Inside Kevin & Danielle Jonas' New Home!

Inside Kevin & Danielle Jonas' New Home!

Newlyweds Kevin and Danielle Jonas welcome you into their new home!

The duo with their new pup Riley and Big Rob take a tour with the Cambio cameras to show off their new pad — including Big Rob‘s “room”, which is just a little closet!

The lounge, a guitar guestbook wedding and theater room are also highlighted. Check it out below!

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam countdown: 72 HOURS!

Inside Kevin & Danielle Jonas’ Home
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    Aw, they moved in together!! So cute!!! Riley is adorable!!

  • Musicismylife

    Ummm wow I don’t even know where to begin (not in a good way). Why in the world do they feel the need to bring cameras into their new home just to show off? Don’t they want privacy? Oh excuse me, he’s Kevin Jonas. He doesn’t have any idea how to be modest. Btw still being with Disney when you’re over 20 years old, making a stupid “comedy” for Disney, and making “music” only 9 year olds like is not something to be proud of. But as long as it makes you a ton of money and you get to be in the public eye all the time I guess it’s okay (sarcasm).

  • Jordan

    haha, so im guessing you dont like many Disney stars, because quite a few are infact over the age of 20. David Henrie, Brenda Song, Jason Earles, the whole cast of Sonny with a Chance (except Demi and Allyson)

  • naomi

    I love them and the house is cute, BUT the position of the tv (when his showing the guitar) doesn’t make sense hahaha look at the position of the couch! where are you suposed to sit to watch tv? on the floor?

  • Kellie

    @Musicismylife: they did this for Cambio. They went into the Jonas Brother’s house in Texas and stopped in to see Danielle and Kevin. Jonas LA isn’t stupid I like it actually and I’m almost 20. There is nothing wrong with it. Their music is not just for 9 year olds. I like it and a lot of other people I know who are my age like it. So there is nothing wrong with it. If you don’t like them, then why comment? Just saying.

    Anyway I love their house and they are adorable together. Their puppy is cute too. I wish them the best of luck and I can’t wait for the new episodes of Jonas LA :)

  • sandy:)

    hahaha no one has noticed that Danielle has a small obsession with riley? hahahhaa

  • Ella

    Nice! I wonder why Big Rob is living with them..though it’s still cool for them to have BRP on their side.

  • Jesus

    @Musicismylife: Your just jealous coz kevin is too awesome for you to handle x

  • aLLY

    don’t they want privacy?
    or are they selling the video and giving it to a charity?

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    ummm wat happen 2 da rest of da house? thats it? LOL wel its not wat i expected, plain & simple but i lik it. thats good!!

  • Coral

    …that was just like awkward to watch.

  • jayne

    My 16 year old is a major fan, her dad died 3 years ago,. The positive message they present helped her through this . I wish Kevin and Danielle much happiness in their new home. As I tell my dauhter Good beggets good.. Continued success, please go back on tour. It was a big regret that I didn’t take her to the last one.

    Your fans in Sparta NJ.

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