Vanessa Hudgens is an Army Brat

Vanessa Hudgens is an Army Brat

Vanessa Hudgens hides her gorgeous eyes under a tan Army cap as she grabs a bite to eat from her local grocery store in Studio City on Tuesday morning (August 31).

The 21-year-old actress has been spotted around town running errands with her dad Greg and hanging out with gal pals.

Vanessa, who participated in the Stand Up 2 Cancer PSA, will also be participating in the telethon set to air on several networks on September 10th.

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Credit: LRR; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Sizuka

    am I the first….?
    love her…<333

  • teamhudgens

    she’s so pretty without make up <3
    cant wait for september 10th.

  • Jenn8

    Ahh she looks soo cute:0:):) this is what i love about her:) how she can look so dolled up and the next day she can look more comfortable in sweats. Such a nice normal gorgeous woman. Love her, and I know this should be all about Vanessa but there’s a certain glow and smile that she has when zac is around(at least in Cali). Sorry just an observation bc when he’s out of the country she looks down and covers herself more w/her Dave floppy hat. BTW 2mr were celebrating zanessa 5 year anniversity. Remember and help yo tweet and re-tweet to keep it a TT ( trending topic). Zanessa love everyday but especially tomorrow:)

  • Jenn8

    Can’t waIt till the 10th:) hope that other young Hollywood stars show up:0 zac? Maybe the tizz?

  • patry

    she looks so gorgeous!

  • ehryle

    Totally Prettilecious ever!!! with or without make-up… best wishes V & Z for real… :) xoxo

  • rme

    lol that is not what army brat means by any stretch.

  • Jez

    Is it Zac and Vanessa’s fifth anniversary today? (Sept 1)

  • diamond

    She is just soo gorgeous with or without makeup I mean she has inner and outter beauty luv ya V! God Bless :)

  • mike

    shes probably eating something very good

  • peggy


    Zac was in San Diego at Camp Pendelteton doing research for Lucky POne which btw is a 15 minutes flight from LA so he is hardly out of the country or even far away and since she has on workout clothes we can assume she may have worked out.

    And she ALWAYS covers her face when she has no make up on. I don’t think Zac has much to do with it.

  • Kelly

    The titles for Vanessa’s posts make it seem like she’ll be happy and smiling but when I click on it she’s always annoyed and covering her face :( I wish the paparazzi wouldn’t be so obnoxious. I remember when she used to talk to them! Do you guys remember that? I guess it gets old after a while and you get tired of people making money off of you. Especially if you don’t get any of that money. :D Wish you the best Vanessa! <3

  • http://deleted Jody

    love vanessa and i can’t wait for september 1 nor 10
    zanessa five years 2morrow

  • Thahmina

    vanessa is so beautiful….
    love u nessa… i’m your number 1 fan:)

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    V is my favorite artist ever!!!!!!! She’s so cute!!!

  • Unbelievable

    Glad that she is involved with stand up to cancer. The more we make people aware and fundraise for cancer the better.
    This is just me but I wish she’d stop biting her nails. I’ve just never been a fan of that habit. As been pointed out, with make up, without make up, doesn’t matter she’s just so beautiful.

  • nathalia

    anessa is always beautiful

  • jessica

    she’s cute :P

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    All the hats she owns are very cute. She’s flawless. ♥

  • Jenn8

    @Peggy I meant that when zac is like in Japan she seems somewhat lonely and I know that she hates the paps and often covers her face when she isn’t wearing makeup. She can atleast be happy and see zac bc he’s only 15 min away not somewhere around the world

  • Jenn8

    Lets all celebrate zanessa today,everyday, and specially tomorrow. Omg 5 years is not surpricing since they love and care about eachother:)

  • daniel


  • maria

    awesome chick! lol she is soo pretty. right?! cant wait to see her on sept. 10 : )

  • daniel

    ”Vanessa Hudgens hides her GORGEOUS eyes under a tan Army cap”

    jared : you got me mannnnnn¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • mykamicks

    love her tops. love to see her most of the time when she is wearing no make up her skin is glowing.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Flawless. ♥

  • annie1st

    see, she’s cute and lovely with or without make up coz she have those healthy skin ^____^,

    and about lookin sad oh please, if she want to smile she will smile and if she dont want to smile she will not smile thats her right as a human, if you not smile thats mean you’re unhappy???, if she happy does she have to tell paps about it????, remember paps thats enter vanessa’s daily life and stop analyzing picture people thats annoying

    love you nessa cant wait to see the SU2CP event ^_____^

  • annie1st

    biting nails is a habit when nervous come, what wrong with that, its normal, i sometime do that too

  • annie1st

    guys here the link for team hudgens get involved fund on SU2CP, if you feel want to participated you could donate here

    if you want to make your own you could visit the main site ^____^

  • kami

    ♥ i don’t get why ppl would want to make z and v’s anniversary a trending topic. don’t think z and v would appreciate that. it’s their anniversary and should be for them and not the whole world. ♥



  • Joochi

    I don’t think she’s biting her nails, she’s just covering up her mouth so as the paps don’t get a good pic of her, that’s smart of her. I too don’t like the biting nails habit it’s sucks but I think she’s a smart one that wouldn’t do that anyway.

  • Kelly

    @annie1st: I wasn’t saying there was anything wrong with her not smiling. I was just saying I wish the paparazzi weren’t so evasive and rude. Please don’t say stuff if it has nothing to do with what anyone was saying. -_-

  • -pao-

    OMG! she always looks gorgeous whit everything!

  • annie1st

    @Kelly i dont talk about your comment, i talk about somebody else there but dont want to point out name but thank you

  • lslsharon

    so cute!!

  • lei

    i love Her

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella

    Love her ♥

  • Tata

    she IS a beauty!

  • http://jjj daydreamer


  • ZJ207

    @annie1st: Sorry, but biting your nails is not good at all… It’s actually a bad habit.
    I bet Vanessa knows that too, but she just can’t stop it.

  • babyVlove1

    beautiful as always

  • http://jjj telma

    just luv her

  • vfan

    She looks cute.
    And I like what she’s doing with SU2C! :)

  • musicgirl


  • anne


  • anne

    Always looks good

  • Katty

    How do we know their anniversary is today? I don’t think they pubicly announced it, I just think it’s weird that everyone knows their anniversary. If they were married, that would be one thing, I am sure we would know their their anniversary is because of the media, but this is dating, how do we know?

    Either way, whenever it is, I hope they had a good anniversary!

    I want Vanessa movie news… please, let something leak!

  • anne

    how do you know?

  • anne


>>>>>>> staging1