iCarly & Victorious: Crossover Episode Coming Soon!

iCarly & Victorious: Crossover Episode Coming Soon!

It’s happening — Nick’s iCarly and Victorious are crossing over!

Jennette McCurdy just tweeted the table read pic of most of the group and JJJ can’t wait to hear all about it.

Ariana Grande dished to us last night at the 2010 Emmy Awards: “We start the iCarly crossover tomorrow (Monday) and I am so excited for that. It should be a really fun episode, it’s going to be pretty fun.”

Show creator (of both shows) Dan Schneider tweeted, “Writing the script for the iCarly-Victorious HUGE crossover SPECIAL has been like a month-long marathon. WHEW! I’ll finish it TODAY!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK will happen when iCarly and Victorious crossover?

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  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    I love victorious & i like Icarly sometimes, only cuz of Sam :)

  • andy

    Disney Copycats!

  • http://twitter.com/maraki987 maria

    What is with all this copy cat nonscence. It’s not copying and im sure Disney wasn’t the first to do something like this. Who cares. Disney & Nick are two different networks. two DIFFERENT names so stop comparing them.

    On the other hand i cant wait for it:!

  • Someone

    Well you know Disney has always been awesome{er} than nick but this crossover might be interesting like Carly Tori and Jade fight over Beck idk but o well

  • Kayla

    screw disney, Nickelodeon all the way. :D


    How exactly is that going to work on account of the whole “iFight Shelby Marx” business?

  • Precious

    @NICOLE: Good point….hmmm

  • Alicia

    I like iCarly but not so much of a fan of Victorious… And how the heck is Dan gonna give the all the characters enough screentime ? The group will be like huge and the main focus will prolly be Carly and Tori. :x

  • kaela


    Disney is the best but i like nick too as a backup kid network

  • maria

    @Nicole well it can still work because in ifight shelby marx she played “Shelby”. Now its gonna be Tori Vega so it’s still easy to make it work.

  • Mykey

    nick is way bettter than disney.. the disney girls are all hoes ! and have ni takent excpet demi.. Ariana Grande pawns Selena ass to the groound

  • nicole

    @maria: The problem with that is that they look exactly the same. Unless they decide to ignore that fact completely, it’s going to be awkward to address this.

    @Mykey: I couldn’t disagree with you more. In terms of acting, I find that Selena Gomez has excellent comedic timing. There’s nothing funny about Ariana Grande acting as dumb as a brick.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Not really. Crossover episodes pre-date both the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

  • Ron

    I’m not really sure about the crossover. Did Dan Tweet the date they are going to post the video clip of Ariana Grande doing her upcoming gig at Ronnie Scott’s in London? I anticipate that with delight. Dan is so cool, and sweet, and thoughtful, and supportive. Think asymmetric warfare.

  • ariana

    i cant wait!!

  • johnny

    this could be the next Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

  • Dude

    @NICOLE: What about the Harper and Andre business?

  • macey

    just stop complaing ppl and get over urselves plz!!!!

  • sophie

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t really find iCarly funny…Miranda Cosgrove is not that good an actor…:/ I find Jennette McCurdy X 10 better….:D I think it should be about Sam…>.<
    And I really don’t think its gonna be about the girls fighting over Beck…I’ve seen this theory everywhere…why would they spend 40 minutes on two girls fighting over a guy? All they have to do is bring some stupid Disney girl cast, and BAM!
    Anyways, I’m a 100% Victorious fan…XD
    It WILL be difficult to stick like 15 characters, and there all used to be main charies…
    I find Nickolodeon more appropriate for children, but Disney comes up with a good show/movie every few months…And there is NO copycats !
    I finally have to conclude that this will be AN EPIC EVENT!!! So, before you judge completely (I might find it tasteless), please watch the freaking episode, and then come back and complain your asses off.

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