Selena Gomez: 'A Year Without Rain' Video Preview!

Selena Gomez: 'A Year Without Rain' Video Preview!

Check out your short preview of Selena Gomez & The Scene‘s new music video, “A Year Without Rain!”

The 18-year-old actress/singer recently posted the date change on her Facebook. The video was originally supposed to premiere last Friday, August 27th. It was changed to September 3rd, right after the world premiere of Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam.

Selena & The Scene‘s sophomore album of the same name hit shelves everywhere on September 21st!

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Sel’s new video?

FYI: Selena is wearing Laura Elizabeth Emily Earrings in Gold.

Selena Gomez & The Scene – “A Year Without Rain” Preview
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  • Jacob

    I can’t wait for the new music video and the new album I think this album will have more success out of disney and more into mainstream radio than her 1st album (hopefully). Please no one start the whole Miley versus Selena thing this post is about their success and just let them bask in their glory because they’re both beautiful young and talented women or else they wouldn’t have made it this far. So let them be their own person and let them make their own mistakes because that’s how life is you learn from your mistakes. I wish both of them the best. :)

  • What’s up!

    She’s getting slutty and her “I don’t want the good girl image” quote makes me nervous. Love her though so hopefully she stays classy like the duffster

  • rosie

    ahhh she looks goregous i love the song cant wait!!!!

  • linda

    i think since she is getting older she wants to appeal to a bigger audience plus she is 18 and doing it slowwly and classy not trashy

  • andy

    Beautiful girl!

  • oopsie

    Duffster?? how did she stay classy?? whatever, selena is a really good actreess but her first album was a mistake, so this is an even bigger one. just cause you’re a disney star doesn’t mean you have to release an album.

  • tiff

    Can’t wait for the official audio track of this! Her live performances of this song have been AWESOME!

  • LOLA

    This song is going to be a BIG HIT

  • JK

    she’s looking older but so classy and beautiful

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Selena Gomez and the Scene? All I see is SELENA. Unless “THE SCENE” is the dessert background

  • Davis

    @oopsie shut the hell up!

  • lulu

    @oopsie: i agree with you, i don’t think she’s a good singer, people will buy her album though because she’s Selena, that’s why she sings because Disney know that people love her, so she releases an album sales will go right up. Having said that though, there’s no one stopping her to say no. She’s even said she knows she’s not a good singer but the technology these days are great. But then, it’s all the money :/ not hating on her, it’s just my opinion, but best of luck to her x x x

  • Jesse

    she looks so beautiful!!!!!
    i really can’t wait to see the video!!! sooooo excited!!!!!!!! :D
    i’m sure it’s gonna be amazing!!!! SELENA ROCKS!!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    @oopsie: I agree with you about the album and Disney because it’s getting insane every actor/ acrtress is singing now. Sorry Bridget middler (or whatever her name is) but you don’t sound like Taylor swift and you suck. Disney was smart and made the video appear to be like aylor though to catch peoples eye. But Hilary duff remained classy. She wore short shorts in one video but even her maxim pics were classy. Fully clothed

  • andy

    omg im so freakin exicted for this video!!! she looks totally stunning!!! love the dress!!! woowww shes really amazing!!!

  • andy

    @oopsie wth are you talking about???’ a mistake?? really and why her album and her single went platinum???? seriously i dont understand why people has to be sooo damn jelous, but whatever, go ahea thanks the haters she every day is more famous, rich and shes living her dreamn!!!!

  • meiner

    all the bit of physical development of their amazed … you look at her mom … and for her role as Alex in WOWP she is wearing a sports bra.
    You do not want to frighten the little fans.
    All this can be learned in their interviews.

  • lol

    she is so cute^^ really she is growing in a different way^^
    are you excited for friday???

  • Jenny

    LOL at the fact that if miley wore that same dress selena is wearing ppl would call her a whore because the dress is low :D she looks pretty though and the song is promising and Im not all that big a fan im more miley and demi than selena…but i will say round and round was decent and AYWR sounds decent from the demo. And LOL again that ppl are saying that Hilary stayed classy…i mean sorry as much as I love her have you not seen the Reach Out video…she was also quite trashy the only difference between her and miley is that she was trashy with more clothes

  • Chloe

    Very excited! She looks so pretty & I’m glad she’s growing up but in a CLASSY way. Now, she’s 18 and her music is more mature, so I’m happy she’s showing her sexy side. Congrats!

  • manal

    YES!!!!! sooooooo EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mikiimol

    Looooooooooove her so much! and the scene!!! can’t wait :D

  • Lizz


  • somebody2hate¬¬

    WHO CARES ‘BOUT THAT VIDEO!!! I mean I prefer an actual year without rain than have 2 watch it!!!
    Seleena’s really NOT beautiful and she has NO talent what so ever

  • Iwillkillyourkittykat

    does anyone else notice that she’s been showing off her boobies lately?? her new album cover shows off her boobies. and this too. but unfortunately, she doesn’t have much boobies.

  • daisypop

    @oopsie: seriously! Selena is Awesome! Her first album was great! I bet this next album would be even better!

  • GirlNextDoor

    Selena can’t really sing live. Video is typical girly blahh.
    If you LOVE it you’re probably beetween ages of 4 and 10. Selena is boring with her “always cute and kind” style.

  • cam

    I totally agree with you. Sel is gorgeous & and classy. Looking forward to her new album.

  • mARI

    Love ‘A year without rain’! Please click on my name and check out my version ( a COVER version) of that song !!! I’d really appreciate it !

  • misssdandelion


  • Mina

    i agree that if miley wore that dress she would get crap for it, but because its selena that makes it okay. that is called being a hypocrite… btw – hilary duff was never trashy, she left disney a long time ago and is now like 22 and married… reach out was a risque song but she was already 20 and not a part of disney.. she is the only disney star who has grown up nicely.

  • KP.

    where did she get her dress from supper cute!

  • http://- mary

    i love you selena

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