She’s grown up and drop dead gorgeous.<3 Love her ! Hot! 2011 is Brenda’s yr for sure, she will sweep the award shows.

  • Dana

    and her other Oscar bound movie

  • GG

    I cant wait to see this movie!!!!!!!
    it looks amazing~

  • jorendafan4ever

    I am VERY excited I want to dance and scream to show my excitement I am going to see this movie 2938474 times. Brenda is beautiful in the inside and outside and I support her all the way

  • leyton


  • leyton

    This film seems very interesting the plot rocks.
    I CANNOT WAIT! i like the poster but could be better, i hope its not the main one.

  • leyton

    plus brenda looks really hot in it

  • Jorenda


  • baby

    very nice

  • bbgood2me

    I really look forward to seeing this! luvvvv brenda

  • Zainab

    I think she looks amaziin and sexyy!!! Can’t waiit!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SLODfanatic

    Wooooow… looks so hooot…
    love her …… <3 <3

    her movie RULES!!!!!

  • starry

    I definitely will be going to see this multiple times mainly because of Brenda and the excellent script but I love Vanessa Simmons and Marques Houston too, so I guess I’m in for a serious treat when it hits theatres.

  • dance

    It’s a must watch for me!!!!
    Go Queen B!!!

  • Mariam

    I love Brenda, this is so cool and awesome. I can’t wait to see her movie.

  • dizneyfan


    I’m so glad she has made a feature film again.
    I’ve missed her on the big screen

  • LOVE

    Fantastic!!! *_*** can’t wait i cant wait any longer

  • marwa

    I think this poster is amazing. I don’t care what anyone else thinks, it’s amazing!

  • S .. Lopez

    She is so perfect!It worths any attention!

  • kelena

    she look so gorgeous!!!
    xD i can’t wait

  • Daniella!!

    Different movie plot and i love different….will go c this

  • white

    !Looooooove Brenda and Boogie Town!!!

  • sami

    Oh beyond excited!
    brenda rules

  • Maya

    Wow, I really like it, I can’t wait any longer for this. Come on now!

  • sami

    @Kiki: ME too, I agree.

  • Nawaal

    I hope the haters eat their tongues, this is epic!!

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