Vanessa Hudgens: Best Buys with a Buddy

Vanessa Hudgens: Best Buys with a Buddy

Vanessa Hudgens walks and talks with a gal pal as they buy a new toy from Best Buy in Burbank, Calif., on Friday afternoon (August 27).

The 21-year-old actress just returned from a mini-vacation in Maui with long-time beau Zac Efron.

After grabbing lunch with her friend, the duo headed over to Best Buy to buy a brand-new XBox 360. We wonder who it’s for!

10+ pics inside….

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Credit: Miguel Aguilar; Photos: INFdaily
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  • mie

    Vanessa is so beautiful.
    I really hope her, and zac had a great time together, alone a little. I am happy for them, i though they needed that. Can’t wait to see them in a movie together again, someday i hope (: but right now, i will just watch the amazing movies, they do now.
    love you zac & vanessa.

  • leela


  • http://j cf

    i love to see her hanging out with friends :)

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    She’s super pretty :)
    & I wonder who the xbox is for?
    Zac? or maybe herself.
    But anyways – love this girl.

  • taylor

    i really like her top<3 in the newer pics.

  • xoxo

    So pretty!

  • Jez

    The XBox is probably her friend’s. lol
    If it were Vanessa’s or Vanessa’s gift for Zac, it would be a bit rude for her not to carry it. Haha.
    I love her top and where is Vanessa’s bag from?
    I want it. Even though I probably can’t afford it -__-

  • Zanessafanforever

    i loveee vanessa’s fashion sense, she always looks good in whatever she wears. and she doesnt need to wear a ton of makeup, like other celebs, to look gorgeous.

    i think zac already has an xbox, so she might be getting it for herself so she can play the xbox herself and her house and zac can come over so they can play together, and maybe vanessa can practice to beat zac at a game or two lol

    & i see she’s wearing their new kuippo rings :)
    zanessa forever :]


    THAT BOX IS FOR …………


  • Evangeline

    here’s to someday.. ♥

  • Dani

    Yeah my guess is it’s her friends Xbox. I want that top so bad it’s so cute! And glad to see she is still wearng her ring :)

    Gotta love Zanessa <3

  • maria

    The XBox could be Vanessa’s…..they do have to be replaced. Ours only lasted 3 years. Her friend may have been carrying it so she could unlock her car. Vanessa looks tan and relaxed; vacation did her well.

  • Diamond

    Vanessa is so pretty she is gorgeous with or Without makeup she is so friendly and has alot of great close friends! :)

  • jessica

    gorgeous !

  • Ann

    omg, is she eating sunflower seeds???
    I love those!!!

    crap, she looks sooo good in those shorts. I wish i had her body :P

  • kami

    ♥ since vanessa isn’t carrying it i doubt it’s hers. but if it’s an anniversary gift for zac hope no one tells him. ♥

  • Skylar

    Maybe she’s not carrying it to make it look like her friend bought it but she really got it for Zac as an anniverssary present and if she had carried it, it would have given it away! Haha! :)
    Anyway she looks beautiful, I love her so much. :) I also love her top, and purse, AND shorts. I mean seriously, this girl has style haha. Can’t wait for Beastly, love you Nessa :)

    BTW can’t wait for Zanessa’s anniverssary!!!! They are just the CUTEST couple EVER.

    @mie: Haha I know! It’ll be sooo good to see them on the big screen again, I’ll probably just…pass out the second I hear news about it lol.

  • Skylar

    And I’m sure that the next movie they do together will probably be like a billion dollar movie haha. :) They just have that magic in them when they are together. :)
    (That and tonssssss of talent)

    And they do amazing seperately too but just to see them in a movie together again, would be like, the #1 movie in the world lol.

  • carly

    aw I love her top! glad she hanging out with non-celeb friend at time.
    Can’t wait for more pics

  • isabella

    looks like she got extensions put back in??

  • Just Interested

    haah i would’ve bought a PS3 instead :D
    anyways vanessa’s looking good

  • vh only

    actually it’s for me! haha.. kidding! :D

    LOVE U V! :D

  • zanessa/scashley

    Hm.. We can only wonder who it’s for. Lol. She looks so cute. Her outfits are always.. I don’t even know the word. She makes every one of her outfits look FABULOUS ! ..Still jellin’.

  • Katty

    I like how Zac and Vanessa have friends outside the acting world. It helps keep them grounded and shows they aren’t getting full of themselves, you know? They aren’t only hanging out with other stars, I think that is good.

    I agree, I don’t think the Xbox is Vanessa’s, it would be rude to have her friend carry it unless her friend volunteered because Vanessa is carrying another bag, but that one doesn’t seem heavy or anything. You never know, though.

    I do love her outfit as well. I wish I was that skinny and could look good in anything!

    I love having their rings back. V used to wear hers every day, then Zac lost his, and she slowly stopped wearing it. I hope they keep them around this time!

  • Lalala

    @Just Interested: Ya me to!! The ps3 is better :D but it doesn’t matter



  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    I love that anklet on her right foot lol, I love her the most though :)

  • uh

    hahahahaha she looooks HORRIBLE in the pictures with the blue pants .. her hair looks like a rats nest! Glad she got her extensions in and hair looking good.. she looks a lotttt better in the other pics, i will say that!

  • bella

    @uh: “Shut up

  • Anibal

    Vanessa is my world <3

  • Soni

    Does anyone know where her top is from? It is so cute.

  • Chanon

    I love how Vanessa doesn’t wear makeup all the time when she goes out with a friend. :)


    It’s impossible for her to look horrible :D


    is she Laura new?

  • annie1st

    how can she look horrible with that beautiful skin and sexy body, ha ha

  • Shelby haynes

    She spent look horrible but I’m not gonna say amazing either and be honest her hair looks gross in the blue pants but we all have bad hair days and love her new extensions they are ver pretty She’s a fashion Girl:)

  • mike

    maybe Vanessa bought the xbox 360 for herself it is really cool if she plays video games

  • annie1st

    @mike, at comic con she said she like call of duty, this girl is a gamer ^___^

  • Emma

    She is so beautiful! Omgsh she looks so pretty always Love her hair and her outfit !! GORGEOUS

  • z

    did she put her extensions back in?

  • neGro xoxo

    oh vanessa with the same ring as zac’s! she is so pretty and looks gorgeous with or even with out make up.

  • Alice

    Great pictures of Vanessa, love the whole outfit

  • lover

    love her

  • vfan

    I love Vanessa’s second outfit the most..with the shorts.
    She’s so pretty.
    And you never know, the Xbox could be a present for someone else, or maybe she’s just picking it up for Zac. :)

  • lauren

    so why did they get rings again?

    anniversary gift?
    or they just felt like it.

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella

    She looks gorgeous ♥

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella

    @Skylar: I completely agree with you. I can’t wait to see them in a movie together again!

  • ehryle

    Well maybe it is for her bcoz in her plastic bag is a gadget for xbox .. she is so lovely.. xoxo Vanessa :)

  • maria

    I have to agree V is having a bad hair day in the gym clothes pics. But so what? She’s certainly entitled to go out without doing her hair or make-up, like the rest of us. She looks great, though, in the pics at Best Buy! Love the top and the sandals!!

  • zanessa

    hope they had a great time in maui. she is soo beautiful and glad to see she is still wearing the ring. they r such a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zanessa Forever