Bridgit Mendler: I'm Honored to Even be Compared to Taylor Swift

Bridgit Mendler: I'm Honored to Even be Compared to Taylor Swift

When Bridgit Mendler‘s music video for “How to Believe” debuted, there were so many comparisons to Taylor Swift! caught up with the 17-year-old actress to chat about the video a bit and found out just how much fun she had filming it. “That was my first music video ever. It was great to work with all the kids and it was such a cool concept. I was there to encourage the kids to embrace their talents and then to perform on stage. Even performing with my own guitar was awesome, ” Bridgit shared.

Bridgit also shared exclusively with us about the Taylor comparisons, “It was so unintentional (laughs). It wasn’t like, ‘Taylor plays guitar, lets play my guitar; she has wavy hair, let’s make mine wavy too’ kind of thing. It’s such a compliment to even be compared to her because she’s been such a success and of course, she’s gorgeous. But she’s not who I’m trying to be musically. I’m still finding my own thing to do in music.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the comparisons between the two girls?

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rosie @ 3:58 pm on 08/29/2010

im sorry but taylor is a billion timez more talented !

Bri @ 4:01 pm on 08/29/2010

Bridgit Mendler is my inspiration! :)

Amy @ 4:04 pm on 08/29/2010

Who is Bridgit Mendler? Never heard of her. T-Swifty=BEST!

Precious @ 4:33 pm on 08/29/2010

Umm, that’s not a compliment Bridget; it just means that we see what Disney is trying to do…

Just Interested @ 4:42 pm on 08/29/2010

who’s this girl??
never heared of her

Anonymous @ 4:53 pm on 08/29/2010

i think bridgit has a better voice,
still like taylor, even though her voice does get a bit whiney at some points.

itsmeagain @ 4:56 pm on 08/29/2010

@Amy: Good Luck Charlie? The Clique? Alivn and The Chipminks 2? Alice Upside Down? she’s been in a lot of projects. LOL! She’s also starring in a DCOM next year called LEMONADE MOUTH
u can check out this site to learn more about her :

alex @ 7:22 pm on 08/29/2010

I dunno; this is the only photo I’ve ever seen of her, but to me she looks more like the Panabaker sisters than Taylor Swift… Not meant to be an insult to any of them; just an observation.

Brenna @ 7:22 pm on 08/29/2010

um well taylor swift is about 50 times more talented…

Valentina @ 9:29 pm on 08/29/2010

OK, come on: who is this girl? … And be compared to Taylor!? TAYLOR = 1000000000 million times more beautiful and talented!

Tiffany @ 9:33 pm on 08/29/2010

Only a blind man that girl compares with Taylor! Taylor is much, much better!

Elisa @ 10:57 pm on 08/29/2010

luv bridgit so much! i think shes bettr than taylor,, and honestly, she does sing and play guitar, the only thing tht they changed during the vid is her hair, i luvd her cover of how to believe, almost as good as the original!

sOMEGIRLUDONTKNOW @ 11:08 pm on 08/29/2010

you better stop trashin about my bridgit! shes got TALENT! shes got beauty! and shes more famous than anyone of youz so ur just jealous. so i suggest u trash on ur MUTHA before trashin on my bridgit! you hear dat?! i think u did!

so -pokes- BLEH!

kanani @ 12:34 am on 08/30/2010

Guys, its not about who’s more talented. It’s just that when Bridget’s music video came out, people were saying she was trying to be like Taylor and kind of comparing the two girls. They’re both gorgeous and talented; Taylor musically and Bridget with acting. I don’t get why people always have to say someone is better than someone else. It’s not a big deal, no need to get your panties in a bunch. Just sayin :)

safa @ 5:05 am on 08/30/2010

@Bri: She and Selena are mine

Bre @ 7:26 am on 08/30/2010

Oh is she that girl from Disney…? Well Taylor is 100 times better :)

Pixie15 @ 8:50 am on 08/30/2010

Bridgit is alright! but she is nothing compared to Taylor! :)
Taylor is like huge! and must people don’t actually know Bridgit!
I actually wouldn’t say she look that much like Taylor!
But i hope she doesn’t copy Taylor!

Daft @ 11:06 am on 08/30/2010

@kanani: dude uve got issues thinking that bridgit has any talent. ur just a freakshow who doesn’t know that tayla is da best. so put that in ur muffin basket.

sOMEGIRLUDONTKNOW @ 11:07 am on 08/30/2010


Bridgit is awesome! shes my tight hippy doo da doggie! now dont pretend u dont knowz her! because shes famous! and awesome! and cool! and pretty! so dont trash her! or else i’ll find u! and hunt u down! and whack u with a stick! u hear me Bre, Pixie15, Brenna, Tiffany, and all u other girls who are trashing THE BRIDGIT MENDLER?!

i thought so. so ya’ll hatahs enjoy ur day. cuz u should know that we’re hatin u back! so


sOMEGIRLUDONTKNOW @ 11:08 am on 08/30/2010


kanani @ 2:32 pm on 08/30/2010

Wow, people take things too seriously on here.

Chelsea @ 3:33 pm on 08/30/2010


BUNNIE1303 @ 6:00 pm on 08/30/2010

well Taylor is better known & she has more fans,(not hta Bridget isn’t talented) i knew disney could copy but i didn’t think they would go THAT far……

TaylorSwiftroxx13 @ 6:19 pm on 08/30/2010

Okay, how they can compare HER to TAYLOR?! Thats sad. Taylor is waaaay better looking and WAAAY more talented. Sorry Bridget…

Sydney @ 7:44 pm on 08/30/2010

Hello. Bridget Mendler from Good Luck Charlie? She sorta looks like Taylor, but mostly because of the way her hair was styled in that Disney Tinkerbell music video.

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