Jojo Premieres 'In The Dark' -- NEW SONG!

Jojo Premieres 'In The Dark' -- NEW SONG!

Check it out — brand-new music from Jojo!

Thanks to, we have your first listen of “In The Dark,” off of the 19-year-old’s upcoming mixtape.

Jojo shared about the track, “I think ‘In the Dark’ is different than anything people have heard from me before. It’s a very sensual record and there’s an undertone of sadness to it.”

Jojo‘s mixtape, Can’t Take That Away From Me, will premiere on Rap-Up and release September 7th!

ARE YOU EXCITED to hear Jojo’s mixtape?

Jojo – “In The Dark”
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  • http://@kylesudges Kyle

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!!! Jojo is one of my favorite singers. I’m glad she is back and the news is flying around. LOVE THE SONG!!!

  • jojofank

    It’s about time ya’ll start showin JOJO some Luv shes been gettin slept on lately. #inthedark is a beast she killed it with this one. Start spreading the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a.m./p.m.

    Very 90s R&B :D

  • blaireb

    Wow, that song is really bad…really BAD. I can’t even hear her voice clearly because of all the computer sound! Seriously, JoJo should just give up! She sucks! No one cares about her anymore!

  • Jay

    @BlaireB you sure cared enough to post. so stfu and take that else where

  • jojofank


    look here JOJO worked her a$$ off for this! How dare u write that about her. I bet u like that miley cyrus sh*t uh? This is real musiq hunny get real. She has gone through he$$ just to put her music out there for us and u sit and type that dull about her. Let me remind u that this is just her mixtape don’t trash JOJO!

  • Leila

    This is pretty cool. Finally something about Jojo… It’s always or Miley or JB or Selena… Don’t get me wrong, I love all of them, but there are other really good artists out there and Jojo is one of them,
    Love the song, love Jojo.

  • Leila

    @blaireb: If you don’t like it, why do you even bother to comment?

  • http://@kylesudges Kyle

    @blaireb: Get a life! This song is AMAZING and it is better than you could ever do! She wrote this song and mixtape for her fans because they stuck with her for four years. This song is and experiment, just like the mixtape. People do care about her, your just caught up in the moment. Your probably some Justin Bieber freak.

  • ashley

    Wow. I use to be a HUGE fan of her, so I was excited to hear this song. But this is very disappointing. I understand everyone changes as they grow up, but she has an amazing voice, so why is she hiding it? Maybe other songs on the mixtape will be better, I hope so. But as for this, I really don’t like it.

  • -

    @blaireb You suck! Why are you on here if she sucks so much? JoJo fans care about her! You are just a hater! Continue to listen to Miley cyrus, Selena gomez and demi lovato! They all suck! Jojo is a real artists and real artist take risks and experiment. Get a life and talk crap somewhere else LOSER!

  • steve

    @jojofank: lol are you her? you sound desperate

  • jojofank

    NO i’m not JOJO! I was just makin a point da jojo worked her a$$ off for us


    I love it. Mixtapes are supposed to be unexpected and sound totally different than what artists typically do. I like JoJo b/c she’s not factory boring pop. don’t get me wrong, I love pop music but I hate the generic stuff. she already said this sounds nothing like her album which probably means her album is more pop. I still love it though!
    JoJo – I love you so much. Keep recording music, keep experimenting, and NEVER give up. Your talent won’t die unless you want it to. No label or bad person can hold you back.
    I can’t wait for the mixtape and All I Want Is Everything!

  • peacechick123

    I love this song, I like listen to this everyday know wooo! I love JoJo!


    If you don’t like this song then you have know rhythm at all, point blank. This song would be great to have a dance routine, or to just sing along.

  • filipe

    i love, love, love this song


    @Leila: No it’s never that wizards girl, she hasn’t sold anywhere near the amount of albums and singles Jojo has sold.. her music career is a flop.
    500,000 copies worldwide is weak.

  • kanani

    JoJo has an amazing voice & her music used to be good, but I’m not impressed with this song. It’s all autotuned & you can’t even her her amazing voice :/

  • kanani


  • filipe

    this music is amazing

  • shani

    aww. i love the song. definately different. shes making a transition into different sound but i really like it. YET, she does have an amazing voice and she should use it more into her songs so lets see what other songs she got on the mixtape. but def. BRAVO.

  • http://xovinax marciana

    @ – : hey shut the fvck up, dude! Selena gomez is awesome! U suck! Btw JoJo is a great singer

  • Meg

    Yay JoJo ! She is soooooo talented you younger tweens should look up some of her earlier pop stuff . I am not feelin this single too much honestly becuase I love her voice and she really doesn’t need all that audio cr@p (look up weak by jojo and you will see ) . But congrats all the same !